EXCLUSIVE: Brandi Glanville On Gerard Butler: I Don’t Lie. He Can Suck It

Posted on January 27th, 2012 at 9:54 am

Reality star Brandi Glanville recently appeared on Watch What Happens Live where she revealed that she once had sex for an entire week with Gerard Butler last summer.

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But in a video with TMZ, the actor claims he doesn’t even know who the RHOBH star even is, asking the camera, “who’s Brandi Glanville?”

So, is Brandi lying about doing the dirty with the hunky star? Absolutely not! Brandi tells RumorFix exclusively, “He called me last night and told me he said it. He is upset because he is a private person. I don't lie so I don't really care”

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The former model also Tweeted on Friday morning, "I don't lie. So he can suck it!"

  • 22 Responses

    1. KellyR says:

      Holy crap, Gerard is such a jerk!

      • CatLady says:

         Why is he a jerk? Because he didn’t want his private life thrown out there? That makes him a jerk? Brandi, for once in her life should have kept her mouth shut.

    2. Lillibet49 says:

      Brandi is the jerk.  But the fame hounds will swarm her now which is probably what she wants.  I wouldn’t believe her if she said the sun was shining at high noon.

    3. DQ says:

      Aren’t there pictures of her and Butler together from a few months ago?

    4. Bettyj says:

      Men always lie.Eddie lied about having sex with Leann so whats new?

    5. gigi says:

      He called her???……….LOL..keep dreaming reality sperm dumpster! 

    6. guest says:

      I saw the pics of them kissing out at some restaurant a few months back! I totally believe Brandi, she might not be perfect (none of us are) but I don’t believe she is a liar. That’s my opinion anyway.

    7. Lndslc says:

      Why is Butler a jerk because he doesn’t tell the world about who he is seeing.  I think this is even low for her, especially with her being a mother to two children..She should have thought about her children before she stuck her foot in her mouth.  Butler never mentions any women he is dating and is private about his personal life.  It is the trash magazines that report that he is having sex with every single hollywood star.  It sells mags, true or not… sad world we live in.

    8. Paisley says:

      I find the timing very interesting. If all this actually went down, why wait until months later to talk about it? Could it possibly be because “Coriolanus” is getting raves from the critics and she’s trying pathetically to get herself noticed? A couple of photos of people kissing doesn’t   automatically add up to a week-long tryst. He was reported to be getting over the end of a REAL relationship at the time. If it happened, and I have my doubts, he was probably lonely and vulnerable. Gold-digger that she is, she saw her chance and took it.

      • Bravoisms says:

        She was “forced” to answer a question, from Bravo TV’s Watch What Happens Live game, “Plead the fifth” with Andy Cohen. So there was no way she could’ve dodged the question of “celebrity hook up” 

    9. What a classless a-hole he is…she’s not lying, he’s just a cad.

    10. Michelle_adamson64 says:

      What a skanky thing to do – Brandi’s got more ass than class.  I bet Gerard’s thinking twice now.  If not, he will next time.  

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    12. Tabbysflower says:

      She is acting like a teenager wanting to high five for having sex with a popular boy. He is being a gentlemen and keeping his mouth shut. Which is the adult thing to do. Most adults don’t go around and brag about how they slept with.

    13. hoosier says:

      She is so trashy.

    14. Addy says:

      I’d be embarrassed to admit it too!  

    15. Helena says:

      I actually think it is LOW for Brandi to go for this douchebag, jerk off, Gerard Butler. I mean come on. The guy is a slime. PLEEEASSE.

    16. Bravoisms says:

      For all of you here, she was forced to answer a question, from Andy Cohen’s show, watch what happens live on Bravo TV. She wasnt bragging about the hook up. She was asked if she hooked up with any celeb, and she was forced to answer the question ON LIVE TV. That was the game. It’s Gerard douchebag Butler. Not George Clooney. 

    17. Lise says:

      Why is he the jerk in all of this?

      She goes and sluts around with the guy for a week, then buggers off and
      tells everyone, not even thinking about poor Gerry. Maybe he doesn’t
      want such things put out there for all to see.

      Whether it happened or not is no-one’s business but theirs, and it should have been kept that way!!

    18. Sunny_d says:

      ur such a jerk okay dumb a**

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