Camille Grammer: No One Said I’m Not Coming Back!

Posted on January 20th, 2012 at 12:52 pm

Although a gossip website is quoting unnamed sources saying  Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Camille Grammer isn't coming back for a third season,  Camille, herself, tells RumorFix exclusively that's simply not true.

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"I haven't heard anything yet. None of us have heard anything yet," she tells RumorFix. "Nobody said to me 'You're not coming back!' I never heard those words."

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Although the show is a ratings hit, Camille says the cast doesn't even know if there's a pick up for a third season.

Source close to the Bravo production tell RumorFix "No decisions have been made," and it's customary to ask cast members to suggest new socialites for the show -- it doesn't mean anyone is being replaced.

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But if Camille isn't invited back, she says, "I'd be disappointed. When we are together -- all the girls -- it's so much fun, when we're not fighting!"

    • carmella

      will hate not to see camille back. they need to get rid of kim. she offers nothing to the show

    • Abby

      I don’t watch the show but everything about her screams plastic!

    • FedUp

      Need to keep Camille!Dump Taylor,she is nothing but a destructtive and totally evil person.Send Kim packing for her own good,she has enough to deal with without the stress of the show.No need for Brandi,she is just a foul mouthed bimbo and brings nothing to the show.

    • Anonymous

      Camille is amazing she should stay!! I think Taylor and Kim seem to have alot going on and maybe should take some time off to get their lives straight for the sake of theirselves and their children.

    • beth

      love camille!  hope she stays.