EXCLUSIVE DETAILS: Reality Star Tells Friends She Is Pregnant With Mel Gibson’s Baby!

Posted on November 9th, 2011 at 3:38 pm

Laura Bellizzi , a former VH1 reality star from the show Secrets of Aspen, is telling close friends she's pregnant with Mel Gibson’s baby girl, RumorFix has learned exclusively.

If it's true, the baby on the way will make Gibson, the 55-year-old actor and director, a father of nine children totaling three girls and six boys by three different women. Mel's first seven children were with his ex-wife Robyn Moore and his last child, a daughter was with Oksana Grigorieva with whom he had a tumultuous split with in 2010.

PICTURES: Pregnant Laura Bellizzi Working Out

So who is Mel Gibson’s buxom new beauty?

Laura Bellizzi, also know as Laura Patricio -- which is her old married name -- is originally from Washington State and Michigan, claiming she was raised between the two states. She has three daughters from two different fathers.

She was the bad girl, queen bee and most-hated cast member on a reality show called Secrets of Aspen, that lasted only one season on VH1 in 2010. Laura met Gibson through mutual friends in Los Angeles, her friend Bridgette Willis tells RumorFix. The cozy couple was photographed together celebrating a friend's birthday at the Sky Bar on the Sunset Strip back in June.

Laura even posted a link to her party pic with Mel on her pal's Facebook Page and boasted about her baby shower and told her friends she will soon be moving.

Sources say, “People who know Laura in Orange County, they know that she has a reputation for being a gold digger and makes her living off of different men. Laura loves to talk about herself she thinks she is a big celebrity around town. She definitely seeks attention and will do whatever it takes to get it.”

Rumorfix spoke exclusively to Bridgette Willis one of Laura’s best friends who says:
“Laura is super excited to be pregnant with Mel Gibson’s baby! She already has three daughters of her own and she knows how to be a great mom. Laura is presently five months pregnant with Mel Gibson’s baby. Laura has shared many sacred moments of her pregnancy with me including the sonogram that revealed Mel Gibson’s child will be a girl. She is already in love with her baby girl she is just overjoyed and see’s this baby as a new light for her life. Laura Bellizzi and I are close friends we work out together and love to do spinning classes especially now that she is pregnant Laura is trying to stay in good shape. We send text messages to each other all the time, we talk a lot and confide in each other about everything.”

PICTURES: Mel Gibson & Laura Bellizzi

Bridgette exclusively tells Rumorfix:
“In fact, it was not long at all after she and Mel met that she became pregnant with his child. I don’t know if the baby was planned but I know Laura has told me that she and her parents are just so happy!”

When we asked if Laura Bellizzi is currently in a relationship with Mel Gibson?
“Laura told me, ‘Mel and I have a connection we are deeply connected. We talk every day on the phone.’ I believe from what Laura has told me Mel Gibson’s intentions are to keep this pregnancy under raps. Mel Gibson is taking care of Laura financially. This will include a luxurious home in a prominent gated community in Ladera Ranch in Orange County that she will soon move into. Also, she has told me that their baby will be enrolled in an elite private pre-school in San Juan Capistrano, CA. Last I was told there is a pre and post birth arrangement that has been instilled by Mel Gibson that will also include a trust fund for the baby. Laura has told me that she hasn’t asked for anything from Mel Gibson.”

A second source , Lisa Gay, who is also a friend of Laura’s says:
"Laura told me she was dating Mel Gibson and that she is pregnant with his child. She also told me that she plans on keeping the baby."

Rumorfix tried to contact Laura Bellizzi and she referred us to her Beverly Hills family law attorney, Aimee Gold, who told us, “Laura is not interested in doing an interview. Laura is not pregnant with Mel Gibson’s baby. We don’t know why her so-called friends are saying Mel is the father. Perhaps because Laura is a reality star and friends with Mel they could assume things and who knows…we don’t know what their motivation might be do we?”

When we asked, Why does Laura have a Beverly Hills family law attorney?
“I’m not going to discuss that.”

Who is the father of Laura’s baby?
“I’m not going to discuss that.”

Mel's rep tells RumorFix, the accusations are "complete and utter nonsense."

We should point out that RumorFix put Bridget Willis through a lie detector test and she passed.

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      Great work much more credible than the one star magazine reported. This is why i like this site. We are tired of tabloids and lies. you guys always do a good job in finding the truth! I believe 100% on this story!

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      Anything is possible with Mel Gibson these days…he used to have such a wholesome reputation…so I guess the truth will come out. If anyone can get to the bottom of it…RUMORFIX is the place to go…thanks for bringing us the honest answers to so many issues.

    3. Ella says:

      This girl is a gold digger from Orange County! Everyone knows this and now Mel will be on the payroll too!!

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      Wow! a baby mama for Mel.. anyways found this bio on Laura right here—>http://celebritydaily.net/?p=10028

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      Rumorfix has the newest facts! Legit sources! Thanks “Rumorfix!”.

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      What a horrible human being…and I’m not talking about Mel.

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      Mel & going to go bankrupt with all these kids he’s having.

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        You are wrong! That is FOR SURE Laura Bellizzi! Hellllllllo she even posted the picture of her and Mel Gibson on her friends Facebook page talking about her dress in the picture and her upcoming baby shower! She was tan, skinny, and hot in the picture so she could gold dig away! Now she if pregnant and the rest is history…….Were you at the Skybar!? I don’t think so!? Get your story straight Turntable!

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