EXCLUSIVE: Natalie Wood’s Sister Says Robert Wagner Is Innocent, Yacht Captain Is Lying

Posted on November 18th, 2011 at 9:29 am

Natalie Wood's half-sister Olga Viriapaeff is speaking exclusively to RumorFix about the mysterious death of the legendary actress.

Olga, 83, is convinced that greed is fueling the latest attempt to re-open the case, with Captain Dennis Davern and Lana Wood working together to try and exploit Natalie's memory.

Olga is also adamant that Robert Wagner is completely innocent of any wrongdoing and the unfortunate victim of scandalous accusations ever since Natalie's death.

"I think it's terrible that they're dragging this up again," Olga tells RumorFix. "I think they should leave it alone. I think Robert [Wagner] did all that he could. I was there when they came back and he was totally crushed that he wasn't able to save her. He was there all night trying to find her with the coastguard.

To bring it all up again, I think they're just trying to make money. Lana is involved because she is always out for the buck. I think she is with the captain, just doing this to make money."

Investigators are re-opening the investigation into Natalie's death due in part to Marti Rulli and Captain Dennis Davern's book Goodbye Natalie, Goodbye Splendour. The book questions the official version of events and suggests that Robert Wagner was responsible for Natalie's death.

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    1. aemish says:

      I care less about how totally crushed an actor portrayed being and more about why he forced everyone to wait three hours before begrudgingly agreeing to look for her.

    2. Blueonblue says:

      This case has so many  “what ifs”….the best stories that I have found for complete info on this is a Highlight Hollwood
      I seems Tommy Garrett broke this story and kept up with it more than anyone else.

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