EXCLUSIVE: Wife Leaves Brutus Beefcake Amidst Gay Wrestling Scandal

Posted on December 15th, 2011 at 3:30 am

The Brutus "The Barber" Beefcake/ Hulk Hogan/ Linda Bollea story just got a new twist -- Barbie Leslie, the wife of Brutus, (real name Edward Leslie) has split from her husband after discovering that he was allegedly having an affair, RumorFix has learned exclusively.

Brutus hit the headlines last week after Hulk Hogan's ex wife Linda claimed that Brutus and Hulk used to have a homosexual relationship. And Barbie is not exactly rushing to his defense.

EXCLUSIVE PICTURES: Brutus "The Barber" Beefcake & Hulk Hogan Through The Years

Barbie opened up to RumorFix exclusively about the breakdown of her 20 year marriage and Linda Bollea's allegations.

"I thought he left me for a woman, now I'm not so sure!" joked Barbie. "He had a good relationship with Linda Bollea. She is very straightforward, we spent every day with her and Hulk Hogan for 20 years. I don't know what to believe right now -- Brutus and Terry [Hulk Hogan] have an odd friendship but I never thought it was sexual. They have always been best, best friends but I don't think they are lovers and they never were. I'm sure he had several affairs while he was married to me -- but with women, not men!"

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    1. Gorgeous says:

      Brutus Beefcake only stayed with Bertha (she’s no Barbie) Leslie only for the sake of their daughter who he LOVES.  Bertha and Brutus had seperate bedrooms for years and it was known by everyone he wanted OUT!  In the light of the Linda Hogan “homosexual BS” Bertha is now looking for her 15 minutes of fame tweeting Linda ” I’ve got your back”.  My guess is Linda thinks she’s to good for Bertha and the two won’t be sharing phone calls.  As for Brutus’ affair she can call it what she wants but we call it FATE.

      The other woman

      • Disgusted says:

        So wait, you willingly had an affair with a married man and are defending it publicly?  Then you insult the mother of his child?  You can call yourself what ever it is that will make you feel better but I believe that the people that read this will find you Far from Gorgeous.

      • to the "other woman" says:

        you can call her whatever u want,  Barbie is an amazing woman with a passion for her daughter, and you can have her husband, shes much better without him. 

    2. Thebarkingfrogs says:

      First off I would like to say that I have been a close family friend of the Leslie family for 10 years now. I can’t read this and not speak my peace. Barbie and Eddie may not have the perfect marriage…but these two together were unstoppable!!!! They had a chemistry that I admired and through thick and thin came to each others defense time after time!!!!!! I know, I was there Gorgeous not you. Name calling (“Bertha”) at your age!, you should be ashamed… I would be very careful with my words if I were you “Gorgeous” and dare I say  practice having at least a little class and self respect:) Obviously B.B is not a gay man..but it is entertaining to read.

    3. attorney says:

      HMMMM who”s defaming who now GORGEOUS? 

    4. The truth says:

      If you don’t know the whole story people you shouldn’t comment on it.  I’m on Beefcakes side with this one.  I too know the “family” and what I’ve seen is NOT a MARRIAGE made in HEAVEN.  Gorgeous, you go girl!  I’m Happy that Eddie is finally happy.

      PS you are Gorgeous, I’ve seen you!

      • sickened says:

        unless you lived in the house with that THE FAMILY you wouldnt know what actually went on. Do you think its appropriate for THE OTHER WOMAN to text Brutus’s daughter and call her mother venomous? and that is all her mothers fault? Isnt she the ne who had an affair with a married man? Is that morally correct?This isnt her place to comment on anything she should have kept her mouth shut and NEVER contacted their daughter!! Get out of your Ed Hardy stage(which you cut to show off your lack of breasts!) that was about 5 years ago and close your legs to married men and CERTAINLY do not contact a 15 year girl and DEFAME her mother.. that child hasnt even seen her father in 5 months maybe he should be more concerned with his daughter then a conceited woman like YOU! A bad marriage DOES NOT give you the right to LIE AND CHEAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! FACT! 

        • Gorgeous says:

          I’m assuming “sickened” is Bertha Leslie.  I’m not going to have a battle of the witts with an unarmed person.  If you didn’t keep him from his daughter and visa versa he’d be with her whenever he could.  He loves his daughter and you know it and you use her as a tool.  You continue to hurt both of them by not letting them have the relationship that they had before.  Glad you admit you had a bad marriage.  Get your facts straight.  Defaming???  You do that plenty for yourself sweetie.  Texting a 15 year old?  She needs to know her father loves her! 

        • Sister Sledge says:

          Lack of breasts certainly doesn’t describe Gorgeous. Even an Ed Hardy stage cant hide those bad larrys.

    5. far from gorgeous says:

      Hey Gorgeous i would rather be Bertha than a homewrecker who puts a fifteen year old girl in misery.Barbie is an good mother who cares about her daughter unlike you putting up pictures on Facebook of your daughter pants down puking over the toilet on her 21st birthday. Show some class and keep your pants on to a married guy. Yeah Eddie is famous but he would lose a lot of respect if people knew how he is treating his child. If he really cares about her he should do something about it and make an effort to make things easier on them.

    6. Waterloo2 says:

      The 2 of u r so much alike!!!  I also know “the family” and Barbie is a manipulative woman who has always used the kid as a pawn, and so r u.


      Honey, I won’t even give you “Gorgeous” because you are sooooo far from that, however there is only one “BARBIE” and she ROCKS as  a mother and friend!  If you were so happy in your new relationship I would imagine you could find something else to do other than talk crap about the mother of Ed’s daughter!  You don’t think she may read this?  Get a life and some class and  try to be happy with the washed up, has been!  HOMEWRECKER

      • Gorgeous says:

        I did not wreck anyone’s home and everyone knows that.  As for Bertha being a good mother??  She sucks, she’s bashing the father of her child publicly!  That’s a good thing?  Brutus has never said anything negative about Barbara.  Barbara on the other hand thinks it’s normal to call another woman a C*NT in front of her daughter.  I have the voice mail so don’t even go there.  So you can take your comments and shove them.  Bertha is a miserable wife, mother and human.

    8. Family friend says:

      Ha ha, I happen to be a close friend of the family and “I” personally heard “You’re a FAT C*NT numerous times out of Brutus’s mouth in front of their daughter, so FYI there was no filter on either of them during their arguments!!  So he is just as GUILTY for badmouthing, maybe not to the press but to those close to them and the family. 

      • Gorgeous says:

        If the relationship was that bad, it’s a good thing he left don’t you think?  No further comments here.  Anyone who has a problem with me can call me. 

    9. wow says:

      lisa arakelian waterloo2 hahahha GET A LIFE!

    10. 5 More Days!! says:

      Missy, you are a fat ugly pig with a mouth I would personally love to wash out with  a bar of  soap!  You need to think about taking a few ettiqutte classes and get over yourself and Brutus, can’t ya smell a hasbeen??? Rumor here in Florida has it  your a nasty skank who won’t last with ED.  Don’t ya know he prefers Brunettes!!!  So many of his friends have said you are DISGUSTING and he only used you to  get here……hmmmmmmmm he must be talking to someone.  Move on Ed you can do better than that TRASH!!!  If my kid didn’t like  who I  was dating they would last a minute, she made her own bed!!!

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