TV Doc Vs Michael Lohan On Ali Lohan’s Plastic Surgery Rumors

Posted on September 10th, 2011 at 7:00 am

New pictures of Ali Lohan -- looking thinner and dramatically different -- have set off a firestorm of controversy and at least one respected plastic surgeon thinks the 17-year-old has has work done.

Board certified plastic surgeon Dr. Drew Ordon, who is a co-host of The Doctors, tells RumorFix exclusively, "There's no question in mind my mind ... that she had some things done in her face -- for sure."

Dr. Ordon, who has been practicing plastic surgery for 30 years, examined before and after pictures for RumorFix and came up with this conclusion:

"Her cheek bones have totally changed -- much higher than they were. More volume in the mid face -- the tip of the nose has changed. I think projection of the chin and the angle of the jaw has also changed."

Lindsay Lohan's rep and Ali's modeling agent have all denied any plastic surgery. And now Ali's dad, Michael, is joining the chorus.

He tells RumorFix exclusively, "I'm her father, I'm telling you now -- if she ever had plastic surgery, I would know about it." Michael, who says he sees his teenage daughter weekly says "In a week's time you can't get your nose done and have the bruises be gone --  it's totally impossible."

If Ali did go under the knife -- because she's 17 -- either Michael or his ex-wife, Dina, would have to sign a consent form and Michael says he never signed one and "Dina would never do that."

But Michael is concerned about Ali's weight loss. He says, "I think she was beautiful and perfect the way she was."

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  • 5 Responses

    1. Jane says:

      sees her every week?  really?? just 2 tweets ago he said none of his kids were even talking to him and just yesterday he was crying to hollywood life about them needing both parents in their lives.  doesn’t sound like any weekly visits to me. lol

    2. Charlotte says:

      I doubt she had surgery. Dramatic weight loss will create the illusion of having had “work” done, especially in the cheeks. Ali is less tan than we normally see her, and due to her recently inning a modeling contract, it is no surprise that she as been given a makeover as well: smoother, light air without bangs; darker, braided eyebrows; different makeup, which camouflages her freckles; and (I’m guessing) temporary lip plumper. Personally I thought she was prettier when she looked more natural – it’s a shame that her agency could no let her natural beauty shine – but i think this is simply the illusion of plastic surgery due to too many drastic changes all at once.

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