Exclusive: Bodyguard’s Kevin Costner Reaches Out To Whitney Houston’s Family

Posted on February 12th, 2012 at 5:56 pm

Whitney Houston's Bodyguard co-star, Kevin Costner, has reached out to the late singer's family in the hours following her passing. RumorFix has learned exclusively that Costner has already sent a floral arrangement to Houston's daughter, Bobbi Kristina.

PICTURES: Whitney Houston -- We Will Always Love You

The 18-year-old was hospitalized for anxiety and exhaustion after learning that her mother passed away on Saturday evening. Bobbi and Whitney were staying together at the Beverly Hilton Hotel where they were scheduled to attend Clive Davis' pre-Grammy party later that night.

PICTURES: Whitney Parties In Hollywood Thursday

RumorFix has also confirmed that Bobbi's father, singer Bobby Brown, is on his way to Los Angeles to be by his daughter's side. Brown had been touring with New Edition and was in Memphis when his ex-wife died.

We're also told that Whitney's mother, Cissy, and other family members, are already making funeral arrangements for the legendary singer.

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    1. Sthoanny1975 says:

      Whitney you will be missed terribly. Love you and thank you so much for all you have done for me thru your music

    2. TINA says:

      my heart aches for you and your family. i wish the media and fans had shown you more support and love when you were still with us. I pray that you are with our Lord.I know that you knew Jesus.i also pray for your child ,mother and others that really loved you. you are already missed. i feel so very heart broken. love you much, whitney 

    3. Ndf204 says:

      I thank God that he knew you were weary and he decided to take you home. I bet you are singing for Jesus right now……….Nancy

      • Trevorr says:

        hey nancy does that mean that ‘god’ or ‘jesus’ takes the lives of newly born babies because he knows that they are weary too?!!! 

        • Smiv says:

          Do we have to attack one another?  Perhaps Whitney Houston was weary, perhaps she wasn’t.   Who knows why God does what he does.  Lets just take time to honor the memory of a wonderful singer who’s passed away.  It is enough.

        • Eddymacho11 says:

          Newly born babies are safer in heaven than here….

        • Tim says:

          sometimes thats exactly what he does Trevorr maybe too soon for us but we are not God and the decision of life or death is not for us to decide like it or not God has not provided us with a cure for death if He wanted us to have control of it we would

          • Ragi1 says:

            He has Tim, the remedy is eternal life only found in Jesus Christ. He didn’t hang and die on the cross because He was bored that day. It was a great sacrifice with great meaning for all mankind. If we don”t know Him now we will know Him on Judgement Day. May God be with Witney’s family and friends during this most difficult time.

        • 80sLady says:

          Trevorr, question: what has that got to do with anything? Do you think the Lord should allow His child to continually suffer, He never interferes with our free will, what kind of a world would this be if everything was done according to what He wanted, we would just be puppets on strings for Him, noone wants someone doing something because we forced them to, you want your child to come to you of their own will and love you, and you when your child is suffering you do what you feel is best for them, maybe He saw she was only going to contiue to choose to spiral out of control.. and mercifully he decided to stop the pain and bring her home.

          • Art Vandelay says:

            there is NO such thing as the ‘lord’ 80slady – read a freakin science book about the big bang theory. the earth was not created in 6 days by ‘god’ its been proven with 60 million year old dinosaur fossils!! and by the way, in case you didnt know, the earth is not flat either.

            • Sherona says:

              …but how was the earth created, solar system created masses of gas created just like how you were created the earth was created the same way by Him.

        • Anonymous says:

           This isn’t an argument worth having here.

          We shouldn’t interpret God, only worship and praise.

        • sallysuelee says:

           don’t act so devoid of understanding Trevorr… sometimes many of us who know or have lived with intense internal torment… cant find the strength to go on. We’re not all the same…

          • Trevorr says:

            i understand that sallysuelee. i just wish people didn’t always drag ‘god’ and ‘jesus’ into life events – there is NO PROOF that any god exists – the only ‘god’ that has been proven to exist is ‘mother nature’. Science is the only proof. drugs killed whitney – not some ‘god’ that acts in mysterious ways etc. etc.

            • DarrenMillane says:

              How can you say there is no proof of God Trevorr??? Look all around you. None of this could have happened by mistake. Open your heart and hear the word of god. Jesus gave his life for you to spread the word of god. It’s our duty to spread the word of god, just like the Germans did when they gassed the sinful Jews. Just like the Spaniards did when the slaughtered the Incas.  Whitney spread the word through her beautiful music. I take solace in the fact Whitney is now at peace, alongside God, looking down upon us all. I shall pray for your soul.

