EXCLUSIVE: Neal Schon Nude Picture Leaked; Tareq Salahi Reaction

Posted on December 15th, 2011 at 6:00 am

There’s a certain age when it’s not cute to take naked pictures of yourself, and for Journey’s Neal Schon it appears that age is 57. (FYI: that’s Neal’s current age)

A nude photo of the guitarist was leaked on the Internet and published by The Dirty — the website claims that Neal sent this photo via Facebook to a married woman and her husband intercepted it.

PICTURES: Michaele & Neal Shopping

Neal’s reps have no comment. But sources close to Tareq Salahi, whose wife Michaele was stolen by Neal, say he was not surprised.

PICTURES: Michaele & Neal Passionate Kiss

Tareq later told them, “He [Neal} should be ashamed to be sending pornographic images of himself to anyone on the Internet.” The source says this is proof that Neal’s already beginning to stray from Michaele.

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    • Missy

      Neal is so gross.  This is a sad day for Journey.  Steve Perry must be so embarrassed by his grotesque behavior

    • Drjd

      I’ll take Tareq ANYDAY!!! :-)

    • Womenfirst

      he doesnt seem very big down there and a guys thing down there does not make him a MAN, he is a
      cheating scum bag. A pretty c*ck dont make a pretty heart. He is a
      loser. Women need REAL men, not cheaters and scum bags… does not matter
      what “size” they are if they are a total loser of a man.

    • Gman

      Steve Perry has to be thanking his lucky stars that he’s not in that sinking ship called Journey right now. 

    • Womenfirst

      The assmonkey sent this photo to wife of a United States Marine!  Dumbmotherf*er.

    • Bettie003

      They deserve each other.

    • http://twitter.com/UncleBuCCs Uncle C-mor BuCC$
    • Drumtech45

      It sad when people can’t  deal with getting old and get lousey face lifts like Neal’s … looks grotesque ! We all get old ..Deal it it naturally ! Stay healthly and take care of your appearance !

    • meme