EXCLUSIVE: Are Cynthia Bailey & Peter Thomas Getting A Divorce?

Posted on January 19th, 2012 at 6:53 am

Fresh off of the failure of Uptown Supper Club, Real Housewives of Atlanta star Peter Thomas opened a new club called Bar One, and his wife Cynthia Bailey is only talking to RumorFix about the emotional toll it's had on their marriage.

The reality star tells RumorFix that she and Peter are still going through therapy and " I think counseling is good for any marriage -- So I don't think that's a red flag necessarily."

She admits that the volatile couple will always have ups and downs -- "He's set in his way, I'm set in mine, but at the end of the day hopefully, we're going to work it out."

Check out the video to see what she thinks of NeNe Leaks, Kim Zolciak and Sheree Whitfield patching things up on the most recent episode of RHOA.

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    1. carmella says:

      doesn’t surprise me.  she had doubts before she even married him. should have followed her heart the first time

    2. Stephaniemisanthropestevens says:

      I hope they do get divorced, I have no interest in watching women follow, lazy men with pipe dreams. Peter’s a user and I also suspect he’s gay (undercover) But hopefully Cynthia will divorce him, she should of married Leon 

    3. set'emstraight says:

      @1fc3d31d4135ac8f1633fb42e3badaa4:disqus Peter has no interest in you. Judge your own relationship or maybe you don’t have one. Men are sick of lazy women with ideas of having an elaborate lifestyle but are unable to provide it for themselves.

    4. set'emstraight says:

      @1fc3d31d4135ac8f1633fb42e3badaa4:disqus Get a life

    5. Penelope says:

      Cynthia is so beautiful and seems so level-headed most times. I have to admit that I wasn’t too pleased when she followed the Ghetto Gloria role this season, but what do I know, anything for ratings I suppose. Marriage is so extremely important, but I think this is a mismatch on so many levels. Peter follows his own agenda and Cynthia seems to simply go along. I think saving her purse is more important than saving her marriage at this point. Peter will put Cynthia in the poor house if she lets him. Why doesn’t he go get a real job? Unbelievable! I would love to see Cynthia with Russell Simmons, I think they would make a beautiful couple, but first we would have to talk Russell into realizing that he’s an old man and should be dating women within 30 years of his own age. LOL!

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