EXCLUSIVE: Ramona Singer: “Jill Zarin Is Her Own Worst Enemy”

Posted on September 14th, 2011 at 6:00 am

In our latest post from guest blogger and Real Housewives expert LynnNChicago, RumorFix has an exclusive interview with Ramona Singer of the Real Housewives of New York!

Real Housewives of New York star Ramona Singer has to be the busiest woman in New York City!  Ramona's new Pinot Grigio wine has her traveling the country meeting fans and signing bottles.  That's just the beginning, Ramona regularly appears on HSN with her amazing jewelry line, has a clothing distribution company, skin care and is even appearing in an Off Broadway production!

While Bravo hasn't yet released the new season's cast list, it's safe to say that as a fan favorite, Ramona will return although she couldn't officially confirm or deny that for me.

When asked about some of her cast mates, Ramona started with her fellow blondes:  "I am absolutely true friends with Alex McCord and Sonja Morgan off screen, I couldn't do the show without them."  Echoing fans, Ramona added that Cindy Barshop was a 'non-event' calling her flat with no charisma and no energy on screen.  "I enjoyed her one-on-one having dinner and things but she just wasn't right for the show, some people just don't do well in front of the cameras."

And what about that whole incident in Morocco where the fortune teller told Ramona there was another woman in husband Mario's life?

Ramona says: "I called Mario from Morocco after the fortune teller advised there was another woman in his life, he just laughed and immediately thought that the fortune teller must be talking about our daughter Avery.  One of the keys to a really happy marriage is open communication and while all marriages have their ups and downs we've been together 20 years in a very successful loving relationship!"

Ramona also opened up about her relationship with Jill Zarin:

"During Season Four things changed. I tried very hard with Jill but Jill is her own worst enemy, something I have told her many times.  This past season the raw emotion between us was very real and the damage that was done was irreversible. Jill is an unhappy person, and clearly having a loving husband, fame and fortune doesn't necessarily make you happy."

Having so much in common with Jill, Ramona noted that the differences between the two women is clear: "I am happy and appreciate all I have, I have a positive attitude, confidence and enjoy my life while Jill is clearly unhappy with herself and her life. I don't have any anger toward Jill,  more pity and sympathy."

But while filming with people like Jill and cast mate Luann deLesseps can get taxing, Ramona found a new energy by going out and meeting fans during her wine tour.  "I admit that my honesty has gotten me into trouble at times but I also comes clean when I'm wrong and apologize when necessary."

In addition to touring the country with her wine, Ramona continues to appear on HSN with her stunning jewelry collection, on September 29 from 1pm to 3pm.  She will also be teaching a course at the Learning Annex in New York City  and will do a guest star walk-on for the Off Broadway production of "Miss Abigails Guide to Dating, Mating and Marriage" staring Joyce DeWitt of Three's Company fame.

Check Ramona's website for more information on all of her many adventures!

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  • 24 Responses

    1. Cleveland Girl says:

      Good for Ramona!  I always thought she and Bethenny were the most genuine cast members of the RHNY cast!  Nice interview Lynn!

    2. WCW says:

      Love the way Ramona can answer a question without being mean or petty. Jill clearly is a very unhappy person and being around her has to be very exhausting.

    3. BB says:

      Great interview, Lynn.  Ramona, unlike Jill, seems to be very happy at this time in her life.  She’s a very positive person.  I’m glad she has pretty much given up on her friendship with Jill, although she hung in there much longer than I would have.  I wish her and her family the very best.

    4. Abbey101 says:

      Love love love Ramona. Good interview–nice and refreshing—like Ramona herself.

    5. Cpc says:

      Double snooze.  As always, nothing new or interesting!

    6. BaaBeeLovesKitties says:

      Glad you got to meet & speak with her. I am sure JZ will want to speak to you as well Lynn…:)
      Very happy about Ramona coming back.

    7. Sara says:

      So nice to hear from Ramona – she is truly a breath of fresh air.

    8. Rhetorica says:

      Ramona is thankful for what she has. Jill will never have enough. It’s nice to read an interview from someone you trust. Thanks Lynn!

    9. kellysmeds says:

      jill zarin farted

    10. 1954gal says:

      Kelly has absolutely no story line . I hope she is gone next season . Love love love Ramona

    11. MAMAZ says:

      I love that Ramona confirms that she is friends with both Alex and Sonja IRL. Great interview. Thanks Lynn.

    12. Janie says:

      Great Interview! Thank you Ramona for being you.  HONEST! It is clear that you are happy.

    13. Pamela says:

      Nice interview.  Ramona has kept me entertained each season of the New York Housewives.  She may put her foot in her mouth from time to time, but she is not a mean person.  She geniunely is fun and comes from a good place.

      Hope to see her back next season!!

    14. Anonymous says:

      I Love Ramona!

    15. Happygal55da says:

      Great interview.. not mean spirited, just factual. Ramona adds to the show, JZ sucks all the life out of it.

    16. Crazy says:

      Love her or hate her she is tells it the way she sees it.  She will always give you a honest opinion.  Ramona and Bethenny have the same approach to life.  I can appreciate both of them for the women that they are and the lives that they live.

    17. Bess says:

      One of the differences in Ramona and Jill is that Ramona had a successful work-life before the show and has something she is perfectly happy to continue post-show.  Jill seems to think that though she did not have something going on, on her own other than a social-life (if that), she was entitled to come away from HW with something more that she had going in.  I guess it is just not working out for Jill – discontent with what she doesn’t have, instead of what she does have.

    18. David says:

      So delusional! A nut job for sure who needs to drink less wine and sell more if it.

    19. Rockstar says:

      I can NOT STAND that drunk pig Ramona.. She is just as bad as Jill if not WORSE. Sorry but that’s my opinion. Watching someone drunk all the time is NOT fun. She is the one who STARTS all the drama. Hopefully with everyone gone she will lay low and stfu. Doubt it.

    20. Ila says:

      Nice one Ramona!!  Jill is a very jealous, overbearing person.  It is entirely her fault she fell out with Bethenny…… She loves to be the center of attention and when that doesn’t happen she is upset.

      If it weren’t for Bobby she would be a nobody, plain and simple.

      Get over yourself Jill.

    21. no more HWNY says:

      Jill is a lady and good person, you are a drunk and what goes around comes around Ro-(wine glass in hand)-mona(when not wineing poor me)-will have less happines than you can imagin!! Goodbye fake not a housewife NY, I’ll miss Lu Ann but won’t watch with you anymore….

    22. kimmie says:

      Love Ramona and Alex.  Can’t stand Jill & LuAnn.

    23. David says:

      Ramona is a nut job. And most certainly has a problem with the drink….the first problem is not knowing you have one. She is just as evil, and without Jill Zarin to take the hit, you will see it in the new series.

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