EXCLUSIVE: EX Says Mariah Yeater Lied About Justin Bieber For $50K Payday

Posted on December 12th, 2011 at 2:42 pm
"She lied," says Robert Powell about his ex-girlfriend Mariah Yeater, who claims Justin Bieber is the father of her baby. In an exclusive jailhouse interview with RumorFix, Powell says, "We were both homeless and living in Oceanside [California] and Mariah was trying to make some quick money." PICTURES: Justin & Mariah Have Something In Common So he says she made up the story and sold it to a tabloid for $50,000. Why target squeaky clean Justin Bieber? "She just picked him, because she thought he was famous and all and thought she could get a lot of money by telling the magazine Justin was the father. She just saw him as an opportunity to make a lot of money," he says. PICTURES: Justin Bieber & Selena Gomez Vacation Together Although Yeater claims she met Justin at a concert in Los Angeles and they had sex in a bathroom, 23-year-old Powell says Mariah's never met Justin nor has she been to one of his concerts -- she's only seen him on TV. PICTURES: Who The Hell Is Mariah Yeater? Speaking to RumorFix behind a glass panel, Powell got emotional at times saying Tristyn Yeater is his son, even though the birth certificate doesn't list a father. "She said she was doing it for us ... for our family and son. She made it seem like it was all for us but she's greedy. I don't know, I still love her though. All I want is to be with my son, that's all I care about. She can take all her money, I just want my son. And man, on the real, I feel sorry for Justin Bieber. He's just a little kid man. He don't need to be going through all this drama. He got a career and sh*t to focus on. I feel sorry for the dude." Powell is in jail on three burglary charges a charge of receiving stolen property and drug possession. After weeks of unanswered calls, Mariah's attorneys have called us saying Powell's accusations are "all wrong."  

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    1. ALAN KUN says:

      I feel bad, this baby has no chance

      • Valentinebaby31 says:

        shut up thats my brother ur talking bout his realy sweet and truely loves his son as soon he get out of jail and slivered up hes goin to do every thing he can do for him ok so shut up

    2. Phillip Nakov says:

      “She said she was doing it for us … four our family and son…” really Rumor Fix… FOUR our family? Who does the spell/ grammar check? This was an interview, not a transcript! How embarrassing!

    3. tevin says:

      That’s mad stupid.

    4. Buxxxgrl09 says:

      Poor Justin Bieber… Its amazing how some people make up fake A** stories to make a dollar… why dont them people do like the rest of us americans and get a damn job and raise your kid off hard working earned money.. I think its good that Justin plans to sue the hell out of her and her lawyers.  My daughters are JB fans .. Yeah yeah im sure i have the bieberfever as well .. he may be kid but he has one hell of a talent and my 2 year old trys singing his songs (its too cute) but when my 8 year old heard about this rumor she came to me and said mom “Justin is a kid and too young to be a daddy and if its true i cant be a fan anymore”.. and i sat her down and said ” Justin is more focused on his life and what that girl said about Justin being the father to her baby is a complete lie and not to worry”..
      Keep your head up JB and you will get through all of this with the support and love from your TRUE fans… I have 4 fans right here in my house..
      We absolutely love JB music and im a grown A** woman… But like i said he has a talent and hes mighty good at what he does..
      JB fans for life
      Once i get the money together and you perform near us I will be sure to get tickets for my daughters..

      • Well There are not enough jobs, for every 1 job opening there are 5 unemployed people according to the US bureau of labor and stats. Not everyone can “earn their money” as easily anymore.   

      • Eryn says:

        yeah i agree get a damn job dont do this + she said the baby have the noise like bieber in the interview… what a b i c h t sorry i just cant beilive some thing like that hapenn way…..out….bieber!

    5. Margaritaaltamirano35 says:

      i feel the mothershould pay the consequences of her actions by lying to the media about something that was never true and should pay that money back with interest and let the biological father have his son… as for justin beiber, im a fan plus my children love your music and movie, i would like to say i was on your side through this ordeal of unnecessary drama and i wish you the best of luck in your career and future… take care and god bless you and your family

    6. Ashton says:

      I’m not sure I’m really that surprised.  It seemed when the story went out that she had no distributable proof to go on from the get go, but it’s expected that because Bieber’s a celeb that everyone who doesn’t know any better would take it at face value. It’s also not surprising that someone would do this to get ahead…America craves gossip and without it we probably wouldn’t be making as much money.
      It’s also pretty good for Justin despite the vicious allegations; people who never knew or cared about him are spreading his name all over the place and and Mariah Yeater gets her month of fame. It’s just like the 3-way publicity stunt with Beyonce sticking up for Taylor Swift when Kanye dissed her.
      I do feel sorry for the boyfriend though, though her attempt was supposedly done in good faith it makes him look incapable of being a man and probably hurts his feelings, not that he hasn’t already done that by coming out about it from behind a jail window.
      All in all, amongst the history of celeb scandal this was not a really worthwhile story…just conveniently placed in the boredom void of winter.

    7. sweet61 says:

      People will go to all extremes to get paid. Game over for Ms. Yeager. She would probably have done better laying that baby on some of the rappers or entertainers that really be getting their freak on. But Justin Beiber? That was just unbelievable to begin with.

      • Chevmech69 says:

        your right about that. and she should have to give the money back. and the tabloid who paid her should get sued too. what happened to getting sued over false accusations? I know he is already rich but the tabloids should have to pay for the lies they seem to be printing.

      • Eryn says:

        yeah game over you got trap,she son of a b i c h t game over little freak she ‘s so stupid she don’t know that there’s a freaking dna out there bieber is not stupid so soooo crazy!

        i hate that daughter of a …….

    8. Jcordo79 says:

      JB took the DNA test on Nov 21 how come we haven’t heard the results…..

