EXCLUSIVE: RHOBH’s Lisa Vanderpump & Adrienne Maloof At War!

Posted on December 16th, 2011 at 12:04 pm

Tension between the ladies of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills seems to be at an all-time high this season, and according to Star magazine, Adrienne Maloof and Lisa Vanderpump are furious with each other after watching the reality TV drama play out on television.

"[They] are no longer friends now that the show is airing and they’re both finding out what was said behind each other’s backs," a source tells the tabloid.

"The feud began when Lisa’s daughter decided not to have her bachelorette party on the Maloof-owned Palms resort in Vegas. And then Lisa referred to Adrienne’s new shoe line as the 'Maloof Hoof'’ and created her own rival shoe, the 'Vanderpump.'"

RumorFix reached out to Housewife Brandi Glanville for her take on the feud. She told us exclusively, "There is a lot of tension between the two of them. It bums me out because they both are so great. It’s hard for some of these women to share the spotlight and remember they are on a show with an ensemble cast and there isn't just one star. There is room for both of them to be loved."

Sounds like Lisa and Adrienne need a friends therapy sesh, stat!

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    1. Mj says:

      lisa is a pig

      • dana says:

        Who in their right mind would write Lisa is a pig? Is this Adrienne’s glorified butler/cook. There is no comparison between the 2 ladies. Lisa is a class act all the way. Adrienne is fine, but she’s simply now trying to be a Bethenny. Sorry, she doesn’t have the it factor. Lisa does, in spades. THAT is the entire problem.

        • Liz says:

          It probably is that snidey chef – he hates Lisa too! Jealousy all the way – I am British and you need to understand our sense of humor!!

      • beth says:

        Sorry Adrienne is a tacky plastic rough looking woman who basically copied other peoples shoes and is now selling them to america.  Ridiculous, if I want Charles Jourdan I will by Charles Jourdan.

        Adrienne looks like a pig with those gross fillers in her cheeks and lips and bad nose job…

    2. Vera says:

      Overall I like Lisa but she has made some truly catty comments this season and needs to knock it off.  If the rumors are true and she has been offered her own show, good for her but as Brandi points out, this show is an ensemble cast and there is plenty of room for all.  In short, Lisa needs to get over thinking she is the star of this show.

      Adrienne is my favorite (as is Brandi), she hasn’t been catty and, like Lisa, appears to have a meaningful life outside of this show.  But she was wrong to be upset that the bridal shower wasn’t held at her hotel.  First, the owner of the Hard Rock has offered to host both the bachelor party and bridal shower long before Adrienne had ever heard of it as was obviously by the fact the bachelor party was held weeks before Adrienne brought up the bridal shower.  If Adrienne was close enough to Pandora and wanted to host a bridal shower for her, she could have offered to do so before hearing that a bridal shower was being hosted by another.  Second, she brought up Lisa asking if Adrienne’s hotel would stock Lisa’s wine, which never happened,  as if trading business favors should also include personal/family events.  That was tacky.

      Both women are smart, generally classy and ending a long friendship over such trivial nonsense should shame them both.

    3. carmella says:

      come on ladies, get over it and past it.  I’m sure in both your carreers as strong business women you haven’t made some people unhappy.  Adrienne and Lisa are two of my favorite people on the show.  More level headed than some of the others with serious emotional issues that are actually toxic.  I must admit I would have thought about Adrienne first before any one else.  I’m curious why Adrienne didn’t approach Lisa about the parties herself.  Let’s not act like children like some of the others. 

    4. Raftinglady30 says:

      the only problem I have with Adrienne is when the opener starts out and she says it is possible to have everything, you just have to work for it. Really??? Cuz last I looked she was born into a rich family and married a rich doctor. There are thousands of people struggling in this hard economy who work VERY hard and wasn’t born into privilege. And really what does she do? She has a cook, nanny, designers to make her her shoes. All we see her doing is going to botox parties and complain how hard she works. Ugh

    5. Pssanders_7267 says:

      I agree with Very! She has said it best. I don’t think Lisa is being catty. If anything she is telling like it is in a nice funny way.

    6. Pssanders_7267 says:

      As for Adrienne she thinks she’s too cute for family. I use to like her but she falling off my list fast. She needs to gain some weight to match her big head and put get her nose out the air. I think she is very rude to her husband I hope she treat him better when the camera is off…but I doubt it.

    7. zoe says:

      Totally team Lisa. Sorry Adrienne was way out of line with the bacholorette party and then hosting a competing event in vegas to upstage Pandora’s party.  Tacky Adrienne…

    8. sara says:

      Adrienne how ridicuous to be upset that Lisa chose another venue for her daughter’s bacholorette  party,  You come across as a bitchy materialistic cad.  You treat your husband so disrespectfully.  You think you’re too hot but you’re not & those shoes aren’t attractive either
      you’re marketing. 

    9. Angie says:

      Adrienne – is great and cool as a cucumber. She does treat her husband poorly, but I think at the end of the day, she and Dr. Paul are very much in love. She is a beautiful woman! She is 49 or 50 years of age!!
      Lisa – a beautiful Brit with a wicked sense of humour. I like her too!
      Kyle – a true beauty and very grounded.
      Kim – very good sense of humour but her addiction problems have made her look catty and cruel. Let’s hope we see a new and improved version in the next season!
      Brandi – omigawd…crazy, crazy woman. Trouble wherever she must go. An attractive tall drink of water, but when she gets into her 40s, she’ll need a lot of maintenance and work to look good. She best stay friends with Adrienne… she’ll need Dr. Paul’s special plastic surgery touch!

    10. Rihley says:

      If these gals really had lots of money they wouldn’t be on the show getting paid. Most of their money is on paper only and invested and if they pulled it out it wouldn’t add up to what they want you to believe. Didn’t any of you hear about the guy that BORROWED 1 BILLION dollars from an Iceland bank and then went to other countries and bought a 40 million dollar yacht and a multi million dollar condo and then filed bankruptcy and they couldn’t do a damn thing because being in another country. If things don’t turn around what money they do have won’t be worth anything except to start a fire or to wipe your ass…..

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