            • CynthiaWeinstein says:

              What the hell are you talking about you crack fiend? It’s people like you who give Christians a bad name. Do us all a favour a drive drunk into the back of a truck you blood idiot.

            • Hear-the-cries says:

              What do you gain by damning someone to death just because someone voiced his opinion about what he believes strongly in his heart?
              Yes you do have the right to your own opinion and yes you are entitled to disagree with what they have to say but to speak so spitefully and carelessly about the death of someone says to me that You need to check the state of your heart….
              p.s. Open another tab and listen to the beautiful voice of Whitney Housten while you reply to this message

            • MilhouseVanHouten says:

              So this is what it sounds like when doves cry!

            • Art vandelay says:

              christians and catholics give themselves the bad name Cynthia. how can anyone support catholicism when they hav burnt so many innocent women at the stake calling them ‘witches’, and just about every second catholic priest fiddles with kids on a daily basis – and preists arent allowed to have sex??!! what a joke. when catholics are supposed to be in favour of procreation??!! what stupidity. by the way there is no such thing as hell or satan you ignorant, blind plebs

            • Felic says:

               I am a recovering Catholic.  I am better off without it.

            • sherona says:

              well its not all catholics who do such things, some just callt themselves catholics when at heart they are not.

            • Carolanne says:

              be nice Cynthia, jeez

          • Carolanne says:

            what a perfect response

          • Carolanne says:

            what a perfect response

      • Venamorgan says:

        dont answer that Ndf204  from Trevor 🙂 tc & good words

      • Guest says:

        Death is whack!

      • Pippi says:

        In a very respectful manner…Please consult your Bible, God does not cause death, He only allows for it!!!   DEATH EITHER MAKES US BITTER OR BETTER!!

    4. kevin good man and actor i see the movie very good action and character of course he was bodyguard on the film no in real life, but by me she should never left alone , if i was close to her i will watch her like eagle watching his children , with mind of 3 dimension ,eye of a tiger close so nothing happens but she was alone ? very strange very strange anyhow , to her daughter ,please stay away from any substance pharnacy in greek meaning poison please use wisdom and caution love life and develop self respect it is difficald i know i lost my mother when i was 4 and my father when i was 9 but my advise to you , have your armor as we speak always on ,and never underestimate your opponent what ever form it make take ,because some will be more than man , watch your back , and remember the creator remember your mother ,so do not lost the battle against any form of depression or anxiety stay strong breath your fears leave long and prosper kind regards tjk

      • Nickbernath says:

        Do you speak english because you sure dont type it. Hey whitney crack is whack.

        • Carol says:

          Nickbernath what is wrong with you??? I thought it very nice of Theodore to give such great advice. English speaking or not. Seems your parents never taught you manors. 

          • Hero says:

            It’s not Kevin’s fault at all. He tried his best to protect her from assasin (in the movie), but he is simply unable to protect her from (killing) herself

      • God doesn’t take people I am so tired of hearing that GOd takes peoples lives every time someone makes a mistake and ends up not making it or a accident happens unforeseen events GOd has nothing to do with what we decide to do in life and I wish people would stop putting God in this condemned world and bringing him to our level of the curse adam placed on humanity with the first sin God didnt place sin here adam did and so we are living in a cursed land and we cant blame God he set man up to live in his garden forever man decided to be like God and live on his own and man decided to be independent from God God allows us to make our own decisions in life…God didnt put drugs in her body and didnt make her do them..

        • Tim says:

          he may not have given her drugs but he let her heart stop beating she was a believer and as such is destined for Gods kingdom i for 1 hope to see her there and if i were to see you there i hope you check your attitude at the pearly gates

        • popfly says:

          I have read your post over and over and I can’t figure out if you believe it God or not. Your message is confusing.

        • Joycelyn M.L. says:

          From the time we was conceived/born our days were numbered. I don’t say that GOD kills people but I will say that he pulls his hand back from you and things happens . So form the timed that a life was concieved it was ready given an appointed time that the life would would be gone and how that person would would leave this earth was aready alot/given to that person . To me it is not so much that a person have died, because we are not here to stay.

