EXCLUSIVE: NYFD Calendar Hunk, Taylor Murphy, Accused Of Beating Of Transsexual Model Due In Court

Posted on October 27th, 2011 at 4:20 am

A muscle-bound firefighter, who appeared as Mr. March in a 2011 New York Firefighter calendar will face off in court Thursday against his transsexual gal pal-- a stunner who was famously booted from America's Next Top Model, RumorFix has learned.

Taylor Murphy, 28, is charged with assault, criminal mischief and criminal obstruction for allegedly attacking Claudia Charriez in front of a Midtown strip club and again later at a nearby hotel in August.

PICTURES: Taylor Murphy Modeling Photos

"Right now this whole thing looks like it's going to be dropped.  There's no bruises.  There's no physical photographic evidence," Murphy, who was is on medical leave from the fire department, tells RumorFix exclusively.

But, Charriez, 30, who lives in Los Angeles, and made it to the semifinal round on America's Next Top Model in 2006 before she was disqualified because she was born a male, tells RumorFix in a separate exclusive interview:

"He beat the sh*t out of me.  The last thing I need is for my family to see pictures with bite marks and bruises of me and all that.  The police have all the information and the pictures of me in that condition.  They have everything documented on file."

Murphy, who says he signed his own modeling deal with Calvin Klein, says "I'm 6'5 and 265-pounds.  If I ever hit anybody they would not be doing well for a long time."

The genger-bender model, tells RumorFix she just wants to put the entire episode behind her, "Right now, I'm all about getting over this.  I had to leave New York ... He's out of his f-ing mind.  It's something I wanna put behind me.  I've done a lot more stuff that is a lot more notable than being beat up some crazy f-ing firefighter."

Murphy, who says is undergoing counseling says "I wasn't handling it well."

"I suggested he get some court mandated anger management program so he has an outlet for this sort of stuff," Charriez says.
UPDATE: A trial date has been set for January 18.

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    1. Anonymous says:

      This is an old story, but in comparison to the recent school shooting that left 20 people dead including kids, this story is really frivolous. Must have been a slow news day.

    2. The Queen is here says:

      I agree even more so that he was aquited of all false allegations,

      He has to adjust to fame he is to hot to let an ex or a krazed groopy into
      his life like that, I wish this boy comes back he has to be one of the hottest
      underwear models since Marky Mark did Calvin Klein.

    3. Adriana L. says:

      I just returned was in Serbia living peace why do we in U.S.A. Look for so much trouble ?.. I always tell to Taylor has to many woman and he got in trouble this is not good . He is O.K. and back in work I am happy and sorry to see all this

    4. Guest says:



    5. John John says:

      I just Read Taylor Shot For Playgirl Magazine and ran into this article what a stupid story !

      I can’t find a Playgirl issue in the stores ……

    6. john john says:

      Can someone help me ? find the issue ?

    7. Candi says:

      I read that Taylor Is or shot the cover of Playgirl magazine ? I can’t find the issue does anybody have any info to add about that ?..

      I am happy to see that Taylor is back and doing well i wonder if he is acting or how i can follow him on T.V. The N.Y. Post said he was filming a T.V. show after he won his case

      xoxoxo you can save me anytime daddy,i won’t be krazy like them xoxoxo

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