EXCLUSIVE: Dance Mom’s Abby Lee Miller: Kids Today Are Soft

Posted on February 1st, 2012 at 1:45 pm

Abby Lee Miller, the controversial coach of Lifetime's Dance Moms, may appear to be tough with the young girls in her dance troupe but that's because she thinks that's exactly what kids today need.

The Pittsburgh-based reality star told RumorFix exclusively "I just think in today's society, kids are soft and people ... are enabling them. They're letting them be mediocre."

And she's blaming bad parenting kids for making them that way.  Not just in dance practice, but in everyday life.

She explained to us "I just think that we live in a society where parents want to buy their kids into the most advanced class or the best school or the best this or the best that instead of letting the kid actually work for it. In my class, that doesn't happen."

She's tough on her young students because she believes that's what they need to succeed.  And viewers of Dance Moms know that Abby will settle for nothing but perfection.

"No amount of money, no amount of gifts, no amounts of complaining or whining will make that leg any straighter. That kid ultimately has to put the work in."

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    1. Caliie says:

      I love Dance Moms!!! I’m so happy it’s on for another season!

    2. PoppyChulo says:

      She is sooo mean! Abby does that all for attention. How horrible!

    3. Indy Anna says:

      Abby seems mean but she is so right.  In the age of entitlement some children believe life is theirs for the asking and no work need to go into it.  She screams a bit too much, but I’d scream too if I had to deal with the mothers of the girls (who also believe in entitlements).  That Kathy needs a swift kick in her a##.  Not only is she mouthy but she is mean and cruel.  She out means Abby by a mile.

    4. ewent says:

      As a former professional dance school owner and teacher for more than 2 decades, all Abby Lee is teaching these girls is to compete…Dance is an art form. Not an Olympic competition. Abby’s girls are automatons who have no soul to their dance by professional standards. Any dance teacher who tries to “toughen” dancers isn’t a dance teacher and is better suited to teaching martial arts. Abby has absolutely no class and definitely is more full of herself than she needs to be.

      Nothing in dance requires the kind of berating, classless, rude attitude from a dance teacher. We teach by example and we teach love of the art of dance…not the love of “win, win and push the envelope”. Does Abby Lee actually think she’d pull her back alley mouth on Pavlova? Al Gilbert or Bob Fosse?

      And if those Dance Moms are doing an imitation of “Vicarious Life Through My Child” routine, all they’ve succeeded at doing is showing the world they are a bunch of childish, immature women still not past their pom pom waving cheerleader days.

      • Dannyeu says:

        Exactly. The only reason Abby creates her school is to make herself a star, not make her students ones. She is living through her child students. What a cocky pig.

    5. Kissimeekate says:

      Ewent, Pavlova Gilbert and Fosse were also not dealing with shaping young dancers. Every teacher has their own teaching style – and so far Abby’s proof is in the pudding.

    6. Corinne_Fink says:

      Perhaps abby is a good dance teacher, but she needs to use people skills right away and tone down her voice.  Not necessarily what she says but the way it’s said.  As for the moms. You have a choice as to whether you want your children to be treated this way. Some of the moms probably should stay home because their behavior is worse than abby’s

    7. practicewhatyoupreach says:

      I really enjoy this show and it reminds me of my days in gymnastics. My coaches were just as tough as Abby and as an adult I understand why. The lessons I learned from my coaches were not just lessons for the gym, but life lessons. She has a very good point about today’s children and I have to agree with her. However, I do think she can be bought by a mom to get her child higher on the “pyramid”. If she truly believed what she said, then she would not be accepting ANY gifts from ANY mother.

    8. Anonymous says:

      I really love this show, and I completely agree with Abby’s teaching, even though she may sound tough.

    9. Guest says:

      I love watching this show.  Abby is tough but she probably needs to be. I would make the mothers leave hte studio during the practices.. Also I think Chloe is a great dancer.

    10. Tim says:

      I love Abby! You have to remember that we are not seeing everything that goes on, in reality tv, somethings have spin placed on them. You see how the girls react, the want Abby’s approval consistently.  I agree, kids feel they are entitled to everything and anything, so GO ABBY!

    11. Maya vanerem says:

      i love Abby! I hate Cathy she is such a brat. My fav dance mom is Chistie she just want to have fun.

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