    5. i here the news on my radio when i was driving with my 10 year old daughter Angelina , i found hard to believe because after the news a song of her was follow up , but it was confirm in sydney down under t v R.I.P MS W. HOUSTON People will remember you

    6. Roodog05 says:

      i will always love you from her later movies with kevin costner is the bodyguard i love that and love the son in the movies and missing you so mcuch and keep on playing your song to magic magic 106.7 every 24/7 and i you are my superstar

    7. Guest says:

      She had a beautiful gift and made a few mistakes in life. Who among us hasn’t? I look forward to the day when I meet her in Heaven and get to join her in singing praises to the King of Kings. 

    8. Anonymous says:

      Here is one who had stunning looks, a most beautiful voice and the whole world at her feet. It goes to show you can have everything but that will never give you peace and happiness. The only real peace is from God. R.I.P Whitney. Whitney will always be remembered for her incredible voice but who died tragically. I feel very sad today.

      Kevin Costner sure saw a mega talent when he met Whitney. Kevin Costner is soooo handsome and talented!!!

    9. Sondra says:

      ‎(A time for everything) Ecclesiastes 3:1 To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven. Ecclesiastes 3:2 A time to be born, and a time to die; a time to plant, and a time to pluck up that which is planted. 

      Fame and fortune comes with a hefty price its not for every1 that’s why they say what happens in Las Vegas stays in Las Vegas.  Normally I try 2 stay out of topics like this b/c what I do best is mind my own business and what I like 2 do is mind my own business.  However, I feel compelled 2 say something even  though I’ve never been a big Whitney Houston fan until I stumbled across  My Love Is Your Love.   
      John 3:16 For GOD so loved the world that HE gave HIS only begotten Son that whosoever BELIEVES in HIM should not perish but have everlasting life…………………………………. 
      Success is NOT built upon Chance or Luck. Success is NOT determined outside of You. Success is CREATED within You.  We will never know the heartaches, pains, blood, sweat, crying and hurt she went through 2 mk it thus far.  Until u have walked in some1 shoes do not judge them.  Only GOD can judge us!  Some ppl r nothing but deep sea scuba divers they go where no man has gone b4 so they will go, as far as digging through ur trash and garbage cans.  Everybody has skeletons in their closet some r so powerful and can knock dwn metal and steel.This tragic was an out of control disaster until it spiral in2 a disaster out of control.  The problem was ignored and dressed up 2 look good, but on the inside she was tossed around, turned in every direction, heart broken, torn in2 pieces, hurting her body, confused in the mind, troubled in her soul and crying out 4 help.  Many ppl in our society, churches and families r nothing but dressed up garbage cans. So who r we 2 judge some1 for the same measures we judge 1 the Lord will judge u, 2.  I have never understood why ppl say they would like 2 b a fly on some1 walls  when all they have 2 do is listen 2 what’s going on in their own hms. I do not even think a fly wants 2 b on the walls of some ppl hms, so I believe this is why a fly bumps against the walls, windows and doors trying 2 save itself b/c it’s 2 hot in there.  As a believer I sweep around my own front doors b4 I try 2 sweep around some else door b/c 4 we all have sinned, and come short of the glory of God.  I’m not tking sides w/ any1 b/c at 12 yrs old JESUS knew that HIS sins were on HIM, so every1 knows right from wrong.  And no1 has 2 come 2 us 2 tell us when we r doing wrong b/c what u do in the dark will come 2 light.  Let this b a wake up call in society, churches and families b/c every1 has 2 learn 2 tk responsibility 4 the actions they mk in life its the only wy U will learn from your mistakes, which will help  U endure life changing events and not become overwhelmed with life.  I’m throwing things out here as they come 2 mind b/c life is the most precious of treasures b/c its a gift from GOD.  So death begins when we tk our 1st breath and  life ends when we tk our last breath. This is not our hm 4 we r only passing through until the potter finishes us.  We r all GODS children so we were a blessing from GOD! .  Regardless if u r young or old every knee has 2 bow and every tongue shall confess.   The sad thing is the majority of  times we r our own worst enemy b/c we do more harm 2 ourselves than what ppl do 2 us.  And ppl  don’t reach out 2 ea other b/c they r so caught up in material things such as big hms, jewelry, designer clothes, designer shoes, designer handbags, fast cars and money.  Unfortunately we live in a world where society has clicks 2, so if u r not in the circle they will not extend the olive branch 2 u.
       Not only does society have clicks, but its gotten so bad until their in our families and churches, too. If the family institution was close knitted then their love ones would b there 2 catch them b4 they fall in2 the murk and miry clay.  We r all a work of art in the potters hand Hes not finished with us, so family members must remember 2 pick up the ph 2 ck on their love ones and visited ea other more often.  When I heard about Anna Nicole, Michael Jackson and Amy Winehouse I didn’t say anything.  I guess I’m saying something about Whitney Houston b/c a couple wks ago I found myself listening 2 Ms. Houston singing  My Love Is Your Love.   I pray shes wrapped in the arms of the Lord b/c all she needed was 4 some1 to show her the wy bk then she would’ve plc’d her hands in the Lords hand and He would not had let her go dwn a path of life destruction.We can continue writing our introspection’s, but I’m asking u 2 tk a look at the man in mirror and change your wys.   We can’t save the world, but if we turn 1 to RIGHTEOUSNESS the ANGELS will rejoice in HEAVEN.  B careful what u say on earth b/c  a little bird may fly bk 2 Heaven and repeat it.  If u do not have nothing good 2 say about a person then keep ur mouth shut especially during a time like this.  Point ur finger at some1 and see how many r pointing bk at U.  Your Life is the most precious of treasures, when we see the value of others lives too, that’s enlightenment.  So  may we see the people in our world as God sees them.  She may b Absent in body, but she will b present in spirit!Peace and may GOD b w/us all!

