JC Penney Refuses To Fire Ellen

Posted on February 2nd, 2012 at 3:08 pm

JC Penney isn't backing down from the demands that they fire their new spokeswoman Ellen DeGeneres.

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Earlier this week, a "family values" group called One Million Moms launched its campaign against DeGeneres,  asking people to sign an online petition and urging people to call JC Penney headquarters and demand that the Texas-based department store chain ditch the popular talk show host because she  is gay.

But JC Penney isn't having any of this.  A spokeswoman for the company tells RumorFix Thursday that the company "stands behind their partnership" with Ellen and they are proud to have her has their spokesperson.

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We say good for JC Penney for standing their ground on this!

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  • 9 Responses

    1. Fabienne809 says:

      Keep Ellen as a spokesperson. She is awesome. She is gay? So what!

    2. Anonymous says:

      So anyone from One Million Moms go to the hospital or the doctor and ask for a doctor or a nurse who isn’t gay? They don’t know. The person saving your life could be gay. It’s ridiculous.

    3. aemish says:

      These one million moms aren’t those Laura Ingalls looking people from the square states are they?   I didn’t know they were allowed to use computers.

    4. Mdterp69 says:

      OMG! Ellen rocks! So as I write I am doing a dance of joy! And with JCPenneys new changes who better than Ellen!

    5. Chelsie says:

      Good for JC Penney!

    6. Dawn says:

      I am going shopping and JCPENNY”S YEA

    7. Corinne_Fink says:

      what’s wrong with people these days.  perhaps some of them should look in their own back yards. they might be surprised what they find.  bigots!!

    8. Popnrave says:


    9. Krissykat1025 says:

      I agree. Ellen is a stand up woman and should not be discriminated against because of her sexual preference.  Its 2012 half the country is gay.  That group needs to get with it or get lost!

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