Brandi Glanville: I Don’t Trust Anything Taylor Armstrong Says Or Does

Posted on February 6th, 2012 at 7:35 pm

Part Two of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills reunion aired on Monday night, and this time it was Brandi Glanville in the hotseat with the other ladies.

PICTURES: Brandi Glanville Joins Friends For Lunch At Villa Blanca

RumorFix spoke with Brandi exclusively to hear her thoughts about the reunion and how she feels about Adrienne Maloof, Kyle Richards and, of course, Taylor Armstrong.

"The show kind of looks like I'm going after Adrienne for no reason because they cut a lot of parts about the 'meeting to go after Lisa' out," says Brandi. "I really like Adrienne I just didn't want to be a part of any kind of bullying in case it was going to happen. Kyle just clearly doesn't like me because I have an opinion that is different from hers."

Brandi also explained that while she doesn't hold anything against Taylor, she finds it very hard to believe her.

"Taylor tried to have a go at me for nooooooo reason. I have no issues with her, I just don't trust anything she says or does."

We can't wait to see what happens in the third and final part of the reunion next week!

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    1. 22222 says:

      No one believes Taylor. She’s clearly a sociopath / histrionic. We love you Brandi!!!!

    2. Azeredoalexandre says:

      It is hard to believe in YOU my dear! Wants to get in the show so badly that would anything for attention … Just sad ;-/

      • CatLady says:

        and Taylor’s excuse for wanting to stay on the show would be? People like her? Same can be said for Kyle. They both are attention seekers, Taylor especially

    3. Erica says:

      Brandi’s the best because she’s totally fearless and never lies. All the other women lie!

    4. Wow…one of the ladies isn’t taken in by my victim routine…interesting.

    5. Beth says:

      Love Brandi she’s honest and has no agenda. Kyle is a vile beyotch and Taylor is a fraud IMO. Get out of bev hills , get a job and support your child.

    6. Gerri says:

      Funny Brandi says she can’t trust Taylor. Brandi lied to us about Gerard Butler being a week long afair. Whe it was only ONE night. He took her home, had sex with her, she THREW UP off his balcony. He THREW HER OUT, and NEVER CALLED. Then she told mutual friends his penis was thin & bent to the side. He was warned by same friends to never see her gagain, that she was crazy. No wonder he said he didn’t know her. What an embarassing woman.

      • ShiShiShiWashington says:

        And you know this why?

        Anyway, Kyle is Vyle. I wouldn’t want to be friends with her. It looks like her and her sister suffer from Bipolar dissorder. They flip their switch with so many emotions and  seem to have no control over them. Plus, Kim abused drug and alcohol. That is a major bipolar self medicating thing to do. Kyle is angry, sad, happy, all within minutes, while the rest of the world is in total shock from the first overly emotion. And Kyle is very jealous of other women who she thinks are better looking then her. Its sad how she hung a little boy (Brandi’s son) out there for the whole public to see in a negative light, and then doesn’t see anything wrong in doing so. It was much worst then Brandi telling a full grown woman she is a crystal meth user. I wont be watching RHOBH if she returns. She is just too mean. I never think an adult should be so vyle to a small child like this. That kid will have to wear her negative put downs throughout his childhood as if he did something horrible by simply peeing, like little toddlers do. Then she puts down his mother as well…Just gross…thats the point of no return.  

        Adrienne is too competitive with other women….even her own husband. To the point that its very uncomfortable to watch. I do like the woman, but I wouldn’t want her as a friend. She seems like someone who would plot against others, until she reaches the top. Its quit sad, since there is more then enough room at the top for everyone else. She views herself as better then Brandi too, which I find to be not nice at all. Once you think your better then others, you aren’t! I also think she gets great joy out of her staff not liking her friends, it makes her feel better about herself. Ego, out of control…

        Taylor is just a victim, and hopefully will get the help she needs. I think she is either bipolar or suffering from PTSD, probably both. Whatever it is, she needs help in a big way. Her emotions flip so quick, its frightening. Its not unusual for Bioplar people to lash out, and then play victim. They also think everyone abuses them, even their parents, teachers, bosses…There is no ownership in anything they do. Sometimes their personalities make it impossible not to want to abuse them. Kind of sad. Again, she needs help.  

