Exclusive Photos: Lindsay Lohan & Dina Lohan’s Birthday Kiss

Posted on September 16th, 2011 at 2:12 pm

It's every guy's MILF fantasy come true or not.

Imagine this: Lindsay Lohan and her mom, 49-year-old Dina Lohan? What?! Stop it!

More Pictures Of Dina Lohan's Birthday Party

RumorFix cameras were inside Dina Lohan's 49th birthday party exclusively Thursday night at Beauty & Essex in New York City when we captured the embrace... and then... the smooch.

So we ask you, creepy? Or loving mother-daughter. Before you get any ideas, RumorFix spotted Lindsay leaving her mom's party holding hands with a new mystery man.

    • Debeard

      1st – EWWWWW; 2nd – Why do they always have brusies all over themselves?!?!

      • Arya

        2nd, from the needles of the drugs.

      • drunken bitches always bump into things. 

    • Cloera97

      It may be just a mother-daughter thing (IMHO, doubt it), but it still makes me feel super uncomfortable…. 

      • askalice

        Personally,  I don’t kiss my mother on the lips, and I certainly never would with my eyes closed like that… Super creepy.

        • Cloera97

          Hahaha no yeah neither do I, but you know, not to assume the worst, keep hope in humanity and stuff…

    • labotomizedbylilo

      That boy is going to be a Dexter in a few years.

    • JJ


    • Xander

      Awww how sweet, bonding after a few birthday eight balls in the bathroom!

    • Guest

      The poor kid sitting next to them ;(

      • c-york

        That kid is Lindsay`s brother…so fucked

      • katrina

        even a 13 yeaar old boy woulod look at his mum and sister in disgust. he didnt so its not what everyone thinks

    • Moonswine

      I have never wanted two human beings to get hit by a mac truck slowly before in all my days. Jesus, please take the wheel….and steer it straight off a cliff. The Lohans have no right to live at this point.

      • SunShine

        “No right to live”…. Give me a break.  And calling on Jesus to be your hit-man?  Wow.
        You got one thing right…. Moon”SWINE”, you are a pig!

        • Luxe

          Please say more sunshine! OMG how some people can use God in such a disgusting way! Creepy! 

          • hollywoodundone

            hahaha IM AN ATHIEST its cool how you guys have your beliefs and stuff i just chose to grow out of my imaginary friends…lol

    • Kate

      Why dont you show the rest of the pictures? Lindsay is kissing her mum on the forehead, while Dina is crying. Shame on your for implying such a disgusting thing. You should be ashamed because they allowed you to get the pics and you are behaving like the worst tabloid.

      • Cloera97

        Oh yeah she looks like she was totally crying in the pics posted above… not making out with her DAUGHTER mid drunken haze….

    • Mickeylv

      AWWWW MY EYES!!!!!!!!!!!! 

    • Imabrat

      What trash.

    • BostonMom

      @ Kate aka Dina — cut the crap, we know who you are!! Must you go on every site and protest pro Dina & Linds comments? It’s getting sickening now, this is disgusting, I would NEVER do that with my daughter!!! Evidently you were both WASTED when you did this. Where was Ali, how come somone wasn’t feeding her in the background??? LOHAN LOSERS!!!

      • Kate

        please iam not Dina just check the rest of the pics, they were very emotional, Lindsay had a video with all her siblings and her mum, you always thing the worst thing

        • yoyoyoy

          STFU white trash, take care of your damn kid, she’s acting like she has a death wish, for God’s sake!

      • Barbie

        ROTFLMAO I bet “kate” is really Kate Major, she prob sold the pics to buy her next fix #lohanwannabe lol

    • Anonymous

      If you’d like I can tell you what the son is thinking:

      ” God help me, she probably thinks I’m going to draw up to her and
      pound my chops against her too, but that gift wont befall until I at
      least turn 16. And by the way, if the camera man wasn’t here  I could
      just about kill myself, but of course I’d end up being grounded for
      stealing my mother’s and my two sister’s thunder….’


    • I like how the guy doesn’t move at all in the few frames that this happened in….

    • Camillalopes

      was i the only person that noticed they are not kissing?

      • katrina

        and me. 🙂

      • fleamike

        yeah, i hate them as much as the next guy but they’re not kissing

      • fleamike

        yeah, i hate them as much as the next guy but they’re not kissing

    • Jd56sierra

      Hey, Kate, you don’t know what you’re talking about.
      If they let people photograph them like this, who knows what perverted acts they’re up to behind closed door?

      • Luxe

        What? Please…. you are the pervert! Nasty imagination. To much porno maybe it’s in your head…

    • Jd56sierra

      Hey, Kate, you don’t know what you’re talking about.
      If they let people photograph them like this, who knows what perverted acts they’re up to behind closed door?

    • Adgce

      I don’t think they’re kissing but it is wasted “hugging” (i.e. all sloppy and gross like). It’s the behaviour of two wasted peers not a healthy mother-daughter relationship and it is completely creepy. I wish these two takentless addicts would disappear. They are revolting.

    • Barbie

      Why would you party w/ your mother? Every time there is some wackadoodle  press on these morons…i vomit in my mouth. Really, when was the last time LiLo even made a movie? Friggin nutter-butters man! 

      • katrina

        it was her mums birthday. obviously you would party with your mum

    • Trash will always stay trash.

    • ash

      I dont care what wasted b.s. these ***** do. I looked at all the pics and all I can say is Ali and Cody have the look of abandonded unloved children. I feel so bad for them having those atrocious bitches as examples of how to be an adult. Frightening.

