Exclusive: Adam Sandler Accused Of Stealing Movie Idea

Posted on January 10th, 2012 at 11:31 am

Adam Sandler's comedy Just Go With It was one of the top rentals in 2011, but now a woman claims Sandler stole the whole idea from her son.


Marina Bar claims in court papers exclusively obtained by RumorFix, that her son dropped off a script titled Georgie to Sandler's Happy Madison Productions in 2008. The woman alleges that a month later she received a rejection letter from the production company.

The lawsuit goes on to state that on February 12, 2011 Just Go With It was released but was based on the plaintiff's script. "My script was stolen," the plaintiff goes on to say in the court documents.

The lawsuit seeks damages of more that $25,000.

RumorFix is waiting on a response from Sandler's attorneys on the lawsuit.

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