What’s Up With Chris Brown & Suelyn Medeiros?

Posted on November 9th, 2011 at 9:52 am
Still A Rumor

We can't help but wonder what Chris Brown's girlfriend Karrueche Tran has to say about these photographs?

Several pictures have leaked online of Chris and Brazilian model Suelyn Medeiros hugging and getting a bit friendly inside his hotel room. The pictures were reportedly taken by a close friend of Suelyn's.

The pair made a couple of funny faces for the photographer, then got a bit more intimate, embracing in a passionate manner for a couple of shots.

Last time we checked Chris and Karrueche were still a couple, but perhaps things have changed. RumorFix has reached out to the singer's camp to get the scoop on Brown's model friend and if they are indeed dating.

Fans of Chris will also recognize Suelyn from his 2007 "Wall to Wall" video.

UPDATE: A rep for Chris Brown tells RumorFix that his client and Suelyn are "just friends taking pictures together ... nothing more."

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    1. Camille-burke says:

      Now people saying there may be something going on with chris and brizilian model suelyn what’s up with that first they said kelly rowland and chris brown are dating. Chris is still with his asian girlfriend karreuche tran and i don’t think she has nothing to say because we haven’t herd anything from her about these pictures.

    2. Angelrobinson5305 says:

      to me it looks like they r just playing around.why wont people leave him alone?its like people are trying to find ways to make him look bad.geesh!!:/

    3. roxc says:

      He is blonde now… 

    4. sherill says:

      Chris is allowed to have friends. .
      Just because you don’t think so doesnt mean anything.

    5. teambreezy says:

      it looks  like they just playing around ;D he’s allowed to have friends but hey @796797c9bedbc4edff93c4464f009b55:disqus he isn’t blond anymore 😉 this photo is just a few day old 

    6. jay says:

      maybe so, maybe not, black gossip http://www.mediacheckout.net/

    7. These pictures are old because any true fan of Chris knows what his tats look like at this day and time. Look at his hands. They are missing the tribal tats that he now sports and have been sporting long before Karraueche came along. SMH

    8. cblover12 says:

      these pictures are clearly old. he has no tats on his hands

    9. Sexygirl4ever1991 says:

      Those pics are sooooooo OLD, it’s ridiculous!!! This was 2007 PEOPLE!!! Lol…seriously!

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