Did Brandi Glanville Lie to Get on Real Housewives of Beverly Hills?

Posted on November 25th, 2011 at 7:24 am

Did Brandi Glanville lie about her friendship with Cedric Martinez to get a spot on Real Housewives of Beverly Hills?

According to Star magazine, yes. Fans of the show will remember Cedric from season one of Beverly Hills - he was very close to Lisa Vanderpump and her husband Ken Todd. But it ended badly, and Lisa and Cedric are no longer friends.

Star claims that back in February, Brandi was having lunch with Cedric when she told reporters that “He’s my best gay friend! I’ve known him for 16 years. We modeled together in Milan and Paris and London back in the day!”  But Star's source  says that it’s all “A big fat lie. Brandi came up with the story of their ‘friendship’ over lunch, hoping it would land her on the show."

But Brandi is setting the record straight to RumorFix exclusively, saying: "I got the show because of my friendship with Adrienne Maloof, she suggested me for the show. I am friendly with Cedric but that actually almost ruined my chances to get on the show as he is not liked on RHOBH. There is an ex-friend of mine with a major drug habit to support that went to Star and sold them several stories about me that will be coming out soon.This woman is a bottem feeder and I don't want to pay her too much attention."

Adrienne Maloof has openly stated on the show that Brandi is a friend of hers and that she's the one who introduced her to the rest of the cast.

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    1. susan says:

      Is that ex-friend of Brandi’s, the very same woman who has been photographed with Eddie and Leann on beaches, at Nobu, and at the Zoo?
      It’s STAR magazine, everyone knows that STAR magazine is Leann Rimes mouthpiece.
      So to justify the photos that she will leaking to the media while on vacation with Eddie and his kids, Leann is going to try to tarnish Brandi’s rep by having her new friend  tell lies to STAR about Brandi?

    2. susan says:

      Wasn’t Brandi tweeting about how she was friends with the Cedric guy several months before the lunch meeting ever happened? So how does Brandi’s ex-friend, who is now Leann Rimes’ new friend, explain that?

    3. Darcy says:

      Brandi is nothing but a troublemaker, new to the group, and telling everyone that Kim is wasted, Way to make friends, Brandi. No wonder Eddie left you in the dust. That fight on Game night was all her doing. Adds nothing to that show but BS.

      • susan says:

        The evidence doesn’t even support what you are saying. Did you selectively block out the part where Kim hid Brandi’s crutches and said that she didn’t like Brandi right where she could hear it? If Eddie left Brandi in the dust, why then is Leann Rimes constantly single white femaling Brandi? I think that Leann is upset because everyone is aware that the people who are feeding stories to STAR magazine about Brandi are the same people we have seen EC and LR with at Nobu.  If Brandi adds nothing to the show, why then are people always disappointed when she isn’t in the episode? When she isn’t on the show, her support continues to grow.  

      • Beyoncca says:

        I think you mistaking Brandi with those Richards witches.Their the troublemakers.

    4. Eluzader says:

      I’m glad you are on the show, Brandi!! But, please watch your language, you have kids and you don’t want them to talk like that. I’m so glad you called Kyle and Kim on game night. Tehy are very rude people, and bullies.

    5. Anonymous says:

      Brandi – I don’t know how old you are but you are up against one old troll – Kyle.  Her moves and gestures on the show are so boring – are they hold overs from her days of yore when she was an “actress”?  They look so fake.  She swoons.  She opens her trap really wide like she is about to catch a fly.  She cries fake tears and wails. She is truly the sister from hell. I don’t know if Kim imbibes or not but I would consider it, having this old millstone hanging around my neck.  Good luck to Kim with her new boyfriend – maybe she can lose “Barnacle Kyle”.

    6. Yankeessuck76 says:

      susan get a life

      • susan says:

        Hi Darcy,

        So why are you so upset? Because I pointed out what Kim did? Or are you upset because I was right about STAR’s source being someone whom we have seen in EC and LR staged photo-ops at Nobu? Perhaps Leann should get a life that way she doesn’t have to resort to stalking and harassing others when her plan backfires. Leann should have really thought this pr stunt through.

        • Darcy says:

          Susan, I didn’t write what you are referring to, the only comment I made was about Brandi being a troublemaker, she is DYING to be part of that group, and is going about it the wrong way.I’m not Yankeessuck..

          • Ricklapp says:

            Susan comments on most sites & any time someone says something she disagrees with she begins calling them other posters names & then rants about Leann. (I’m sure she’ll do it to me now that I’ve commented to you).

            I agree with you on Brandi. Things like this don’t happen. What we’ve seen of Brandi so far, from meeting everyone to the events she’s attended, all took place over just a few days of filming. No one gets that heated and dramatic & cries to try and make up over complete strangers they have met just once or twice. It’s all for show & Brandi knows she needs to work hard to generate a big enough buzz to be considered for the next season. 

    7. carmella says:

      First off, Kim does act wasted most of the time.  I think she needs to get her medication straightened out because it’s quite obvious she’s taking something.  The episode that aired showed the Richard sisters to be more vile, and Brandi was just defending herself.  How many times does someone have to go to the bathroon?

    8. Kristin says:

      I just watched my first episode of this show and it is too fuuny!  Such odd looking plastic women, and Lisa Vanderwhoever is supposed to be FIFTY??  In what universe?  One looks like she wants to be Demi Moore, and one has Julia Robert’s mouth, but with lots of filler, again, too funny for words, makes me feel better about being sick today!

    9. hello Texas says:

      Kim and Kyle were like jealous little third graders with Brandi. I don’t blame Brandi for anything she said. She was in the Lion’s den, backed into the corner. More power to you, Brandi.  Brandi only crossed the line after they had repeatedly crossed the line with her. I can’t watch this anymore if I don’t see a sincere appology from Kyle to Brandi.

    10. lindy loo says:

      Love ya, Brandi.

    11. Robin1 says:

      The Richards girls are grand-fathered into the Beverly Hills scene. They are neither interesting nor beautiful. They are angry beasts. You were awesome at that party and it was too funny watching those hags try to gang up on you. Go Brandi.

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