Phaedra Parks’ Battle With NeNe Leakes Continues!

Posted on October 10th, 2011 at 8:05 am

In our latest article from guest blogger and Real Housewives expert LynnNChicago, we find out just what Phaedra Parks of the Real Housewives of Atlanta thinks of NeNe Leakes!

Phaedra Parks certainly fixed a rumor - I asked her about Atlanta's newest housewife, rumored to be Marlo Hampton, but Phaedra denies that there is a new Housewife.

"We're almost finished filming, it's still just the six of us, no one left and there is no new Housewife," Phaedra told me. She also said that her husband and son stayed back in Atlanta but that her little guy is now "one years old" and is starting to walk and talk.

Phaedra was quick to confirm that her on-screen battle with NeNe Leakes will continue next season but that she's become very close to Kandi Burress this season.

"I won't comment on the word 'Boughetto' that Kandi used to describe my baby shower, it is offensive, but me and Kandi, we love each other now."

When asked what she thought of NeNe's appearance on the Celebrity Apprentice, Phaedra was not impressed: "All this 'keeping it real' nonsense isn't what the show is about.  Star Jones is a good friend of mine, so is Little John, they played it right, it was supposed to be about charity."

- LynnNChicago

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    1. DAR says:

      These shows are so funny to watch, it never takes any of them long before the gheto comes out!  And Phadrea and all her  made up southern belle terms i.e. sip and see ? really ? She knows nothing! A southern belle is,without a doubt a WHITE THANG!

    2. Disgusted With Rumor Fix says:

      I can’t believe that Dr. Phil son allows Lynn to blog here. She defaces pictures of Jill, (no, I don’t care for Jill either, happy she isn’t a h. wife anymore but I don’t blog here) has a blog called I HATE, sure the URL isn’t but on her beauty pageant and blog talk radio it’s announced, I HATE JILL ZARIN. Everything Dr. Phil stands for and this is the kind of guest bloggers the allow here? Are you serious? Is that a freaking joke? Rumor Fix has gotten their posts wrong many time in the past and I am loosing respect for this site, Dr. Phil and his son. If they promote people like Lynn Hudson then shame on them! I am disgusted. No, I’m jealous. I have a great job, don’t get star struck, could care less about meeting housewives. I’m a real house wife. I cook, clean work and spend time with my kids. This site is a joke. 

      • Disgusted With Rumor Fix says:

        Can you tell I’m jealous. That was meant to be sarcastic. I’m not jealous. That seems to be the back lash from her people that she emails people and has them attack for her. I saw a blog about it. Yes you do Carol Lynn Hudson. 

        • JustAnotherHousewife says:

          Where is this “so called blog u write about?”  I read many many housewives sites but am very curious as to where this “blog where lynn emails ppl and has them attack for her?”

    3. Stephaniemisanthropestevens says:

      I think all of these shows, with white cast and black cast are trash. I have no understanding why people are still focused on race, It seems trash and being ignorant comes in all colors. 

      • janet mills says:

        Because it is a FACTOR!.it is IMPORTANT and when affirmative action took over THAT MAKES IT AN ISSUE! What race pays more taxes in order to support the OTHER RACES?,just eat another taco and say THANK YOU!

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