EXCLUSIVE: Octomom’s Christmas Miracle

Posted on December 20th, 2011 at 7:00 am

You can call it "The Miracle On Madonna Lane."

Nadya Suleman, better known as Octomom, will not be homeless on Christmas, she and her 14 children can probably stay in their Orange County home until March. But RumorFix has exclusively learned that her home has gone into foreclosure after defaulting on her loan.

Although Octomom just got a web TV show that pays six figures, she owes the bank $18,370 and stopped paying her mortgage in June.

DOCUMENTS: Octomom's Home In Foreclosure

Nadya, who became famous for having octuplets, has decided to do a short sale, which means she is selling the house for less than she owes the bank. The price was lowered to $400,000 on Monday -- she owes the bank $450,000.

"Although my home is in foreclosure I am staying positive," Nadya tells RumorFix exclusively. "I have decided to do a short sale to hopefully sell the home. I am excited to move my family into a new home, it's feels like a fresh start."

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    1. Steve says:


    2. brownie says:

      You just found out about the foreclosure???  That’s been out for a while now.  I also see the bank is now involved in the sale.  Why didn’t she just put the kids in public school and pay her bills???  Also, with the six-figure income, that means she can catch up on the $18,000 she didn’t pay during the summer!  But nooooo… she doesn’t want to live in a house she let the kids trash.  She wants to move into another house that they can trash!

    3. Kevin says:

      What BS. A short sale, which requires bank approval, is for property that is “under water”, meaning valued less than what is owed. The bank won’t approve a short sale in this case because the Madonna Lane property, even in the currant condition, is valued above what is owed. 

      It was listed at $539K, but no one was allowed in to view it. She demanded preapproval AND a written offer to walk thru. Who would make an offer sight unseen? In other words, she is making it impossible to sell.

      The house went into pre foreclosure Dec.1, giving her 90 days [March 1] to make the back payments. If not, an auction date will be set.

      That’s 9 months squatting rent free! The bank may even pay her to move.

      Four days before Christmas this mother dangles her 14 children in front of the media in a bid for sympathy and donations. No doubt  her high profile sob story will work for her, not against her, and will score enough $$$ to cover the default, or to move on to grander digs.

      Too bad the 1000’s of families, including many veterans with children, also facing foreclosure this winter will not “score” the same attention or relief.

      • Anonymous says:

        It looks like they dropped the price now to $400K just in the NICK of time for Christmas & to put it in the “under water” category so they can attempt to process it through a short sale. (assuming someone stupid enough comes along with a CASH downpayment and arrange their own financing.) She’s still not eligible to get any of the proceeds. Will her realtor buddy even get a commission in this case?

        • Kevin says:

          A short sale is a negotiated settlement between the lender and the borrower. First, the bank gets it’s OWN appraisal of the property before it would agree to take a loss on it. In this case, the house, which is in an attractive cul du sac in a nice neighborhood, would be appraised at MUCH more than $400K, despite it’s filthy interior.
          Suleman can discount it all she wants and claim it’s a “short sale”, but unless the bank has agreed to settle for that price, the bank won’t clear it’s lien against the title.
          This “short sale” is just a bunch of  baloney. IMO, Suleman is just pretending to have a plan and be in control, whilst she is really just a deadbeat who won’t pay the rent.

          • Anonymous says:

            Thanks for the clarification on the short sale Kevin. If anyone does a title search on this wreck they will quickly discover the title is in a convoluted mess. Too many parties got their fingers into it including Suleman’s “corporation” Harmony which her attorney (ex) is the name on it’s documents. Then you’ve got Amir and Ed Doud in the mess too while Octo is setting up all these sketchy transactions. I’m sure this is the chief reason Steve Hirsch backed out once her saw the tangle. Her name is nowhere to be seen. I don’t know how she was able to enter into a contract with her realtor friend even (if in fact she did). If anyone winds up buying the place I hope they have plenty of legal council.

            • Kevin says:

              Wow. What a mess! I just read the Notice of Default doc in the Rumorfix link. It lists Amir Haddadin as the note holder in default, and Harmony Enterprises as the owner. Suleman’s name is nowhere, so how does she have the power of sale? 
              She does not hold the mortgage, so she has NO standing with the bank to negotiate a short sale. 
               Isn’t Suleman’s realtor legally bound to disclose title issues on the property to a prospective buyer?

