Kris Humphries’ Ex Girlfriend On Gay Rumors

Posted on December 7th, 2011 at 1:43 pm

Kris Humphries' ex-girlfriend of two years -- who looks a lot like Kim Kardashian -- is coming to her former beau's defense amidst rumors that the NBA player is gay.

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Bianka Kamber tells Inside Edition that the tabloid rumor is simply not true, because if he were gay she should know. "No. He's not gay. That's funny, absolutely not. That's crazy," she says. A source close to Kris told RumorFix the same thing a week ago.

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Kamber says that she and Kris had planned on getting married, but he dumped her and of course married Kim Kardashian in the E! television event of the year. But the 28-year-old Canadian nurse says she's not surprised that the marriage is ending, "There was something about it that wasn't right."

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So how is Kris doing? "I'm sure he wants it all to be over with. He's a real honest, sweet kid ... It's unfair he's painted as a bad person," she says.

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    1. ConcernedCitizen says:

      Its so obvious the Kardashit’s are at it again. Oh Kimmy Kim Kim! Whats wrong with you? Every magazine is now defending her saying that he is either gay or cheating on her with other women (liars often contradict themselves btw!) or that he beats her or whatever. Well if it has fake boobs, butt and face the creature might just be fake herself. Who knows? The real question is does anyone care?

    2. Brightstarmira says:

      It’s pretty offensive to call a hard working, regular, but pretty girl a Kim Kardashian ‘look a like’. This girl should be Kim’s role model, because Kim is such a ridiculous lying skank. She creates her problems and throws fuel on the fire, and then everyone is supposed to back her up. F that dumb hoe….Kris, you shoulda walked out on her at the wedding or before, kuz now everyone thinks you’re just dumb

    3. Guest says:

      She looks like a dude.

    4. Paul Durrante says:

      I Think Kris is better off without you.  You do nothing all day except worry about what you will do next, then off to get nails done, and shopping.  To Kris.  I hope sincerely thateverything
      works out for you.  You are really a good person that was taken advantage of.  Keep punching and everything will come to you.  I am 78 years old, and I know what you are going through

      Your friend  Paul

    5. Jerry Hoover says:

      It is just a matter of he was watching something else than her-God forbid!  We all know how starved she is for attention.  Look at the tabloids she has to have her prosthetic boobs and face in them all and all the time.  If a man should not show any interest in her 24/7 he must be gay!
      I know he is a sports addict and that is quite alright obviously not for her she didnt have his  attention.  Kris believe me you are so much better away from that  sleazy prosthetic skank she is out for fame fortunate and stardom she is trying like hell but it just isnt working for her.   She cant act she cant sing.  She is good at milking ex-husbands for boob jobs and making x rated videos-way to go(stick with what you know how to do) – a star on Hollywood Blvd-I dont think so maybe adult video awards you would have a better chance of an award for you talent!

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