EXCLUSIVE: Ramona Singer Responds to LuAnn de Lesseps!

Posted on October 5th, 2011 at 6:10 pm

In our latest article from guest blogger and Real Housewives expert LynnNChicago, we get an exclusive statement from Ramona Singer!

"Bravo has sent their housewives out on the road to meet and greet with the fans!  Last week four of Bravo's beloved ladies arrived in Atlantic City to open the tour.  Vicki Gunvalson of Orange County, Cynthia Bailey of Atlanta, Caroline Manzo of New Jersey and the "Countess" LuAnn de Lesseps of New York.

LuAnn was asked about the casting changes, she had this to say, "I'll really miss Jill but I'm excited to meet the new cast members." but noted that "I was surprised that they let go of four women."

LuAnn told the audience that she is building a "lifestyle brand" and admits that she loves money.  I guess these New York Housewives all want to follow in Bethenny Frankel's footsteps, just as her cast mates, Jill Zarin and Kelly Bensimon have both announced they are "building a brand".  Do these women really think that they're going to be a household name like Martha Stewart?

LuAnn makes no apologies for her behavior last season, instead she insists that she's proud of her backbiting comments and rude behavior as she thinks that she's holding her own in a tank full of sharks.  In particular LuAnn seemed to enjoy taking jabs at former cast mate Alex McCord, simply referred to as "that one" by LuAnn, Alex was the target of much of LuAnn's battles last season.  LuAnn told the crowd that she was offended that Ramona invited her to an event promoting her new wine launch as the two were never friends yet LuAnn was perfectly alright inviting Ramona to appear in her music video and went so far as to confront Ramona asking why she refused to participate.  LuAnn told the audience that she regrets nothing.

LuAnn seemed to want to take over the show and even when questions were directed at the other Housewives on the stage, LuAnn jumped in to give her two cents as if her responses were more important than the others.

LuAnn responded when asked about Jill, Kelly, Cindy Barshop and Alex being fired, "I will miss Jill" but made no reference to the others.  She was asked which New York husband she would "get with" if she didn't have Jacques in her life, "Bobby Zarin at least to shop with".  She really does like money!

Ramona had this to say about Luann's comments, "I was quite surprised by LuAnns remarks I had just recently seen her at an event we were both invited to and she was more than friendly toward me.   In fact she was the one who came over to greet me, Luann seems to forget she attacked and went after my relationship with my husband and daughter.  The reason I have a marriage of 20 years and a daughter who is an honors student is because I spend time with my family."

The best part has to be LuAnn's response when asked what she will do when she is no longer a Bravo Housewife, she will do movies.  Look for LuAnn at a puppet theater near you soon!  Finally LuAnn treated the audience to her version of "Let's Give Em' Something To Talk About" in her own special song stylings, that is quite a grand finale for people who paid up to $170 for a ticket.

- LynnNChicago

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    1. Rhetorica says:

      LuAnn treated the audience to her version of “Let’s Give Em’ Something To Talk About”

      Ewwwww! Countess needs to keep her mouth shut, singing & speaking!

    2. ProstitutionTroll says:

      Wow – it is just amazing that the “Countess” throws around a word like “class” all of the time – it appears she doesn’t really understand what it means. And all I can say about her “brand” and her future acting career is NO THANKS! Nice job Lynn!

    3. Rhonda says:

      Wait – that’s it?  You  mean to tell me that there were no rotten vegetables thrown at the stage during her “rousing rendition” (i.e., shredding) of a Bonnie Raitt classic?  

    4. Kris says:

      Oyyyyyyyy  vey.  All I could think of as I read through her odious, droning, comments, was “Blech!”  Why, oh why, are we being subjected to another season of that horrible woman?  This faux royal should have been thrown out with her other 3 close personal friends who were fired.

    5. Bess says:

      It can’t understand how Lulu sees herself on TV rudely interrupting other people, and STILL cannot check herself.  But what do I know. I really thought she would be on of the ones fired.   

    6. gg says:

      Jacques better do as he’s told, he shouldn’t go up against anyone as vicious as the countess.  She might give him a royal tongue lashing.  Let’s see…she’s never sorry for what she says, she’s proud of her backbiting comments and rude behavior, she loves money and she’s never wrong…THIS is the person that wants to build a brand? What, the mean, self-centered, arrogant, thinks she knows-it-all-brand?  No Thanks!  Your brand is not worth buying. Perhaps Bravo is just setting her up for a fall, just like Jill, she thinks she can’t be replaced. 

