Johnny Depp Dating ‘Dark Shadows’ Co-Star Eva Green?

Posted on February 2nd, 2012 at 11:03 am

Reports of a split between Johnny Depp and long time girlfriend Vanessa Paradis have fueled rumors of a new romance for the Pirates of the Caribbean star.

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Gossip blogs are reporting that Depp “is already sizzling with a special lady. The actor is getting close to his Dark Shadows costar Eva Green. Johnny finds her exotic and fascinating company. They go to a private gym and have been very secretive about it. The romance is really getting steamy."

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But is the 48-year-old actor really moving on from the mother of his two children with Eva? According to the actress’s rep, abosultely not! She tells RumorFix, that there is “no truth in this whatsoever.”

Now we can all sleep better at night.

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  • 13 Responses

    1. Erica says:

      johnny depp is literally the hottest man to ever walk this planet!

    2. Rumer says:

      According to which actress’s rep? Vanessa’s or Eva’s?

    3. rachel says:

      why don’t you leave them alone? vanessa said all those rumors are false ! Stop with the lie!

    4. rachel says:

      And @Erica..I’m agree with you !

    5. Stylista says:

      Of course it isn’t real!  Vanessa said the rumours were false, and this happened last time during the filming of The Tourist, where rumours swirled about Johnny Depp and Angelina Jolie.  Things get so out of hand with celebrity gossip.

    6. Miguel says:

      Seriously guys, he’s an awesome actor and has a great personality, but he really is not good looking.  Cute..maybe, but “the hottest man to ever walk this planet!”  Definitely not…

    7. Contagious_pain says:

      Vanessa still love Johnny…she said that no one can take him away from her..[she said in a franch magazine]..He left her for a w*ore[ excuse my vocabulary but I hate Eva Green..she steal Johnny from Vanessa ]…I hope they’ll be together again…They have 2 beautiful kids and I’m sorry for them..:'(

    8. Alleybear4567 says:

       when actors and actresses make movies they form close friendships  dont mean they are in a relationship  just means a friendship is  formd  and johnny and  Vanessa are very much in love and have beautiful children  for their sakes cant the gossip of their father stop  no one really thinks of them when they see  what they say of their dad what effect has on them  if magizines papers and poperatzie what to spread lies faulse reports  stop and think what they are doing to the innocent families  of thoughs  celebraties and would they like their young children reading about them  in a lie  i think they wouldnt  just a little thoughtfulness dont go a stray does it

    9. Candice says:

      I believe the rumors are real.  Wasn’t a big leap to believe he was dating someone from his most recent show.

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