Taylor Armstrong Fights Back Against Online Rumors

Posted on January 24th, 2012 at 6:00 am

It's not the Taylor Armstrong we all used to know.

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star is a stronger, tougher version of herself.

So, when RumorFix asked her about Internet rumors that she's" terrified about being axed" from the hit Bravo show, she didn't deflect the question and she didn't pass us on to her publicist -- she answered the question point blank.

Taylor tells us, "It's not true." She goes on to remind us, "We have not even been picked up for season three."

And look at this video we got over the weekend of Taylor making up with former nemesis Camille Grammer.

We like the new Taylor!

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    1. katbritton08 says:

      Puke! The new Taylor is the old Taylor. You are being duped like her castmates if you think otherwise!

    2. PL says:

      It’s good to hear that she is now answering questions point blank because she has that MMR jury trial in a couple months. Being honest and direct will make it easier than creating a web of lies that she usually does.

    3. MS says:

      Camille is pretending, she doesn’t want drama with Taylor and it is easier to play nice.  Taylor is still a lying manipulator and I hope they fire her.

    4. Janvier49 says:

      She wouldn’t know honest and direct if it bit her in her skinny arse.  If they don’t dump her for season 3, I won’t be watching.  Not watching the reunion either because I can’t stand the sight of her ugly face.  She’s the devil.

    5. Teresa says:

      if you really watched the newly released video of her and Camille you can tell Camille is very uncomfortable with Taylor and I don’t believe the things that she is saying about Russell either cause an abusive man does not agree to go to therapy I watched that too and he seemed confused about what was going on and what Taylor was trying to get at, she is lying about the whole thing 

    6. carmella says:

      Taylor is uninteresting and wants people to pity her.  Go away. 

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