      • LIZ2244 says:

        beacuase she dropped it cuz the world was gonna c that shes a fake if u only knew ur also another hater lyk doris haha haters in the world

    9. Khrystal072 says:

      U havent heard the results because mariah hasn’t taken her son to take a test. Bc its a LIE

    10. Phillipdaniel87 says:

      I don’t think Justin is the father, he isin’t that stupid to have sex without protection

    11. Raymond says:

      i no women can get man in trouble i believe that power is telling no laids like her she should be in jail to crazy ppl

    12. Anonymous says:

      What tabloid paid her? The Bieber fans should come down on them, and hard.

    13. Doris says:

      Sorry, I believe the first story,I think she was paid off.

    14. Anonymous says:

      Why would a fresh-faced innocent like Bieber fall for an old bag like her?  Even for a one night stand.  She’s 20, but doesn’t realize how old she looks.  If she’s aged this much in such a short time, she’s going to need that money for face lifts.

      This was one of the most ridicuous scams I’ve ever seen.  Who would fall for it?

    15. James Grimes says:

      Oh what an ordeal Yeater has put Bieber through.  The main issue for Bieber now is if he will be able to collect any monies from his lawsuit against Yeater and anyone else involved with this horrific lie.  I almost feel sorry enough for Bieber to buy one of his CD’s.

    16. shawn says:

       I know the whole truth. because i know more about this whole deal than
      anyone except mariah, her mom, and the two kooks who conspired the whole
      thing. IM the guy who she sent the text messages to that busted her…

      It wasnt a simple matter of some homeless chick broke and looking for
      fortune and fame. first of
      all robbie is my best friend, he cant
      possibly tell the truth about who conspired the whole thing. hes locked
      up and they would be waiting for him at the gate when he got released.
      the town is Ocean Beach not Oceanside.

      I have the original video of mariah smoking pot in front of a 4 not 3
      year old. see attached image and hundreds more even more incriminating. star stole that
      video from me and never paid like promised. dont ever contract with radar
      online or star magazine. they DONT PAY…

      • anna says:

        so she payed the lab off to fix the results?

        • Lllondon says:

           please, go back and read my post again,  (Both of them) and if you still have the same question, Refer to these instructions once again, until you find the answer. Im not in any way trying to insult you, but could you at least do the math first. ill nudge you in the right direction…
          Mariah yeater didnt think up even ONE MICRO part of this scam…. here is another clue for you:
          the jurisdiction that the suit was filed in would send her baby tristyn and Justin to only one of one (1) labs to have the specimen collected and the sample tested..
            with chain of custody requirements,  the DNA is
          ALWAYS,  NO MATTER WHAT, in the presence of two Lab technicians,  from the second its collected, until the wax seal (or whatever means they use to seal the panel results) is applied and secured. and the results are collected by Currier. Mary, this CONSPIRACY goes far BEYOND anything that anyone has even yet to unravel.
          Guess what else, Assuming your keeping up with me, you now know more about the Bieber baby momma drama, than all of but a hand full of people. surely more than any media network.
             I can prove every bit of this beyond any reasonable doubt, and im about to publish a masterpiece novel and cash in on
          more $$$$$$ than everyone put together, including the lawyers.

          Peace OoouuuuutttttT

          • Mary says:

            im not trying to insult YOU but you could at least and did not answer any of my questions, none of what you are saying makes sense basically ur saying the law, courts and evidence labs are all a conspiracy? no one is going to risk getting sued or losing their jobs for JUSTIN BIEBER or 35k. how did mariah get a pair of jbs underwear? and are you trying to say this scam is all your idea? and what are you planning to show with this ‘masterpiece novel’?

          • Cindy says:

            your saying she payed them off to change the results? don’t see why, the DNA results could be challenged by his friends, security guards, make up, wardrobe people who’d say ‘ i was with him until he left the show and this is what and he did and when he did it…’ and say that yeater or her lawyer changed or had someone else change the results(her and her lawyer are such money and media w*ores don’t think 4 a min. that they wouldn’t stoop so low) problem is jb is completely sure he never met and has guys 2 back him up on it  so hes not gonna pay her even if she F’s with the test results and makes em positive. he’ll go 2 court and say contamination.  

    17. shawn says:

      NONE of the tabloids have even come  close to printing the whats really going on inside the mariah yeater tent. and despite the name, RumorFix, the bull crap Robbie fed you is further from the truth than anything yet. so the Rumor aint close to being fixed. let me clue you in on something,
      1: Mariah Yeater didn’t think up even one micro piece of this scam. this scam conspires as deep as the Lab that would have been doing the DNA test, had it been court ordered…(still might be)
      2: the 50k Mariah got, i watched as she handed over 35k to the people who set this whole thing up., and the 50k was just a side bonus, this thing was prearranged to go all the way to the DNA results. and those were to be Conclusive that Justin is the father.
      (although he most certainly is not)
      3: The evidence that mariah has, that she says will prove that she was with Justin that night…
      happens to be an actual pare of Justin’s warn and unwashed underwear.
      Finally: How do you know that I’m creditable, and not some lame making this up….?
      see image below. that’s Mariah and Myself on our way to Kauai, just 10 days before she first filed this suit against Justin…

      • Mary says:

        I doubt a paternity lab assigned by a COURT would risk going out of business and being sued for MILLIONS of $ for corruption for just 35k, that just stupid, and how in the world would she get a pair of his underwear, and if she was planning to do all this  why isn’t she taking the kid in to get tested?

      • Honest John says:

        Where the F*** do these idiots come from??????????

    18. Eryn says:

      I hate that m.f women i hate her is not because i love justin  bieber its cause what she did any way thks god justin is not the farther.

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