Sanaa Lathan Pregnant by Kobe Bryant?

Posted on January 12th, 2012 at 8:36 am

According to MediaTakeOut, actress Sanaa Lathan is pregnant and the baby, as they speculate, could be Kobe Bryant's. The website, known for it's dramatic and often inaccurate reporting, claims that recent photographs of Sanaa walking a red carpet prove that she's with child.

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"Sanaa Lathan was out two nights ago sporting a very PRONOUNCED baby bump. She's officially 'single' now so we wonder WHO could be her baby's father.

Word on the street is that Kobe SMASHED a few months back though ..."

Such eloquent writing, but unfortunately for MTO's reputation, not true. A rep for the actress tells RumorFix the report is complete nonsense.

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Asked by a fan about the rumor on Twitter, Sanaa also shot down the report, writing:

"No, I am not [pregnant]. Next time, I'll eat dinner AFTER I do the red carpet. LOL Muah!"

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    1. Kanan says:

      lover her. cool chick.

    2. ENZ says:

      haha MTO’s writing is so absurd, they give journalists a bad name.

    3. Ha ha very eloquent indeed but as usual 9 times out of 10 with MTO this is merely a page filler until they find a piece of news that is true.

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