Exclusive: Lisa Vanderpump To Brandi Glanville: Don’t Say I’m 60

Posted on October 1st, 2011 at 7:10 am

It's refreshing to have something other than Taylor and Russell Armstrong to talk about on Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.

The amusing cat fight between Lisa Vanderpump and Brandi Glanville continues off screen.

In a recent episode of the Bravo hit, Brandi said that the British beauty was 60 and needed to get over her grudges.

When RumorFix caught up with Lisa exclusively in Beverly Hills, she had some choice words for her nemesis.

"Obviously she can't count, because I was born in 1960. I think if something's 60, it could be somebody's IQ what do you think of that?"

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    1. Michael says:

      Lisa is the queen of Beverly Hills and everyone should bow to her 

    2. KandyKane says:

      Lisa is LOVELY plain and simple. LOVELY.. She is class and has it all. HOWEVER I would never have guessed she was in her early 50’s I thought maybe really late 50’s or early 60.. IM KNOW IM SORRY IM SORRY.. But maybe its cuz Ken looks a bit older.

      • Michael says:

        I can understand that but up close in person you can tell she is not 60

      • fifi says:

        I don’t get that – perhaps you are quite young & anyone “older” looks “old” to you? I’m younger than her & I think she’s a knockout – far & away the prettiest of all housewives, all franchises.

      • Rabunred says:

        I think she is beautiful also, a bit too much makeup, though. But, I also agree with KandyKane. I was VERY surprised to see that she was born in 1960….1950, maybe, 1960? I’m doubtful.

    3. clairess1610 says:

      I Love Lisa & hope that Bravo doesn’t continue to edit her as the “mean girl!”

    4. Sally says:

      Lisa is the classiest, smartest, and most beautiful housewife on all of the Real Housewives shows! She could carry her own show. I think she is one of the few on the shows who doesn’t need the money–does it for fun. Love Love Love her!

    5. CatLady says:

      I think all of us who felt sorry for Brandi when her ex left her are going to quickly realize what a mistake that was and why didn’t her ex leave sooner. 

      • Slandrews54 says:

        I agree, she is some kind of ugly.

        • Sleepin0809 says:

          Cause it’s not possible going thru a public divorce would make a person quick with the comebacks and jaded.
          And even if she was the biggest B in the world, not an excuse to cheat and lie, especially when you have children and one of them wasn’t but a year old at the time!

    6. evitas says:

      Lisa is Class personified.

    7. lindy loo says:

      Lisa’s the best.

    8. Laurajk says:

      Wish these ladies would stop with botox! They are starting to look like freaks! The only thing real in life is that we get older…. own it and age gracefully!

    9. aemish says:

      Lisa is a gorgeous inside and out.. but people didn’t start wearing sunscreen until like the 90s and her hair could use some TLC too.. get a Brazillian blowout if you don’t like to use a lot of daily styling products

    10. Homer says:

      Damn, Lisa is gorgeous! Even in harsh daylight she is just beautiful!

    11. Dcashion says:

      What’s wrong with being 60????? Yeah, yeah, I know she’s only 51 but someday she will be and so what! If we live we get older and that’s a blessing not a curse. Lisa is a darling woman who tells it like it is. Get over it b.h. People. She looks human not plastic like most of Cali women

      • Rabunred says:

        There is absolutely nothing wrong with being 60. But, evidently Ms. Vanderpump thinks there is! Why would that statement upset her? She may be younger, but I think that the way she carries herself makes her appear older than she may be. Also, she seems to look about the same age as her husband. He appears a bit older, but, not much.

    12. Shawn says:

      If you act like a crusty old lady people will think you are one. What is more old lady like than attacking someone you don’t know about not ending a friendship with some one else because you ended your friendship with that person. More like 70 yrs old than 60.

    13. Mike Cohen says:

      Lisa is a sniveling Lyme… Brandi it’s funny because I thought she was close to 70.

    14. Kathymorin153 says:

      Maybe she said lisa looks 60 which she does. I am sure she is sweet and wonderful but she does look a lot older than 51. Her husband looks about 65 and the hair piece is not becoming on him.

    15. James says:

      Are you kidding me? There is no possible way she is 51. If she is than she ages badly. Really badly!

    16. Tholland says:

      Lisa is gorgeous and a class act. I think she and Ken should move on from the show. The rest of the cast is a train wreck. This season is dismal & painful to watch. Congrats on Pandora’s engagement. That is so much more exciting to experience than the other horrible women on this show. Trash TV.

    17. Slandrews54 says:

      I can’t believe I am 6 years older than her. She looks 60!

    18. christid2303 says:

      I think Lisa is a beautiful woman but to me she looks like a very beautiful lady who is around 60 and looks great for her age. You can tell by looking at the skin on her arms and neck and especially by her voice that she is much older than 50. If she isn’t then she needs to fire her plastic surgeon for making her look so much older than she is. Heavy plastic surgery can be very aging but it still doesn’t explain the age spots on her arms and everything and her elderly sounding voice. I just wish people would be honest about their age. I am 46 years old and I can recognize people who are close to my age very easily.

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