EXCLUSIVE: Lisa Vanderpump Discusses Taylor Armstrong’s ‘Intervention’

Posted on November 15th, 2011 at 10:27 am

Lisa Vanderpump spoke exclusively to RumorFix about Monday night's highly dramatic episode of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, saying that she hopes the audience now understands why she didn't like Russell Armstrong in season one.

In the episode, Taylor Armstrong confronted Lisa at her tea party and accused her of being a bad friend. The argument spiraled into an intervention where Camille Grammer finally confronted Taylor about the alleged physical abuse she was suffering at Russell's hands.

"I always knew there was volatility in the marriage, I was worried for her," Lisa tells RumorFix. She even offered Taylor and her daughter Kennedy a place to stay. "I kept saying "Maybe we're not the closest of friends, however ... if you need a place to stay."

Although things got tense on Monday's show, Lisa tells us she and Taylor are "in a pretty good place." Lisa adds, "Nothing can diminish the tragedy which happened, I feel very sorry for her - Taylor and her little girl."

We caught up with the restaurant owner Monday night at Barnes and Noble at The Grove in Los Angeles as more than 200 fans stood in line to meet the housewife and purchase a signed copy of her new book, Simply Divine: A Guide to Easy, Elegant, and Affordable Entertaining.

Watch the full video below.


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    1. Anonymous says:

      Just a little disgusted Lisa would support Taylor’s lies.  There are real victims out there.  I guess her ego couldn’t take if she told the truth.  They all saw through Taylor.  

      • Anonymous says:

        I just want to say this too, The quite self absorbed I don’t think your terrible people  and if you thought for a second Taylor was living in fear of getting beaten everyday and Russel was committing assaults agaisn’t her you would not do anything?  You are helping her ruin what is left of the memory of the father a 3 so she can play a victim.  I hope it pumps the ego.

    2. carmella says:

      A little over dramatic on Taylor’s part if you ask me.  Why would anyone who was being abused and not in a good place with her life continue with the show.  Probably the contract.  Taylor needs to take care of herself and her child first and never mind about any of the other housewives.  It is my understanding that she volunteers for an organization for battered victims.  How can she counsel someone else when the same thing is happening to her.

    3. gg says:

      Seems to me that Taylor is seething with envy toward Lisa, as a person and what she has.  Lisa apologized repeated, that wasn’t enough, Taylor wanted Lisa beaten down by the group.  
      I wouldn’t trust Taylor for a second, Lisa is a savvy woman, maybe she is keeping her friends close and her enemies closer. 

    4. carmella says:

      Seems to me Taylor either needs to find another therapist or start listening to her now therapist.  She is too worried about her inner circle being her friend instead of her well being.  If that’s the case then don’t tell them about your personal life, because once you do then the hypocrisy creeps in

    5. aemsih says:

      Traylor is a grifting scam artist who clearly ain’t the pushover-victim type she claims.  Actions speak louder than words.  If anything Russell was a battered husband!

    6. Jasso says:

      GEEEEZ !  It’s obvious Taylor needs help and for Lisa to reach out and try to be a friend,…Taylot is an ungreatful b*atch. It’s very clear as well Tayllor wants to be Lisa deserately,….she a beautiful, rich,powerful woman with a lot of class.How Lisa refrains from not gounging Taylor’s eyes out,…she must have some serious self control. I have a couple of issues where there have been comments about Lisa having an inflated ego. How are we to believe this,when there has been no footage showing this. What’s the differnce between having an inflated ego and being confident. Lisa is a business woman on a grand scale and has the smarts to back it up,…….plus being prominent in the BH community. Green envy runs through Taylor,….Lisa is what Taylor wants to be,……ain’t gonna happen.Regardless of how much money Taylor makes or has,…….money can’t buy class.

    7. Sarah100 says:

      In my heart I believe Taylor pushed her husband to the edge…..

    8. lindy loo says:

      I think Taylor’s totally manipulating Lisa by playing the victim.  Taylor is totally obsessed with money and her status in Beverly Hills. If she was truly concerned about her little girl, she would keep her mouth shut and stop downgrading Russell. He has three children who are trying to deal with his suicide. It must make it doubly hard to hear all the accusations she’s making  about a man who’s no longer here to defend himself.  She needs to make raising her little girl her main priority insteady of keeping herself in the limelight.  I have zero respect for this woman.

    9. Keek says:

      When these episodes were filmed Taylor must have been on the brink, so just about anything could have set her off, and it’s clear that she was overly sensative to anything personal.  Lisa showed a lot of class by remaining calm and allowing Taylor to have a meltdown at her expense without loosing it.

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