World Exclusive Photos: Michaele Salahi & Neal Schon Kissing

Posted on September 22nd, 2011 at 6:50 am

RumorFix has obtained the photos everyone has been waiting to see -- Michaele Salahi with her new beau Neal Schon.

WORLD EXCLUSIVE PICTURES: Michaele Salahi & Neal Schon Kissing

The lovebirds were photographed Wednesday night backstage in  San Antonio, Texas where Neal's band, Journey, performed.

The Real Housewives of Washington DC star abruptly ran away from Tareq Salahi -- her husband of nearly eight years -- on September 14 into the open arms of Neal.

One of our exclusive pictures shows the couple holding hands, while Michaele is looking adoringly at Neal. The blonde beauty is wearing a brand-new outfit (probably one of many), because she left her Virginia home with only the clothes on her back.

The other picture depicts a passionate open-mouthed kiss -- if there was any doubt in your mind about the sincerity of their love affair, these pictures may very well erase it.

The Michaele and Neal Tour has gone from Memphis to Atlanta to Tampa to West Palm Beach and now San Antonio. In many of cities, they've been "Lovin' Touchin' and Squeezin.'"  And in some stops, Michaele has even appeared on stage with the guitarist.

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    1. TMZ reported she walked out on a$100 hair salon bill last week. What? Her boyfriend is loaded. Apparently she tried to bill it to another hotel guest. This is not the first time she has done this. In 2007 she was sued for $4000 for not paying for her hair extentions:
      When she called the guy to do her hair before crashing he White House she still owed him money from when he did her hair for her wedding 6 years earlier.:

      Since her boyfriend can more than afford her hair services, I mean he just bought her a whole wardrobe, why does she still not pay? Sounds like a little mental thing going on.

    2. A 51 yr old grandma says:

      Geesh of course she has appeared on stage with him, its all about her, glory, fame, money and being put up in some style she didnt get as trailer trash, and Tareq Winery trash.  Neal is a fool, but then he isnt a prize either with his Coke collapsed nostrils.  Ewwww

    3. Sally says:

      She’s a DIRTY SKANK!

    4. TATOOMAMA says:


    5. DCGirl says:

      WOW, she has fat ankles.  She is definitely not model material; her body is very dispropotionate. 

    6. Jhuskerson says:

      She was backstage in Austin Thursday night, at the concert at UT….Having a good old time….

    7. JRNY Fan says:

      This is why True Love waits!

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