EXCLUSIVE: Teary Dina Lohan Tells Lindsay: “We’ll Get Through This”

Posted on October 19th, 2011 at 1:18 pm

An upset and teary Dina Lohan reveals exclusively to RumorFix that she reached out to her troubled daughter over the phone just moments after Lindsay was handcuffed and hauled into custody.

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"It was just mommy telling my child, we'll get through this -- just get through this," Dina shared with us. "It's just upsetting -- I'm in tears now-- we're just upset!"

Lindsay's mother says she was stunned Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Stephanie Sautner revoked Lindsay's probation. "Usually in New York state -- the judge usually follows the ruling of probation and they didn’t in this case."

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"She [The judge] was cutting Shawn [Lindsay's attorney] off a lot and wouldn't let her speak and tell the court about all the hours Lindsay completed already. And there's nothing to worry about because , she still has six months left to finish her community service. I am kinda at a loss for words at this point -- because the facts weren't able to be stated on Lindsay's behalf and there are many more facts that she did complete two other courses as she was working and had to go overseas."

Dina says she has already booked her flight and is rushing to Los Angeles to be by her daughter's side.

"She's trying to juggle a lot of balls right now and survive. Her main concern is to complete her hours before work and everything -- but she has to pay her bills -- I'm doing as much as I can as a parent."

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    1. Ugh... says:

      This woman is Lindsay’s worst enemy! Dina Lohan is so delusional and in denial that it makes me want to barf.
      If Lindsay ever wants to get better she needs to cut her mother out of her circle for a good long time.

      God, this women is a toxic influence.

    2. Anonymous says:

      California is not New York and the L.A. Women’s Center fired Lilo for blowing off her community service NINE TIMES, thus defying the judges direct and specific order and putting her probation in jeopardy.  I mean, it’s crystal clear:  complete the terms of your probation before going back to work or their will not be any work to go back to/to do.  DUH!

    3. lolcat says:

      She’s juggling a lot of balls, alright– give the girl a break!

    4. Anononame says:

      This woman is despicable.

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