Kate Gosselin Slams “Completely Fabricated” Dating Rumor

Posted on December 22nd, 2011 at 8:22 am

Kate Gosselin is taking an active approach to silencing rumors about her personal life by creating a "Kate + Rumors" section on her website.

The reality TV mom, who has been the victim of several tabloid rumors since rising to fame, has already used her new weapon to kill one rumor before it gained momentum in the mainstream press. That rumor is that she has a "new boyfriend" that she's been seeing "secretly."

As you probably imagined, Kate says that's a complete load of bullocks.

"Unless my running shoes, kitchen utensils, or wrapping paper are considered 'dates,' I have not been on any dates and certainly no 'blind dates' set up by friends ... Sorry Hollybaby, you lack credibility and are lying, as usual," she writes.

"Once again, if you read something about me (or most other people in the media) in a tabloid where information has been provided by an unnamed 'source' you can assume it to be completely fabricated and totally false."

Looks like the tabloids are going to have a fight on their hands from here on out if they try and mess with Kate.

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    1. Just the Facts... says:

      Good for Kate. About time somebody stood up to the tabloids. If they had real sources and what they printed was true, then they and there sources should be prepared to be named and stand behind their stories.. Of course if the source was lying they would be subject to civil litigation. Hence the “unnamed sources” ……. 

    2. guest says:

      so just cuz she says it is false it is? She has been caught in lies before. I am not saying tabs tell the truth or that she has a man, its just that no one knows if she is telling truth ever. Even some felons deny they did the crimes they are proven to have done. So we should believe everything anyone says?
      Since no one is around me 24/7 besides close family  then I can say I am a 20 yo billionaire and climbed mt everest & it is the truth because I ‘said’ it was. duh.

    3. Anonymous says:

      Oh pleaaase, what a joke that Kate has a rumor fix on her website.  This woman never tells the truth and constantly spins her web of lies.  So everyone is supposed to believe Kate Gosselin’s web site rumor fix (so she can set the record straight)?  Ah, don’t think so. 

      REAL STARS just ignore the gossipy stuff and continue to live a life of honor and integrity.  But nope, not Gosselin.  She will generate her own gossipy news.  What a moron.

    4. Rhowen says:

      khate can stoop this low …. yep, just to get noticed.  khate will do anything now for money and fame.

    5. Happy Holidays says:

      Who gives a $hit !!

    6. JonnyBa says:

      She has had the same boyfriend that she had when she was still married to Jon. Stevie the purse boy and the turkey baster… Maybe she is trying to pop out 8 more money makers since she used up the other 8? Either way GROSS

    7. Irene Smith says:

      So, she leaks the story about ‘dating’ through a 3rd party, then she answers it via twitter & her blog…please this is the same ole’ monkey munch different topic with the wicked witch of wernersville….

      and no one is “messing” with Kate: she is a hypocritical public figure (and a parttime half azzzz mother on a good day)

      Quit the games Kate and you won’t have to worry about the “rumors” – Oh, yes that is right you not being the subject of conversation is a fate worse then faux media celebrity death.

      Oh, well the tinfoil pieplate sheeple will fall for this…..

    8. Irene Smith says:

      P.S. Merry Christmas to your “retired” 8 children that is by far the “best” newsworthy Gosselin News of 2011—- May they be retired for a LONNNNNNGGGG time.

    9. Megan says:

      Sad these fans of hers actually believe anything Kate has to say. Man if they only knew the total truth, lets just say they wouldn’t be so fast to be her fan

    10. P.J. says:

      “Unless my running shoes, kitchen utensils, or wrapping paper are considered ‘dates,’
      She better consider those things dates.  No sane man would go anywhere near her.

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