Exclusive: Russell Armstrong’s Sister: I’m Suing Bravo

Posted on September 8th, 2011 at 6:00 am

In an exclusive interview with RumorFix, Russell Armstrong's sister Laurie Kelsoe, says she's suing Bravo.

"I did not watch the premiere of [Real Housewives of Beverly Hills],"Laurie tells RumorFix exclusively. "This whole thing has been very hard. It's all so sad."

PICTURES: Russell & Taylor Armstrong Arriving At Boa Steakhouse For Dinner

Laurie explained that while she didn't watch the premiere, her mother did.

"She [Russell's mom] was touched by some of the things the housewives said about Russell,  but she still thought it was distasteful. I need to talk to an attorney about taking legal action against Bravo. It's just not right. I'm doing it today (Tuesday)," she told us.

PICTURES: Russell & Taylor Armstrong With Daughter Kennedy

The threatened legal action comes on the same day that Laurie tells RumorFix that she's demanding a murder investigation -- she says there are a lot of unanswered questions about his death.

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  • 3 Responses

    1. Nuz4uz says:

      This story is what is known in the biz as filler. Unless Russell’s sister can prove Don Corleone and Luca Brasi held a gun to Russell’s head and promised him either his brains or his signature would be on his Bravo contract, there is no case.

    2. Tsolsomah says:

      some people will do anything to get their 15 minutes, even ride the backs of their dead relatives.

    3. Specialkay says:

      Talk about wanting their 15 minutes and money. This goes out to the sister & the rest of the family for that matter. Russell made a choice to sign a contract with Bravo, HIS CHOICE. Just because you & your family don’t like what is airing that’s to bad. Maybe you should of talked to your brother when he was alive and talked him out of signing to be on the show. If all was well and he was this amazing husband & business man would you still be wanting to take legal action against Bravo? It’s really to bad that he chose to go out of this world by his own hands, but that’s nobody’s fault but his own. You need to handle your anger in a different way, Suing Bravo & bashing Taylor is no way to do it. When people choose to kill themselves it the cowards way out, their family & friends are left behind to deal with it. You all are carrying on about what Taylor & Bravo can and can not say  and you make threats about what you will do, but you are bashing them and accusing Taylor of murder. Put your energy and resources into finding his killer if that’s what you believe, but quit with the threats on suing people that aren’t involved. If Bravo was so bad you should of sued during the first year. He was an adult who made an adult decision. He cashed all the checks didn’t he? This is what is wrong with the world, instead of putting blame where it belongs everyone is looking for that cashcow and a quick way to make money. If you chose this route it will show your true character and it won’t be positive.We the fans heard NOTHING from you last year about ANYTHING and now you are just looking for a pay out…..shame on you!! Bravo DO NOT give in to people like this! People shouldn’t be able to profit from someone elses choices just because they don’t agree with the outcome. You showed great class with how you handled this tragic event and that speaks volumes! DO NOT give in these people, you ARE NOT to blame for ANY of this! I love Bravo & ANDY, especially that I am sick a lot and watch a lot of tv….Bravo is at the top of my list. You showed great respect towards everyone and I thank you for that!!!

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