Exclusive: Tokio Hotel’s Bill Kaulitz & Tom Kaulitz Clubbing In LA

Posted on October 3rd, 2011 at 6:52 am

Twin brothers Bill Kaulitz and Tom Kaulitz from the ten time platinum band Tokio Hotel have been hitting the nightlife in Los Angeles hard.

On Saturday they enjoyed an evening at Lindsay Lohan's favorite haunt -- Chateau Marmont in West Hollywood.

PICTURES: Tokio Hotel Leaving Katsuya In Hollywood

Our photographer caught video of Tom in his signature dreadlocks dressed in a black jacket and white T-shirt being whisked away in a SUV. We're told his brother Bill, who is the lead singer of German's biggest band in 20 years, was in the back seat of the SUV, but you couldn't see him because of the tinted windows.

Just a few weeks ago on September 12, the brothers hit the popular LA restaurant and hot spot Katsuya.

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    1. Petush says:

      Are there maybe any pictures?

    2. Camille says:


    3. Mele says:

      xD lol, the photo stamp.

    4. Chiisana says:

      >Our photographer caught video of Tom in his signature dreadlocks >Tom in his signature dreadlocks
      >dreadlocksSay what?

    5. Honkey says:

      The infamous Chateau Marmont is not a club as far as I am informed *LOL*

    6. João Pessoa,Brasil.
      é claro que queremos saber deles ,muitas saudades ! Fico feliz em saber que ai, eles podem sair sem tanta agitação ,não como na Europa .

    7. heyooo says:


      Tom has cornrows.. NO DREADLOCKS!

    8. vaneEC says:

      Hey.. chic@s.. Votemos por TH… este es el link de MTV!! 


      Debemos ganar!!

    9. VaneEC says:

      Hey guys.. lets vote 4 TH.. this is a link in MTVLA


      We have to win

    10. These guys are still around???  Have their fans realized yet that this band only looks at their fans like a cash register?

      • Freak_Natalya says:

        lol how do you know ? 😉 just shut up we don’t need your negative oppinions

      • Swan says:

        Really??? tokio hotel only views their fans as a cash register well guess what the same,can be said about all musicians.All mainstream artist depend on fans to make money.We all have bills to pay we all have to put clothes on our backs we all need food water and shelter.Including celebs so what is your point?Hey if they see me as a cash register so be it.I don’t care we all use each other for something

        • xx_LA says:

          No comment to you !! Keep going on like that and let people to exploit you !!! Brainless.

          • Cassandra Dayle says:

             yea, i don’t think Swan has a qualified response. Until he/she/it can command millions or have the fan base of Tokio Hotel, then maybe someone might find their opinion relevant. As it stands, they just look like they are trying to look as important or relevant as TH by lumping themselves in with all their “We” bullshit. They just look sad & pathetic trying to lump themselves into that company. As Garth said, “They’re Not Worthy!”

      • DB says:

        Can we(fans) congratulate you  !!!!!!!! What an awesome and true comment/thought is that ! This is how we think ,and so ,we don’t like them, follow them anymore .Bah !

    11. Yanna_roleva says:

      i love tom —————————-  tttttttttttttttttttttttttoooooooooooooooommmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

    12. virginie says:

      vive th tokio hotel kiss retour svp

    13. virginie says:

      jaimerer jadorer avoir une relation avec toi bill pour toi mesage pour toi bill je voudrer sortir avec toi bill y love yous je te kyffe grave je tadorrrrrrr 

    14. virginie says:

      zi freune zu mir toi et moi reste simple fur mich fur miss liebe fan egal woning revient revient en brun ton sourire en brum me mamque tu taverse ce brin qui mevanouill enlacer tu chavire se cote cette petite etincelle et pour toi chamade ce brin de meme encore te voir si loin me trans perce le coeur tu et mon fetich mon prefer meme si tu va au boud du monde je ritme vert toi me sel pas san me mele a toi je tadoorr et ce petit tem me nous le coeur trime avec mes larme ne nouer que tu veu plus de mes larme mon coeur se desech et jadorrer qu tu chavire encore ce petit morceaux a toi mon reve je te hante tous plein de bisous jesperer que tu donner un petit concert je voudre te revoir jouer parce que rien que toi ses chavire de tendresse tu boum dan mon coeur y love youx

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