EXCLUSIVE: Lisa Vanderpump Suspends Waiter Over $2

Posted on October 11th, 2011 at 1:05 pm

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Lisa Vanderpump is coming to RumorFix to set the record straight on a tip gone bad at her ritzy Beverly Hills restaurant Villa Blanca.

A disgruntled customer is alleging that a waiter added $2 to her tip -- and she only discovered it after double checking her bank statement.

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Lisa tells RumorFix exclusively, "Even though it's only $2, it's despicable. It's something I take very seriously."

The famed restaurateur goes on to say that the waiter has been temporarily suspended. "I will deal with it accordingly," she says.

"This is an egregious error and Villa Blanca will not tolerate this type of behavior from it's employees. We apologize to the patron and we will make sure these types of things don't happen again."

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  • 25 Responses

    1. Michael says:

      I love Villa Blanca.. 

    2. Cory says:

      Oh please. Desperate to get publicity for that dreadful restaurant – one of the worst meals I’ve ever had in my life, and decorated like a whore’s boudoir

      • Guest says:

        I agree, what a desperate and obnoxious ploy for publicity.  Also she let her dog sit at the table at her restaurant, yuck! 

    3. Bill says:

      Graft is graft, and the fact that it was such a small amount at such an expensive restaurant suggests that the only way to make it worth doing is to do it to a large number of customer tabs each day or week.

      For a business, it means that your customers associate the establishment with lack of trust and getting ripped off because of the actions of that one employee.

      Unfortunately, that $2 probably represents a hell of a lot more, both in terms of reputation, good will and other money added to other customer checks.

      • John says:

        exactly! wow, finally someone with a brain. 

      • Frank says:

        Dude, you have NO idea what you are talking about. If what you’re saying had any validity, places like DUI Friday’s and The Crapcake Factory would have been gone a long time ago. These matters are handled on the corporate level, and 90% of the time the guest is done right by, and remain patrons. Mainly on account of the fact their trust was  bought back with free meals, and a mess of manager ass-kissing.  
        Restaurants, especially the big companies, practically figure the loss into their budgets like broken glassware. That $2 bucks represents another pain in the ass guest, and that’s it. Nice pontificating, though. “For a business…” Hah!


    4. bstaf says:

      The publicity isn’t from Lisa, it’s from the patron, who tried to tarnish an entire restaurant over one waiter’s $2 mistake. The patron went right to the blogs… Wake up people.

    5. It may have been a bank error. 

    6. LH28 says:

      It’s expensive restaurant – in this case two dollars don’t mean a thing !!  Something else is cooking up :))

    7. Grepulse says:

      wow unbelievable people like her that are rich, think they can mistreat people  due the fact that they have tons of money. all i can say is be careful how you mistreat people whom you have working for you. one day you have money and the next day you want the public to feel sorry for you cause your broke. the word around town the food is nassssssty,

    8. janky says:

      why only $2 ?  Why not $3 or $4 or $5?  I think it’s absolutely ridiculous Lisa !!!  I can understand it from a business stand point, but suspending an employee.  If it were $20 or more I would look into something like that and if it were a reoccurring thing.  I think this is not news and it’s a waste of my post.. but geez !!!  REALLY!!!!  This is when you back your own staff and say “I apologize and we’ll adjust your credit card.  It probably was a slight overview and mistake on the employees part.  Please come in again and receive a glass of wine on us to make it up to.  END OF STORY.  If you can’t back your own employees, then there’s something wrong and it will only deteriorate you business.

      • Mdterp4219 says:

        Hey Janky,
        I sure this employee has stolen from more than just that one . So maybe by end of day extra $100. A day x’s how many days that person works so if 4 days $400 & in Beverlyhills that’s a nice pair of shoes or sunglasses ( well unlike that ass that paid $25k for a pair of sunglasses ).

    9. Michellelee7336 says:

      yea and i would think that someone with her class (HA,HA)  would not let that dog drink out of someone elses wine glasses. Is she for real? That has to be the rudest thing to do

    10. Pauleen says:

      $2? Is this a joke? And why is she jumping to the conclusion that the server is out to steal from the customer? Is it not even a possibility that it was an honest mistake? Also, according the original news story, it seems the initial problem lies with the customer who for whatever reason, thinks it’s okay to go to a restaurant and leave a 10% tip. I understand having bad service, but 10% on a $50 bill? Show some class lady. The poor service could’ve been (and is usually most often) attributed to things beyond the server’s control – i.e. Management issues, kitchen issues, etc. What would’ve been great to see from the “classy” Ms. Vanderpump was her backing of the employee, admitting it was done in error, and also calling the cheap ass customer out for her horrible treatment of a mere server. I wouldn’t want 10% tippers anywhere near my establishment! So much is wrong with this story, least of which is the $2 additional tip added by the waiter. 

    11. Brandys99 says:

      Suspended????? Um, shouldnt he have been fired, and possibly even reported?

    12. Guest says:

      HELLO PEOPLE?!?! Are you guys kidding? Whether it was 50cents or $100, it is STEALING! Hello!??! since when is it okay to steal??!? how can you sit there and say she is the one being stupid? ha ha wow. 

    13. I have been a regular customer at Villa Blanca since the first day they opened and go 3-4 times a week.  I have NEVER had any issues with my bills or tips and the staff at Villa Blanca are simply wonderful, respectful and kind.  I sincerely believe this was an error and considering how busy they can get in there sometimes anyone could make that mistake. Mistakes happen and we just need to move on, I know I will be going back again today and Friday regardless.

    14. Lucybluepeaches says:

      I wonder if those who assume this server stole the money are thieves? So suspicious! Maybe you would steal given the opportunity so you expect everyone else to as well. It would be easy to punch in the wrong amount on a credit card machine especially if you’re tired or rushed. But maybe that doesn’t occur to a thief. You would always assume theft. Disgusting.

    15. carmella says:

      I’m glad she suspended the waiter.  It was pretty tacky on his/her part to do such a thing.  Suspended doesn’t mean fired

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