VIDEO: Joey Buttafuoco Brawls with Amy Fisher’s Husband!

Posted on September 26th, 2011 at 3:01 pm

The tension between the two men was obvious before either of them even said a word.

But no one was expecting Joey Buttafuoco and Lou Bellera to get into a full-on brawl on Monday at a press conference promoting their upcoming pay-per-view celebrity boxing match.

One moment both men were standing in front of a room full of media and contestants (including Amy Fisher!)  just talking and posing, the next there was a fluryy of fists and Joey ended up with a split lip.

The question remains: was it for real or just a publicity stunt for Alki David's FilmOn “Celebrity Fight Night”?

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    1. Jerkface says:

      oh MY.

    2. James Smith says:


    3. Bobby G. says:

      Lou kick his ass!

    4. this was a publicity stunt    same crap  as wwe ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,  now a movie wil come out    were  gonna buy it  

    5. Duhresa says:

      haaaaaaaaaaaaaaa I been waiting to see that since the Amy Fisher trial. Joey, you got pwned you pedo mafucka!

    6. Delliecutie says:

      Such Trash….why do they even give them tv time. Has everyone forgotten that the real victim is Joey’s ex wife. She should be the one whipping all their asses.

    7. Tfitz102 says:

      I personally know Lou Bellera very very well and I can honestly tell you he is for sure one tough mother f    !  Joey Buttufuco is a fat old man who could not do any damage to my grandmother. Look at the shape hes in and he is 60 years old.  He will slaughter Buttufuco!

    8. Scorpian777 says:

      Great job Lou Joey deserved it!!!

    9. Boriqua babe says:

      knock knock.. whos there?? Amy fisher…
      Amy fisher who…BANGGGGGGG!!!!!!

    10. My money is on the old guy

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