Carrie Ann Inaba Not Happy With Maksim

Posted on October 25th, 2011 at 10:01 am

Dancing with the Stars' Carrie Ann Inaba isn't happy with her co-star Maksim's comments towards the judges on Monday night's episode. Maks and the judges got into an argument after they criticized his partner's performance on the show.

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"With all due respect, this is my show. I help make it what it is," Mak said in an interview later on the show.

Carrie seemed to take exception with that line, taking to Twitter to denounce Maksim's actions:

"Just want to send out RESPECT and LOVE to everyone who works on #DWTS. It's a group effort through and through. I"m sorry for the disrespect all our crew and staff were shown last night. A television show is made by not only the people ON CAMERA but the exceptional people who are behind the scenes, making everything just right so that when on camera talent steps on to the stage, it's safe and sound....and just right. Thank you to everyone who works on #DWTS!"

Check out the video below to see the entire exchange between Mak and the judges.

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    1. Word Love says:

      He got into a heated exchange with Len who is respected but is also old and needs to maybe show his qualifications and not be the resident old nattery crone. That Chaz is still on the show dancing with her stomach shreds any credibility any of them have. It’s just TV and Maks will be fine. I’m surprised your headline is so hysterical. Just report the exchange and calm down!

    2. bvigirl says:

      Len does NOT need to critique costumes.  He gets So down on Maks all the time so I’m sure Maks had had enough!  I like Len, but he needs to lighten up!

    3. gg says:

      I like Maks, but that statement about “this is my show” is out of line.  ANYONE can be replaced, it happens all the time to “stars” who never see it coming.  The judges are there to judge, to give their professional opinions. Perhaps there should be no judges, or they should just give 10’s to the dancers to make everyone happy. Then the viewers can make this a full scale popularity contest, absolutely no skill involved. Unfortunately, no one would watch then.

    4. Lilly602 says:

      Carrie, you also need to apologise for your fellow judge friends Len and Bruno being brutal and cruel at times with name calling names and very inappropriate comments.  Something has got to change with the judges comments and criticisms.  Its getting out of hand.  Please I urge the 3 of you to take personal inventory and if you don’t want to listen to Maxim, listen to the fans of DWTS and read all of our comments. 

    5. Lilly602 says:

      This is Lilly 602 again.  Just to make clear, I do not agree with how Maxim went about his commnets as he did overstep his boundaries some,  what I’m saying to the 3 judges is to stop pointing fingers at Max and being on the defense, but seriously look at how you can perhaps change how you critique these extremely hard working stars that have absolutely no dancing background and need encouragement not tearing down.  You all 3 do critque constructively sometimes but sometimes you get very out of hand with your comments.  That is all.

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