Playboy Covers: Lindsay Lohan Vs. Kim Kardashian Vs. Pam Anderson

Posted on December 8th, 2011 at 7:22 am

When we first saw Lindsay Lohan's Playboy cover we were confused -- Hugh Hefner and Dina Lohan both were bragging about how "classy" and "tasteful" it would be.

Of course, taste is debatable.

But at RumorFix we decided to compare Lindsay's cover to those of other celebs.

Although Kim Kardashian had a sex tape, her Playboy cover was dare we say demur. Pamela Anderson has been on the cover of the adult magazine 13 times -- and we found one that was extremely provocative.

Compared to those two -- Lindsay is less Kim and much more Pam.

One of the most critically acclaimed covers came compliments of Farrah Fawcett in 1997 when the ageless beauty was 50 years old. It was a naked paint pictorial that launched a comeback for one of Charlie's Angels. Will this January/February issue launch a career comeback for the Mean Girl? That's yet to be seen.

And although Playboy's founder says Lindsay's shoot was inspired by Marilyn Monroe, based on a comparison of the covers -- they did not achieve their goal. Marilyn's cover was done in the 50s and she looked much more wholesome than our 25-year-old Lindsay.

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    1. liebchenxx says:

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    2. diane says:

      you’re comparing a cover from 2011 to a cover from the 1950’s?  what a ridiculous comparison. every cover since the 60’s would be more racy than the marilyn cover.  lindsay’s cover isn’t an different than kim’s or pamela’s.  if anything farrah’s cover shows more body than any of the other three.

      i think rumorfix is trying to create drama where there isn’t any. 

      • Danielle says:

        They aren’t comparing Lindsay to Marilyn… They said that LL’s cover shoot was supposed to be inspired by MM’s photo shoot… how so? Nothing is similar. When you are inspired by something, you copy some parts of it. Nothing was copied, nothing is similar, they look like two completely different covers.  

    3. e-cigarette says:

      whenever I try to open yahoo to check some news and email they are always trending Kim K. LOL! I wonder if yahoo is a Kim K search engine. From her outbreak to her marriage break up all those things are just bugging the news.

    4. carmella says:

      Lindsay Lohan?  Did she take a shower.  She always looks like she just stepped in and out of the shower in a matter of a second

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