VIDEO: Joey Buttafuoco Brawls with Amy Fisher’s Husband!

Posted on September 26th, 2011 at 3:01 pm

The tension between the two men was obvious before either of them even said a word.

But no one was expecting Joey Buttafuoco and Lou Bellera to get into a full-on brawl on Monday at a press conference promoting their upcoming pay-per-view celebrity boxing match.

One moment both men were standing in front of a room full of media and contestants (including Amy Fisher!)  just talking and posing, the next there was a fluryy of fists and Joey ended up with a split lip.

The question remains: was it for real or just a publicity stunt for Alki David's FilmOn “Celebrity Fight Night”?

    • Jerkface

      oh MY.

    • James Smith


    • Bobby G.

      Lou kick his ass!

    • this was a publicity stunt    same crap  as wwe ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,  now a movie wil come out    were  gonna buy it  

    • Duhresa

      haaaaaaaaaaaaaaa I been waiting to see that since the Amy Fisher trial. Joey, you got pwned you pedo mafucka!

    • Delliecutie

      Such Trash….why do they even give them tv time. Has everyone forgotten that the real victim is Joey’s ex wife. She should be the one whipping all their asses.

    • Tfitz102

      I personally know Lou Bellera very very well and I can honestly tell you he is for sure one tough mother f    !  Joey Buttufuco is a fat old man who could not do any damage to my grandmother. Look at the shape hes in and he is 60 years old.  He will slaughter Buttufuco!

    • Scorpian777

      Great job Lou Joey deserved it!!!

    • Boriqua babe

      knock knock.. whos there?? Amy fisher…
      Amy fisher who…BANGGGGGGG!!!!!!

    • My money is on the old guy