        Brandi, well, I think she is bowdy, but truthful, and honest. I’d much prefer to be her friend, cause she doesn’t seem like someone who would shred you behind your back. If she has a problem, its more then likely she will say it to your face, and move on with it, then trying to have private meeting and such. I prefer honest people, who are down to earth, however, I do think she needs to cover herself up just a little more, and be more classy.

        Lisa, I think is the only one I would ever want to hang out with long term as a friend. I don’t mind her subtle put downs with her Brit humor. She dishes it, and seems perfectly willing to take what is dished back as far as humor goes. I wouldn’t mind ribbing her when needed. Plus, she is so pretty, and classy.

        Camille, I’m not sure how to take her? I like who she is better then last season, however, I do think she got a bad deal being that Kyle had it in for her. I wouldn’t have taken Kyle’s constant name calling either. So, to me, I think Camille is cool and pretty sweet.

        Dana, I am not into simply because she doesn’t seem to fit in at all, or know how to flow. She picks people apart on her blogs constantly, especially Brandi. She needs to quit comparing herself to others. I actually hope she doesn’t return for another season. I can’t watch her anymore.

        Kim, even after rehab is blaming Brandi’s comment for her families shame of her? Did she watch the same show we watched? Or I guess she didn’t because then she would have to see the real reason why her daughter and the rest of the family is so embarrassed. Just sad…I hope she gets help for bipolar. It seems to run in the genes…   

      • Kristatly says:

        No one believes you, LEANNE!

      • tonguepainted says:

        Nice try, Taylor, Kyle or Leanne. Other than those 3 people, everyone likes Brandi, so which one was it?

      • Phcalef says:

        Hi Taylor. Nice of you to comment.

      • Phcalef says:

        Hi Taylor. Nice of you to comment.

    7. Shawn Tippen says:

      Brandi glanville is cheap and tawdry

    8. Nicole says:

      Taylor wants you to buy her book and support her lifestyle living in Beverly Hills. WTF? All Taylor has to do is move out of Beverly Hills and look for a 9 to 5 job just like the rest of America, and support yourself.  If I want to help domestic violence victims, I will donate money to Woman shelters or domestic violence centers. I won’t buy the book because I don’t believe Taylor allegations that she was a domestic violence victim. Taylor knows what to say because of her Domestic Violence Charity, so she knows exactly what to say, she sees/hears cases in this center. 

    9. Giselle says:

      Did you guys notice how Taylor said in the Reunion#2 that it was Adrienne Maloof’s idea to write the book so Taylor can support herself. Taylor is always blaming it someone else for her wrongdoings/mistakes… now, it turns out that Taylor wrote the book because Adrienne told her so… geez Taylor take some responsibility for your own actions.

    10. Donna says:

      One of Taylor’s most graphic stories of abuse is the one she recounted during a tv appearance with Dr. Phil last September. As the program displayed a shocking close-up photo of Taylor with a black eye, she tearfully told about a fight she and Russell had after celebrating her 40th birthday at the Four Seasons Hotel with a group of friends. She says her husband confronted her about his suspicions that she’d cheated on him and punched her in the eye. he injury was so bad, that she immediately saw black and nearly lost her eye.Taylor told Dr. Phil the injury happened after the couple “got home.” However, in her interview with The Daily Beast, Taylor said, “It happened on June 11 … in our hotel room at the Four Seasons.” Asked to explain the discrepancy, Taylor said, “I just meant when we got home to the hotel.”On June 12, 2011, Taylor tweeted to followers: “@TaylorArmstrong Now we’re pool side at the 4 seasons and i am thinking of never leaving … i had the BEST birthday party ever! thank you Russell and all my crazy pals who joined in on the mayhem.” Asked if that upbeat tweet wasn’t out of character for a woman who had been assaulted just hours earlier, Taylor said that Russell always “sat next to me and told me what to tweet.” Asked why she would stay the next day and party at the pool with a black eye, Taylor said, “No, no. I had orbital floor blowout—never a black eye from the punch.” But if Taylor didn’t have a black eye, then what was the photograph shown on Dr. Phil? “That,” she told The Daily Beast, was a picture taken after her July 5, 2011, reconstructive surgery, which included inserting titanium mesh inside her orbital floor to, literally, keep her eyeball in the socket.continues here:

    11. Shanasipes169 says:

      Brandi is RHOBH’s new blonde bombshell… time to ROLL off into the sunset Traylor

    12. Genesis says:

      God bless Kennedy and her two siblings.  I hope they have wonderful memories of their dad and never lose them. 
      Adrienne thinks the show should have shown to let people see what Russell was going through.  Really?  All we saw was that his wife lied about a lot of stuff and he killed himself.  We learned nothing.There was no great message taught by showing this storyline.  The abuse of Taylor, if it occurred, is horrible, but what lesson did it teach? Stay in an abusive relationship until it gets so bad someone dies? Camille felt the show should not air as it would harmful to Russell’s children. I am with Camille on this one.  Taylor tell us that he had a mental illness.  The man has died, he has 3 young children, and she is telling the world that their dad had a mental issue?  The disrespect for the children of this man is offensive.I think Taylor has built a story and is so far into it she cannot go back.  The truth was bad enough so why embellish it?  Something is not right with Taylor.
      read more:

      • bekka says:

        Something’s not right with you!!! Who cares what you or that fake-ass Camille thinks???

      • guest says:

        I agree with Genesis AND Camille.  The children’s feelings should have been the most important issue.

      • a viewer says:

        I just read the link…totally agree, I especially liked the quote ” I would feel some compassion for her (Taylor) if she would stop lying”. That’s why I like Brandi, you can accept alot if people are truthful.

    13. Serena says:

      After reviewing the contents of the book, coupled with the story alleged in the first part of the Beverly Hills Reunion episode, I wanted to literally compare what Taylor said on one occasion versus what she said on another.  I only repeated my review of the episodes, her tweets from last summer, a few photos of her activities and her book, “Hiding From Reality”.  Since Russell is no longer here to speak for himself what would be the outcome of comparing Taylor vs Taylor in just a few instances?Taylor tells us in her book that the assault on her occurred the night of her Birthday Celebration at Beecher’s Madhouse.  Below is an excerpt of the injury which she admits did not cause bruising.  She did not seek treatment until June 13 when she was scheduled to have a flap repair on her right eye due to wrinkling of the lens following a LASIK procedure weeks prior.  On June 26 she obtained an MRI or CT scan which indicated she had a fracture of her orbital floor which would require reconstructive surgery on July 5.  Any black eyes on the show must have been related to her treatment or the original LASIK surgery because, even she admits, she did not suffer a black eye from the injury allegedly inflicted by Russell.  So which pictures did she provide Entertainment Tonight?  Were they taken July 5, the day of corrective surgery on the alleged fracture?continue here:

    14. Brian says:

      Dr. Drew isn’t a trained interrogator.  It’s all in the eyes and body movements.  When she is telling the truth or recalling FACTs she looks down and to the left.  When she embellishments have here looking up.  Ask someone you know sometime to retell a story especially one that you know the details of.  Watch there eyes closely.  Especially if they are recalling a real life tramatic event that happened to them.  There eyes are going to stay focussed in one location as they access those stored memory locations. 

      Now re-watch the reunion part 3.  and listen to this story she asks us to believe.  1 that Russell was “apparently” hiding in the bushes wouldn’t you know?  Two after being hit so hard that he was knocked unconscious but also later she said he was thrown into the pool (the man friend), and his wife was also manhandled and thrown into the pool + dog, the story telling just gets painful to watch.  But after all that she expects us to believe that the ambulance came, but no police were called, no one filed a report on the ambulance crew???  The man would also have surely gone to the hospital to check for a concussion, internal bleeding etc. and because she asks them not to these people would not call the police, not report it later or at the hospital because she says the line about supporting herself and Kennedy and these people would say.  WELL, i guess that’s the best outcome – he attacked and could have killed me, manhandled my finace’ and from Taylor’s account was close to attempted murder but they will just forget it happened. 

      20 years in L.E. says BS!

    15. carmella says:

      Who does believe Taylor.  I think she has some really emotional issues that didn’t get taken care of even before he marriage.  she is so uninteresting

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