EXCLUSIVE PHOTOS: Prince Harry Caught Kissing & Flirting With Two Girls!

Posted on October 18th, 2011 at 1:56 pm

By day Prince Harry is training on the Apache attack helicopter in El Centro, California, by night he's a party animal.

RumorFix has obtained exclusive photos of the prince -- who is third in line for the British crown -- in an intense makeout session with one girl and doing some heavy flirting with another.

PICTURES: Prince Harry Kisses & Flirts With Two Girls

The 27-year-old, who looked like a local in a baseball cap and blue plaid shirt, was partying at the Belly Up Tavern in Solana Beach, California Saturday night when he set his eyes on an attractive brunette.

In our exclusive pictures you see Capt. Harry Wales wrapping his arms around the girl, laughing and joking and enjoying a tequila shot and a couple of beers. Then things get serious. He caresses her brown hair and goes in for the royal kiss!

At one point, Prince William's younger brother is distracted by a blonde. It appears that he is doing some serious flirting by whispering in her ear -- or maybe more.

The prince was with 10 or 12 people, many of whom were his military buddies, was then were  taken to VIP area that was prearranged by the FBI. Harry and his friends watched Vokab Kompany.

Belly Up's manager, Meryl Klemow tells Rumorfix, "He stayed until 1:15 a.m., and we put the World Cup Rugby on for him and his friends. He was very nice and didn't really party too hard."

Photo Credit: NPG

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    1. Michael says:

      I’m a good catholic boy.. I’m not such a huge fan of all this hoot-a-nanny shenanigans.. 

    2. Pete in NC says:

      Nice of our FBI to arrange VIP club sessions for these guys.

    3. Livinecarey says:

      I LOVE PRINCE HARRY!! I know that’s right!! This is Cali Baby!! He is going to have some oochies around him!

    4. Chris Eidsmoe says:

      Right on, Harry, enjoy.  I lived in SD for 13 years, great town.

    5. guest says:

      He’s ugly as sin, anyone who kissed him had to be damn desperate to have her picture taken. yuck!!!

      • Guesswho says:


        • he couldn’t have any girl he wants. He could have a good selection because girls are stupid and would ruin their lives just to be a “princess” in a monarchy that doesn’t matter any more

      • KAYVANBUREN says:

        He is not, but you probabkly are…..

    6. Anonymous says:

      Get’m Harry! Your great!

    7. anon says:

      OK this is a TERRIBLE angle. Unless there are more pics…this is rediculous. First of all, no one cares. I am glad he is here getting training, because we have a close relationship with the UK, but guess what? What he does in his spare time is no different. He can act like a normal, single, 20something male in society without getting griped everything he talks to a woman. It looks like they are talking and her head is looking off to the side. Unless there is more evidence this needs to be taken off. 

    8. chazzy says:

      What about Chelsy Davy, his girlfriend?

      • Official Britwatch says:

        I SAY, not suitable. The girl can’t even scrub up for a family wedding. A BBC reporter from the wedding said she looked like she had just been rolled in a bush. he was right.
        Forget chelsy!

        • Justyoung says:

          Just one thing to say,This,..is America. We have no royal family,here ugly or otherwise. A boring bit of british gossip,wheather true or false.

    9. Pepemarks says:

      Go Harry! 🙂

    10. guest says:

      So what, the guy is SINGLE.  Give him a break.

    11. Reardonatcedarlake says:

      Good for him when I was his age I went out with as many as I could,, and kissed as many too….

    12. Amy says:

      I agree anon!!! So what if he kisses a girl??? Nothing wrong with that, he is a 20something year old guy…that’s what guys that age do 🙂

    13. Patti Post says:

      And….who’s says that’s HIM? It could be Joe Blow from down the street for all we know. And like most people say..so what? He’s single/handsome~so….the point is?

    14. Watergirlie_jess says:

      ahhh get over it! solana beach is too small of a town for big celebrities, i went out that night to a club in san diego, why can’t he without having everyone talk about it? people with no lives!

    15. LB says:

      aww… why can’t that be me?!

    16. Kldked02 says:

      It might be a story if he was kissing a guy but now days thats not even a story worth reading.lol

    17. Brianna says:

      I don’t even think that’s him!

    18. Erindeon says:

      That looks more like he leaned over to say something to her than to kiss her, unless her lips are on her forehead!!!

    19. Erindeon says:

      That hotel has the worst VIP service ever!!! No privacy for the costumer!!!

    20. W Thang1 says:

      He is single, in the military, LEAVE him alone. I also vote talking to her.

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