    10. Arthur G. Robinson says:

      When Whitney sung at the Super Bowl in 1991, I did not know who she was. I was stunned by her rich personality and my very thought was that only God could create a voice like that.

      • Perfume Othello says:

        Very true, she had a God given gift. And no matter who gets groomed to take her place it will never happen. God never makes carbon copies, she was the original.

    11. Dannie2121 says:

      He who is without sin cast the first stone. Rip Whitney
      Some people need to worry about themselves, and what they
      Are leaving behind. I will continue to pray for all of the
      People here on earth.

    12. Sharm9499 says:

      so sad..

    13. Frnd565 says:

      Beautiful Whitney, I bet she is singing with the angels now, for the One who loves her so..

    14. Robertjseibert says:

      All your fault Bobby Brown!!

    15. Anonymous says:

      Costner recognized the raw talent in Whitney and he pressed hard to have her play the role in the Bodyguard. Word had it that he would have liked a relationship with her, but she rejected his advances. Still, Costner always supported Whitney, even after the finishing of the movie. It’s just like Kevin to reach out to the family at this time, because that is the sort of guy he is. He’s loyal and kind…..unlike Bobby Brown, the slug who introduced her to drug fueled binges and beatings.

      • Anonymous says:

        Unrequited romance..,.that makes I Will Always Love You somehow mean so much more. I wonder what her life would of been like if she liked him back…

    16. BradG says:

      Taken from us too soon, but your aching heart is in a better place. You’re smoking rocks with Jesus in heaven now. I will always love you Whitney. I’ll be thinking of you whenever I eat my peanut butter and crack sandwiches.  Forever in my heart.

      • Kelly222 says:

        Your comment says way more about your bad breeding than anything it could possible say about Whitney. She’s a musical icon and always will be…That’s wonderful that Kevin Costner reached out to her family and sent flowers to Bobby Cristina – nice touch.

      • ally says:

        Brad G you really are a low life… peanut butter & crack sandwiches . really ?What a waste of space people like you are in this world. This is what makes me dislike people.
        pure ignorance!!!

      • Yak says:

        BradG, enough have already told u how utterly stupid and heartless ur comment is. Since ur on the subject of religion, I’ll just mention that it’s only because the Almighty doesn’t immediately slap the snot out of ur congested bloodstream that u speak with such witty smugness. I’m not wishing harm to u… a good slap with the right motive can be a needed correction for some of us. Just realize that whether immediate or down the road, it’s really true about reaping what we sow. I hope u get it together and stop spreading hurt b4 ur turn comes in a way that leaves u wondering WHY.

    17. Fireluv46 says:

      Jehovah God does not take life he is allowing everything to happen for a reason he has his plan ,He has given us all freedom of choice because he wants us to love him unconditionly we as sinful human beings have fallen short and right now the devil is influencing what is going on in this world today not God and he does not take lives his plan is to end this evil system of things and he will not allow man to destroy this earth he will step in soon and those of us who love him he knows our hearts will enjoy the blessing of liveing forever on a new earth ruled over by a heavenly goverment with our lord and savior jesus christ as king .RIP whitney you will be resurrected with a new body on a new beantiful earth.

