EXCLUSIVE: “Courtney Stodden Is A Doug Addict,” Says Mom

Posted on October 27th, 2011 at 6:29 am

After a video clip of 17-year-old Courtney Stodden explaining her pumpkin patch fiasco appeared on line, there were Internet rumors that the teen was high.

"That's crazy!" says Courtney's mom-ager Krista Stodden.

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The teen bride, who made headlines by marrying someone 35 years her senior, appears on Dr. Drew's Lifechangers in November -- in an episode where she giggles and constantly interrupts her husband, Green Mile's Doug Hutchison,

"No, no my daughter doesn't drink or do drugs," Krista tells RumorFix exclusively. "She is just a funny person. It's her personality, that's Courtney."

Mom goes on to say, "She doesn't drink, she's the perfect child -- a good girl. She has never been around drugs, she is high on life!"

And she is madly in love with her 51-year-old husband. "She is not a drug addict, she is a Doug addict."

And here's a promise we hope she can keep: "You will never hear a report that Courtney was taking drugs or drinking."

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    1. gossipgirl says:

      are you kidding me…that girl is a wacko.

    2. Yuck says:

      Courtney’s mom is in line for the Dina Lohan “Mother of the Year” award…

    3. Sandg05 says:

      This girl is how old?????  She looks like a 40 year old drag queen!

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