EXCLUSIVE: Facebook’s Sean Parker Leaves A $5,000 Tip

Posted on October 2nd, 2011 at 12:24 pm

At 31, Sean Parker is a billionaire and he doesn't mind flaunting it. Justin Timberlake played the mogul in the hit movie Social Network.

The founder of Napster and the former president of Facebook was partying it up at West Hollywood's Beverly Club with some friends this weekend and ran up a $6,000 bar tab.

RumorFix has learned that the Internet pioneer gladly paid the bill and left the waitress a tip that she will never forget -- $5,000.

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    1. Mdterp4219 says:

      It is nice to see that some of the wealthy , share that and just maybe that waitress will Pay It Forward! That’s a man with class. His mother would be proud.

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