    18. Craigscaswell says:

      Whitney’s people knew her history.Why didn’t someone pay closer attention to her in the bathroom? The former bodyguard never allowed her to take baths for this reason. This seems like it could have been avoided unless she suffered a heart attack.Right now I blame the entourage for not paying closer attention. What a tragedy…. what a terrible loss.

    19. RickJames says:

      It’s a celebration bitches!!!

    20. Ledriaw021491 says:

      Kevin Costner really look at the beauty of her talent and heart. He even said it in his interview.HE was the kind of guy i wish she would of went for 🙁 I feel like he really could of been her best and only body guard but bobbi was there so he couldn’t be it 🙁 I wonder what he life could of been like if she would of be with Costner. 

      watch his interview

    21. Felic55 says:

      Whitney had just met Brown and Kevin Costner was married, otherwise I think they had wonderful chemistry and most likely Whitney’s life would have been very different.
      Rest in Peace Whitney.

    22. Art Vandelay says:

      “and I…eeh I…….eeh I… will always…..love SMACK……oooooohhhh ahhhhhhh….”

    23. Perfume Othello says:

      First of all I would like to extend my deepest condolences to the Houston family, moreso that God will bring strength and comfort to them during this tough road they are on. He did not promise that it will be easy, healing will sure come sometime. Since hearing of her death, I cried as though I had lost my best friend, I always wondered amongst the many that surrounded why did not one show her tough love, and helped her overcome the demon of drugs. I am reminded of a Scripture in the Bible that says “there is a FRIEND THAT STICKETH CLOSER THAN A BROTHER” did she have such a friend, or were all just parasites in her company.

      Kevin Costner, had there be a chance that she ended up with you, I firmly believe that she would of led a much better life, she made Bodyguard with you at the height of her career, was there chemistry between the two of you, any blind person could see that. I pray that God will bring you comfort as you also have to endure the loss of your friend. I remember once reading an article whereby you had reached out to help her and your words were “because SHE IS MY FRIEND” How I wished she never met Bobby Brown, he was the destructive force in her life, even though she had weaknesses, he did not come alongside her in strength.

      Bobbi Kristina, I was 15yrs old when I lost my Mom to cancer, and together with my brothers had to do all the funeral arrangements, like myself and many others in the world that have lost a parent or parents at a young age, we know your pain. We will be praying every minute of the day for you.

      Mrs Houston, no parent has to live to bury their child, this is one of the toughest tasks that you have to carry, I pray that you will draw from God’s strength. 

      Whitney Houston aka “The Voice” there will never be another like her, God blessed her with talent beyond measure, I am not going to put blame on drugs, He knows the hour of our birth and also knows the hour of our death. It did not surprise me when I read online you were going to sing “YES JESUS LOVES ME” some people have premonitions of their death, and I have come to believe that perhaps God gave you time in your final hours to make it right with Him. R.I.P. He has chosen the best to be part of His Heavenly Choir.

      From a South African fan

    24. Karen 017 says:

      people please stop telling every one what GODS plan was. i’m a 65 year old woman who cried every time i heard ” I will always love you” i wore the tape out i still cry when i hear it. I loved her music and always will. Whitney was a super talented woman. Life got in her way. We all have faults. Why must  you judge her, are you forgetting she was human also. Can’t you understand what pressure she had, Most of us not in her shoes can’t imange what it takes to stay on top. Haven’t we all needed something to get us going to keep us getting up each day to function. It isn’t always Drugs for most of us, but maybe a prayer or what ever makes us feel good. Whitney wanted to began again, i feel she had what it took to get there, she just stumbled on the path getting there. GOD had nothing to do with taking her, that was her choice. I’m sure we’ve all had that feeling that’s all right with the world and didn’t realize that this one time, IT WOULD BE OUR LAST. May she rest in peace and not be judged. There for the grace of GOD go I. Whitney ” I WILL ALWAYS LOVE YOU”

    25. Spport299 says:

      This is for those WB’s that are saying that MS. HOUSTON is trash.The following WP’s will follow Ms. Houston stepfoots this year!1. CHARLIE SHEEN2. LINDSAY LOHAN3. LOHAN’S FATHER4. LOHAN’S MOTHER5. PARIS HILTON

    26. Felixmeowsaytung says:

      Costner looking very old.

    27. Barberlana1 says:

      Love Kevin & and how he was there for Whitney Familys ! He is a stand uo men

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