Anthony Ciccone Says He & Madonna Hate Each Other

Posted on October 24th, 2011 at 4:11 pm

Madonna was all smiles when she hit the airport in New York City on Monday, while her 55-year-old brother is living under a bridge in Traverse City, Michigan.

In an exclusive video interview shown on Inside Edition, Anthony Ciccone, who is homeless and says his family has turned their backs on him, says, "We pretty much hated each other's guts. I am sick of people asking 'Why doesn't your sister help?' I don't know why. Ask her, if you can find her."

Anthony gets his meals from the Faith Reform Church, because they serve roast beef dinners, "You won't find this in too many places," he says.

The Michigan Messenger broke the story that Anthony has been homeless for about two years after he was fired from the family business, Ciccone Vinyard and Winery.

"In my father's mind, he thinks I'm living this [way] on purpose. Out of laziness or lack of motivation. He's convinced that I am a raging alcoholic."

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    1. Lena Lona says:

      So get a job . pick some cherries , prune some xmas trees, do janitorial at one of the malls .. With your name you would be first in line for any of these jobs. Madonna isn’t your mother and has no responsibility to take care of you.

    2. Elizabeth says:

      The only one responsible for yourself is you!!! So if you want to stop being homeless, get off your ass and work hard!!!!! Just because she’s your sister doesn’t mean she has to support you and give you everything you ask for.!!!!!…Besides, aren’t you the one who betrayed your sister by writing a Tell All Book, what happend to the earnings from that book?????…..Hmmm guess it tanked!!! Too bad for you, that’s what happens when your betray family, specially your sister.

      • Mya says:

        That was another other brother who wrote the Tell All Book. And, you are correct in your advice for Anthony.

        I live in Traverse City. I know Anthony and I also know a person who opened his house to Anthony despite his girlfriend opposing. After three days of bearing B.O. Anthony was asked to either shower or he’d have to leave. Anthony chose to leave over showering. Sound like he wants help? Anthony wants the lifestyle he chooses.

        His Dad comes and picks him up now and then and takes him tho the Vineyard. Anthony ends up back on the street. Not because his Dad brings him back…

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