See What Happened When Alec Baldwin Gave Out His “Words With Friends” Username

Posted on December 6th, 2011 at 4:26 pm

"Words With Friends" is the hottest app to hit your smart phone -- and thanks to Alec Baldwin, a whole new group of people know about the addictive game.

The game is essentially Scrabble -- and you can play it with friends or with a stranger.

WWF caused the 30 Rock star to be thrown off an American Airlines' jet on Tuesday -- because he wouldn't stop using his phone even as the plane was about to take off!

The star was so upset about the incident that he changed his user name to #theresalwaysunited and we are sure he was besieged with requests to play.

When RumorFix tried to challenge him to a duel, we got this message: "That user has too many games and is unable to accept your invitation."

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