Magic Cyclops On Idol: “It Was Awful, It Was Cold”

Posted on January 26th, 2012 at 6:05 pm

A singer by the name of Magic Cyclops appeared on American Idol Wednesday night and has become one of the most talked about contestants -- for all the wrong reasons.

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The man with a British accent, who claims he's from Davenport, Iowa, tells Star 102.5 in Des Moines that auditioning for the show "was awful. It was cold."

The bandana-wearing performer delivers his lines with such seriousness -- without breaking character -- you almost believe he's telling the truth. But in this case, we think he was joking since the audition was in Aspen, Colorado.

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The experimental comedy-rocker sang Neil Diamond's "Cracklin' Rose" and  Jimmy Buffett's (or as Cyclops pronounces his name, "James Buffay") "Margarittaville." He did NOT get a golden ticket to Hollywood in fact, Randy Jackson walked out during his audition.

How did Magic end up there anyway? "I got in the wrong line -- they had auditions the same day, I tried to get Bronco tickets."

He jokes he didn't even watch the show, because, "I watched Dog the Bounty Hunter the season premiere.



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    1. Fff13 says:

      i’m still amaaaazed

    2. dja says:

      Pure entertainment gold! Kudos to J-Lo for loving him. And I hope Magic Cyclops and Steven Tyler record a duet together someday. I could see Magic’s bandanna hanging from Steven’s mic stand.

    3. Jane says:

      It seems as if every year the weirdest of the weird crawl out from under their rocks and audition for Idol…but I guess that’s what attracts one really watches the show anymore, just the auditions. 

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