Is Jill Zarin Joining The Talk?

Posted on October 6th, 2011 at 11:40 am

She's been promising her adoring fans for a while now that there are some very exciting projects in the pipeline that she just can't wait to announce.

But is Jill Zarin actually being considered as a host on The Talk?

PICTURES: Ex - New York Housewife Jill Zarin

Rumors have been buzzing for a while now that Jill, who parted ways with Bravo's the Real Housewives of New York last month, will be sharing her sage advice and wordly wisdom on the show.

But a source close to The Talk assures us - surprise surprise - that Jill is most certainly not going to be a host:

"There is no truth to the rumor, she’s not being considered as a replacement on The Talk. There are lots of rumors that circulate, and this is one of them."

Never mind! Perhaps now is the time for Lisa Wexler - excuse us, for Jill - to write Secrets of a Jewish Mother 2: The Revenge!

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    • Indy Anna

      Again with the “show” rumors.  Jill started CYA when she first caught wind that she was not returning to HWoNY.  Her refusal to act like a grown up and pull in her claws is a clear sign that she is really not ready for prime time theatre.  Any show that takes her on is asking for big time problems.

    • Michael

      She is so delusional and a pathological liar 

    • Lisagra

      There is no reason that the liar Known as Jill Zarin should ever grace any TV anywhere in the world ever again!

    • gg

      Ditto to the previous 3 comments, no one shoud be rewarded for malicious behavior.  What could she possibly have to say that anyone would care to listen to?

    • lindy loo

      Jill is one of the meanest, most back-stabbing women I’ve seen.  Talk about toxic-I’m so happy she’s gone.

      • MsRosy45

        Thank god. If i never hear or see Gill Zarin again it would be to soon . Mrs O would put her in her place lol

    • Jeebus

      ew no thanks

    • David

      It’s amazing to me that people can watch this show and attack Jill Zarin, when the crazy Ramona Singer is just as evil. She is the most passive agressive person to hit the earth in centuries. To make it worse, she is an evil loon!

    • Rose Marie

      Jill was the most annoying person on hwny she was nothing but a know it all…

    • Mbdunn

      The only thing worse than Jill Zarin is the show “The Talk.”  Unwatchable.

    • Eluzader

      Jill doesn’t want anyone to do better than her, maybe Bobby’s money can buy her a television station so she can do her own talk show, that I will NOT watch!

    • Florence

      I liked Jill. She was the nicest one on the show. The others were just jealous of her.

      • Majadatwo

        Oh please….What was there to be jealous of….lol

      • Leah

        If you think Jill was the nicest, I’d be scared to death to find out who the meanest would be.  It’s hysterical that you think the others were jealous of her.  Don’t you have anything better than that?