            • Kidsleepinfo says:

               Hi Kevin. I’m curious about the title issue as well. Are you a realtor or lawyer? I’m not, but it seems strange to me that Amer ever gave the title to Ed Doud, who then transferred it to Harmony. Why would you hand over the title to a home you owe money on? Amer is acting like the bank here and for his own protection, should have kept it. I assume he had a reason and isn’t just stupid. Also, if Nadya, her dad or her lawyer is listed as the president of Harmony, wouldn’t they have the right to decide to sell the property although technically it belongs to Harmony at this point?

            • Kidsleepinfo says:

               Forgot to add…They would still require Amer’s signature as well, but it appears he is willing to leave this train wreck behind. Also, I think the fact that this house is famous for being Octomom’s lowers the property value considerably. Her neighbors have been complaining that it lowers theirs as well, so I think a short sale would be approved.

    4. Joey says:

      Riiight…If you know anything about Natalie Doud’s life, I mean Nadya, er, Octomom, you’d know this is A. Just another year long beg-fest, one which neverending. B. This is part of the MO of this scam artist. Before she was Octomom, she & her Mom failed to pay for that house for what, a year? By the way, she destroyed it also. C. She’s making 6 figures now, how is it that she doesn’t simply pay up? (For the 2 or 3 of you stupid enough to believe that load of B.S.) She was a no-show for her first show…the 5 or 6 people waiting must have been crushed!

    5. Anonymous says:

      What’s so annoying and disingenuine about this Rumorfix article is that it refers to this as a Christmas Miracle-attempting to tug at the heartstrings of the people when in fact this wreck has been in the making for some time.
      Dragging the Christmas theme into it stinks and implies that God has somehow intervened with one of his rare miracles-parting the red and green sea on her behalf. Kind of saying IF God is with her-giving her this nod of approval and a yuletide reprieve-who can be against her?” Octocamp is playing her mess to the hilt during this charitable season when people tend to open their wallets to many WORTHWHILE charities more than any time of the year. Anyone who plays along with this ruse is pretty dispicable and warped.

    6. Boze says:

      Wait. Did you just say “Christmas Miracle”? She manages to trash and default on yet another home in less than 3 years time, 14 children are now facing eviction (once again) but yo howdy! They get to stay till March because she resigned to a short sale? Oh, yes. Those kids` futures are so bright I need shades.

    7. Boze says:

      “I am excited to move my family into a new home, it’s feels like a fresh start.”
      By the way, exactly how many “fresh starts” does this ho have coming?

    8. deepbluezz says:

      Nadya Suleman has been begging for 3 years , 3 years that we know of, remember she lived with her mother, who she pawned her kids of on to feed and cloth.Did Suleman really expect people to believe someone was paying her six figures for life advice? I swear Octomom came out of the womb a  liar. This would be a comedy of errors if it were not for the 14 kids  involved. Suleman is totally responsible for the position she finds herself in now, it was only a matter of time before the wall of lies came falling down.
      Has anyone bothered to explain to this woman she does not own this house and will walk away with nothing. The bank should file with the courts all of the costs it will take to put that house back together,
      How many times is she going to be allowed to scam everyone and ignore the most important thing..her children.There is child endangerment and neglect going on right before everyone’s eyes but for some reason people are wearing blinders. Shame on anyone who could help those children and did nothing.

    9. She better not try and live off those 6 figures like a real “celebrity” and take care of her children, stash something away for a rainy day, and live moderately. Cos the Web Show is just a passing thing…who knows who will even watch.

    10. Brownsa9577 says:

      I thought that house was all torn up?  Well, at least the kids get to have somewhere to stay at least until march. 

    11. MelonyMC says:

      I feel bad for her, but she is extremly crazy!

    12. Mmee67 says:

      She has a big ass head!

    13. Kidsleepinfo says:

      After looking at the foreclosure documents, one thing is clear. Nadya never owned this house. Her dad did, so  if anyone owes Amer, it’s Ed Doud. Transferring title over to Harmony won’t change the fact that Ed owes Amer money. Nadya may have supplied the money for the down payment and payed some monthly payments, but legally, she doesn’t own or owe anything unless she has a renters or lease agreement with her dad. What are these people up to? Also of note, if you do a search for real estate owned by Ed Doud, about 7 properties show up. Same is true of Angela, and for her you can see that she sold 3-4 and owns 3-4. They are spread out around the area where octomom lives. Some of the properties seem to have been in both Ed’s and Angela’s name, and others only have one person listed. Also a search of Jeff Czech shows lots of real estate. There has got to be some scam going on, and I wouldn’t be surprised if Amer was in on it.

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