Alec Baldwin Talks Gay Kiss With Russell Brand On ‘Rock Of Ages’ [VIDEO]

Posted on January 23rd, 2012 at 12:40 pm
Alec Baldwin kisses Russell Brand in the upcoming Adam Shankman rocker film, Rock of Ages, and the 54-year-old is opening up about the scene that will surely have tongues wagging. During a Friday night premiere party for the film, Baldwin talked about his and Brand's characters who share a passionate kiss after revealing their love for each other during the song scene "Can’t Fight This Feeling." Downplaying the significance of the scene, Baldwin says, "It’s not like Brokeback Mountain, it’s not two leading men who you are used to getting down with some gorgeous young girl,” he said. “It’s a little more chaste because I’m older (than Brand).” Baldwin continues to explain, "We live in an age, and I’m being imprecise here, where half the country gets it, and the other half doesn’t,” he said. “I live where men and women who want to get married—who gives a shit? No one gives it a thought. It’s like seeing women in power. Or like seeing African American CEOs. We’re in a fully realized age of equality in all things and it’s not surprising or new. But there is that other half for whom that is surprising and new." Alec added, “America is still a place where people are fighting these culture wars." Film director Shankman also mentions that the flick is not to be perceived as a statement about gay marriage, rather, the movie is ultimately about couples in general finding love. "The truth is, when we were making it, that wasn’t what was in our heads. But it’s being legitimized by what is happening now. It makes it more relevant and underlines it.”

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