Are Jennifer Lopez and Cameron Diaz Feuding on Set?

Posted on October 5th, 2011 at 2:13 pm

Are Jennifer Lopez and Cameron Diaz feuding on the set of What To Expect When You're Expecting? According to In Touch magazine, yes.

The tabloid is reporting that “Low maintenance Cameron thinks J. Lo has been acting like a demanding diva, bringing along a huge entourage of assistants and insisting on specific on-set meals, and she cant stand Jennifer! The producers made sure they weren’t in any scenes together and even out them up at separate hotels in Atlanta - Jennifer at The Mansion on Peachtree and Cam at St. Regis.”

Sounds like the ultimate diva showdown - if it were actually true, that is!

We reached out to Jennifer's rep who assured RumorFix the story is complete nonsense, and that Cameron and Jennifer are friends. Good for them!


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    1. She Stinks! says:

      Yes, I’m sure of it. JHO Bag is a nasty vile jealous witch. She always fights with younger, prettier and talented women.   She hates to share the  spotlight with someone hot.

    2. sebastian says:

      i believe whoever wrote this and whoever commented below is full of crap .. its funny get a life

    3. holly says:

      Really? You’re taking JLo’s rep’s word for it?  Talk to the people on set.

    4. Mike Pepper says:

      J. HO is a Booshy no talent cum sponge.

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