Who Is Paris Hilton?

Posted on October 8th, 2011 at 10:29 am

Every now and then someone will ask "Who is Paris Hilton?"

We at RumorFix -- as pop culture gurus --  feel it's our obligation to answer it.

We just got in some video from Friday night of the blonde beauty -- watch the video carefully, because it actually holds the answer to that multi-million dollar question.

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You'll see Paris is being treated like a movie star -- flashbulbs going off, people asking for her autograph, she's posing for pictures.  Is she a movie star?

Kinda, if you count One Night in Paris.

And, that's where our story of "Who is Paris Hilton" begins. Paris was this 20-something girl with a stage mom and a famous last name from a hotel dynasty who created a new brand of celebrity -- a celebutante.

Paris spawned a whole host of celebutantes including Kim Kardashian, Brittny Gastineau and of course, Nicole Richie.

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Possessing the all-important skill of knowing how to pose for the perfect picture, Paris was given a reality show called The Simple Life. No one really cared -- until -- oops her sex tape was leaked right before the launch of the show. (That's the movie we were talking about)

Then there was her catch phrase "That's Hot," her chihuahua, her clothing line, her perfume, her jail sentence, her cocaine possession charge, her boyfriends and stalkers, and through it all her pictures.

And ten years later, that's the key to her success -- Paris Hilton has never shied away from the camera -- she's always been ready for her closeup.

This RumorFix editor had the pleasure of watching the hotel heiress behind the scenes of a paparazzi rush on Roberston Boulevard in Beverly Hills three years ago. I remember we were shooting a TV story with her and wanted to get a shot of her walking down the street. I tipped off a paparazzo to see what would happen. Paris met us at the back door of Kitson and asked what the plan was. I said, I'd like to have my reporter meet her at the corner and they will walk one block to Kitson and walk inside. She said, "OKay." She knew exactly what to do.

We met her at the corner and when Paris came out of her car my one paparazzi had soon become 75! And Paris did what she does best. She walked down Robertson with hundreds of pictures being taken.

Yes that's me trying to keep the paps away from Paris.

While I was in fear that she, I or my reporter would be crushed by the mob of sweaty and loud bruts, Paris was in control, smiled and never took a bad picture.

So, who is Paris Hilton? She's someone who knows how to give good picture. Watch.


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    1. thisisdreadful says:

      another talentless cutesy being famous for being famous? for years i thought paris hilton was a hotel in france!!!

    2. Anonymous says:

      and these young girls grow up with the impression that they have to be thin and good looking to get any where in life…… where would they “ever” get that impression…. (I say sacrastically!)

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