Halle Berry & Gabriel Aubry’s Nanny: Restraining Order Denied

Posted on January 24th, 2012 at 3:01 pm

The nanny for Gabriel Aubry and Halle Berry's daughter Nahla was refused a restraining order Tuesday on grounds of insufficient and speculative evidence.

Alliance Kamdem filed a police report against Aubrey after he allegedly flew into a rage last Wednesday when Kamden questioned Aubry about Nahla's absence from school. She claims the 6' 3" model pushed her while she was holding Nahla in her arms, and  she would have fallen over if it wasn't for a wall behind her. She claims she was "psychologically traumatized."

If Aubry is found guilty of assault, it may be very difficult for Aubry and Halle to find a replacement nanny.

A rep for top Los Angeles nanny agency Westside Nannies tells RumorFix "If an individual with a proven history of assault against domestic workers were to call requesting a nanny we would decline their request. We're very protective of the nannies we represent and always want to make sure that they are placed with families who will treat them with respect and kindness."

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    1. colin says:

      I wouldn’t believe a word that comes out of Halle Berry’s mouth or someone that she pays. From everything that I’ve read she’s been horrible during this whole custody fight. My biggest problem is that she said that Gabriel would say racist comment in front of her & her daughter —  though she only said this once the custody fight was going on for awhile. Are you telling me that a mother (a mother who is one of the biggest stars in Hollywood) wouldn’t of kicked his a-s to the curb the first/second time he said something racist to his child. It just makes me believe that she has just tried to spread lie after lie about Gabriel Aubrey. I used to like Halle Berry but I can’t stand her now that she’s been so horrible during this custody fight. He has seemed so civil and all he wants is access to his daughter but she just wants her all to her self. If he was really a danger to the child she would of spoke about all these things right away — not only when it suited her. She’s a strong, powerful woman & your telling me she wouldn’t of left him the first signs of him being racist, come on that’s what I call bu–s–t!  And I just have the feeling she’s paying this nanny to say more lies — cause that is what her camp has been doing for awhile now.   Just my opinion 

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