    7. Anonymous says:

      Bethany already had been working hard at her business, had a plan when she started the RHNY, and continues to work hard realizing her vision.  Luann and these other broads trying to play catch up are only going to eat her dust (as well as their failed products) because they don’t have the same drive and their goals are apparently to reap rewards based merely on their Bravolebrity status. Hah!  There’s no staying power in that.
        Alex had it right when she opined that class was a word that should never be spoken; it is implied by one’s behavior.  Simon had it right when he suggested the rewriting of The Countess title should properly remove the o.

    8. Prostitutionwhoreee says:

      Lynn why is your fat ugly ass jealous of Luann?

      • CatLady says:

         What the hell does Countless LuMann have to be jealous of? Nothing, that’s what, if you don’t like what Lynn posts then you take your fat ass out and go do something else. I know, why don’t you get a job kissing Countless Lucifer’s ass.

    9. Psol61 says:

      @f5785d2579a2bb3b25529254904ff662:disqus do you think everyone is jealous of Luann?

    10. Psol61 says:

      @f5785d2579a2bb3b25529254904ff662:disqus do you think everyone is jealous of Luann?

    11. Psol61 says:

      @f5785d2579a2bb3b25529254904ff662:disqus It’s unbelievable that you would call someone the names that you called Lynn.  If you don’t like her, don’t read her articles or blogs, but my goodness grow the f*ck up!!!

    12. gg says:

      Yes, we are ALL jealous.  We want to try to belittle people every chance we get, we want to be bossy and judgmental, have a love of money, call people names, dance on tables and fall off and we want to attend weddings in the Hamptons, grab the microphone, knock over the drum set and grope the guests.  These are all the qualities that everyone should strive for.

    13. lindy loo says:

      It’s amazing how delusional someone can be. She thinks she can sing, act, whatever. I would like her so much better if she didn’t have this holier than thou attitude that she wears like a security blanket. 

    14. dsc60 says:

      there are none so blind as she who will not see.  Luann you need to get yourself some REALLY strong glasses.  probably still won’t help though.  she’s a lost cause, obviously.  thank God she is delusional ’cause i have no desire to see her brand of anything nor do i want to see her on the big screen.

    15. Jenn says:

      Really Lynn has more class in her little toe then you or Cuntless Lulu!GROW UP!!!!!
      Jenn ( jennsreviews.com) yea i leave my real name unlike Prostitutionwhoreee go back to your own block!!!!

    16. Jondp02 says:

      Romona give it a rest LuAnn was not attacking you or your child. You over dramatize everything and forget that it was all caught on tape for other to see. LuAnn was simply being a good friend to you at the time she thought you needed it.

    17. lizzle says:

      LuAnn is the biggest hypocrite there is… “class” … she has no idea what that is.  Her book on “manners”= hypocrisy. Her appearance on law and order= horrible acting. Her song= horrible singing. Her participation on RHONY= horrible person. I just don’t get it…. why is she relevant? She has to have these people on her payroll with money given to her by her nazi x- husband… Bravo… really? You didn’t fire this one? I don’t get it.

    18. Lisaabacon says:

      Anderson Cooper said it best: If you use the word ”class” to mean anything other than a place where you go to learn (paraphrase), you don’t have any.

    19. J. Shepherd says:

      well there goes that show!  LuAnn seems to conveniently forget who her friends really are……and she can drop that Countess thing….nobody cares

    20. MsRosy45 says:

      This woman is a fraud and phony, the only thing she knows about class!!! Is the it begins with C. She a wannabe duchess. Remember your roots luAnn.

    21. NolgaCorp says:

      A WORD to the WISE… all you naysayers about our Countess LuAnn… if you have nothing nice to say… ZIP IT (thanks Kelly for that term)!!!! The Countess is a Lady but not a FOOL! I’m behind her 100% … LuAnn was, is, and remains my favorite! #1! Don’t cut this Countess short and don’t mistake her respect for weakness! A word to the wise from the #1 on the Networks for years… NolgaCorp@aol.com

      • Guest says:

        Nolga Corp:   Perhaps the Countess should heed your advice; SHE needs to ZIP IT!    I doubt that anyone who watches her, mistakes her lack of respect for others as  anything but ignorance on her part. Since when is a lack of respect, a sign of weakness?  And a true LADY does not act as FOOLishly as your #1 favorite.  Further, anyone who quotes Kelly has serious issues!  Good luck.

      • Uluru_dreaming says:

        Ummmm, Kelly did not invent the term ‘zip it’. It has been around for a very long time…..I remember hearing it at least 45 years ago. Then again, Kelly does look a LOT  older than she claims to be, perhaps you are right.

      • JustJoni says:

        Oh wow, you look up to Kel-amity for her wiitiness….and Count-less for her respect of others. So I take it NolgaCorp is like Witzend where no one is allowed to speak the truth about the O Royal Ones…KooKoo!!!

    22. Jan61_06 says:

      LuAnn is a back stabbing Bia tch!! She is no longer a countess and shouldn’t abuse the title! She is rude and tacky and looks like a man!! Bottom line…. she has NO CLASS!! They should of tossed her,Jill,Crazy Kelly & boring Cindy and been done with it!!

    23. Eluzader says:

      LuAnn is classless!!! I wonder who will help her fight her battles this season as her creepy friend, Kelly is gone and Thank Goodness Jill is gone too.  Prayer does work!!

    24. Bsinclair72 says:

      LuAnn was ridiculous last season!  If she regrets nothing, then either she has not watched the shows or she has really gone off the reservation!  Why in the world would she remain a “housewife” ??  She proved to the world that she has no class, no talent, no manners, no parenting skills, no taste in men and no business being on TV!!  She can easily “build a brand” as a money-grabbing narcissist.

    25. Alirigg1 says:

      Ha ha take the o out of countess and hey presto, luann de loose- lips. She is a disgusting human being and i wouldn’t trust her, she’s dangerous. Also she can NOT sing or act and looks like a man and doesn’t have any class at all “CRETIN”. Makes my skin crawl and want to VOM

    26. Anniegg says:

      Lu ann has no class at all. A note to the wise don,t talk while you are eating, it is called basic manners. your record money can’t buy you class yes you have just proved that. Kelly needs a horse tranquiliser and moving to Alcartraz.

    27. Fruittella98 says:

      A true “countess” would not not be on such a show in the first place, a true countess would not (at least in public) gossip, manipulate nor bring others down the way she does. She has this empty title that she inherited, and due to her clearly not coming from good aristocratic stock she has let this countess nonsense go to her head.

      I live in the uk and the royal family from the most minor up to the queen would never behave in such a way. Her countess title means nothing here to us and I would not be impressed if she tried to use it on me as we are used to true, currently reigning thoroughbred royalty and not some commoner who got lucky!

      She is a disgusting, vile gossiping old hag that needs to take a deep look at herself!

    28. Countess says:

      Luann is a bully they should fire her and bring back Alex an Jill no more wathching Real housewifes if they keep her in.   She has no class whatsoever. She thinks she is above everyone else because of her Countless title

    29. Anniegg says:

      LuAnn is just about summed up in her song money can’t buy you class, because it has not helped you at all. You are like an old fish wife.  The book on etiquette what a joke –  Basic manners — note this one LUANN – DO NOT SPEAK WITH FOOD IN YOUR MOUTH . This is general table manners that you and your daughter do not seem to have.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    30. Teresakaren says:

      Roamona is in total denial she is an alcoholic and her husband is cheating on her (what husband wants to be with an alcoholic really?) and she so does get injections in her face to make her skin look youthful. I mean really Ramona wake up pull your head out of your ass and realize that your husband is getting it somewhere else and lay off the booze. You have no one else to  blame but yourself.

    31. idkwhat2namemyselfLOL says:

      I actually feel bad for LuAnn. Everyone hates her so much and she is trying so hard to become a celebrity (not just a housewife) and she is failing miserably. Her book didn’t do well at all, even with all the free publicity she got from the show. Both her songs did horribly, and the few people who listened to them HATED them. She’s trying to build the “countess” brand but she really isn’t doing a good job of it at all. 

      She’s trying to fit herself into this image of a classy and sophisticated countess who’s becoming a celebrity, but in reality she is just making herself seem arrogant and big headed, so people hate her. There’s nothing classy about lying on a couch with a bunch of half naked men in your music videos.

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