    • Binho

      Isn’t true.

    • youngatheart

      I kiss my mom like that all the time there’s nothing wrong with a mom and her adult daughter showing healthy affection for each other, except Lindsay and her mom aren’t french kissing and me and my mom do. btw I’m 51 my mother is 78 if that makes it less gross for you prudes.

      • Yellams

        What???????????? I hope you’re being sarcastic!!

      • Dd


    • Kbyers91

      Lindsay’s brother is cute… like she used to be when she was a kid.  I PRAY to GOD that kid gets as far away from his family as possible.  I’ll adopt him!  He needs to be saved from those LUNATICS!!!

    • God, no wonder she’s a mess!  Mother and daughter are just alike! 

    • brandy

      Every mother deserves a big hug, kiss, and cuddle on their birthday.  My entire family is affectionate with hugs and kisses it is normal for many families.

    • Lola

      Sweet Jesus, could this family be anymore dysfunctional?  That’s a healthy drunken sight for poor Cody to see, what is he 13 years old??? Think it’s Ma Lohan’s turn to do some hard time – there’s gotta be something she could be locked up for. Child neglect, raising loser kids, being trailer trash….

    • Lawdog323

      That poor kid sitting there. How ashamed he is of them. His body language speaks volumes. This girl and her mother are PURE TRASH ..PURE TRASH! 

    • Lawdog323

      This girl’s hair is so CHEAP! She claims she’s broke..How can she do all of this partying that she’s doing all week in NYC? She needs to show some respect to NYC. She and the Mother are both trashy sluts, drunken sluts..Someone needs to stop doing drugs & alcohol for a few hours and get their hair done, by a professional instead of their drunk mama ..OMG how trashy she is..cheap, cheap, cheap all the way home..

      • biteME

        WHY does she need to show respect to New York City? NYC is as immoral a city as any lowlife, trash city in the world.

        What, the government blows up a couple of your buildings & all a sudden the rest of the U.S. is supposed to bow down to your trash city? Get freakin real loser!


        • NYCFU

          And from all of us in NYC – FU!! 

    • Anonymous

      That kid is thinking, ‘If they do the finger thing again, I’m outta here!’

    • Firstlil2much

      Their lips are not touching ANY of these photos. Don’t get me wrong, the whole posture is still twisted and inappropriate but you can’t say this is proof they were making out.

    • D_262830

      that is just disturbing and nasty!! i dont think that paparazzi should even pay attention to lindsey lohan!! someone just shoot her already!!

    • Get_A_Life

      Nice photo shopping. The Brother is in the exact same pose for all 3 different pictures, so is the guy in the background in the mirror on the right hand side and the lady in the mirror on the left hand side. Both the Mum and Lindsay are in the exact same body position, except for the heads shifted a bit. But honestly great photo shopping, maybe now you’ll have something more useful to do instead of wasting your time on petty rumors making money for your own selfish greed. 

      • Ish…

        maybe hes just uncomfortable with the whole thing and doesnt want to move…

    • guest

      so apparently she does kiss her mother with that mouth.

      • Anonymous

        HAHAHA. Best comment.

    • Guest

      All those people saying its creepy, what you never had a mother-daughter combo ?  

    • F_carlos_88

      This is FAKE as HELL…the boy is standing in the same exact position in the three ohotos…I know how to photoshop and this was tricked. I dont like the fact that they are drunk as **** but to say that they are kissing is too much…

    • guest

      Common her mom kisses her chin.

    • Cheeta246810

      It kinda looks like a kiss on the chin, either way mothers kiss their kids on their mouth. So do some fathers.

    • Shirely

      oh my.  There is a lot going on in those family photos.  Ali looks good, but looks clearly uncomfortable being in pictures with family.  She is leaning away from Lindsay. So isn’t Cody.  Michael Jr. looks like he is enjoying being touchy feely with Mom.  Everyone except little Ginger has had a nose job. Weird and creepy family. And what’s with gayface Mario Lopez???

    • Sapphirespire

      A picture is worth a thousand words but, it’s also worth a thousand lies. If anyone had taken a video of this moment, I’m sure it would have shown them talking, laughing, hugging, and a quick peck on the lips. If they had locked lips and exchanged tongues, the photographer would have had time to catch it.

    • losers

      so the guy in the mirror and the brother are both in the same positions. but doesnt anyone notice how Lindsay and her mom are smiling in one pic with their mouths open and the next mouths are closed?? Photoshopping cant do that!!!

    • losers

      so the guy in the mirror and the brother are both in the same positions. but doesnt anyone notice how Lindsay and her mom are smiling in one pic with their mouths open and the next mouths are closed?? Photoshopping cant do that!!!

    • Phornstah

      Which 1 is Lindzay?

    • loosers

      it just looks like fraternal love, lips not completly in contact i think there just completly drunk dangerly close.

    • Jeedis


    • Grace

      They aren’t even kissing… Lindsay is smiling and her mum is kissing her chin… Are people blind?

      • senkifia

        🙂 your absolutly right… End even so, all around the world appeared ,that Lindsay had kissed her mother on the mouth,with tongue…

      • Guest

        Interesting how many people missed that.

      • Guest

        Interesting how many people missed that.

      • Mrs. Schouten

        Totally agree with you on that one. They just look like the mom is really wasted and they are talking closely.

      • Ed

        People see what they choose to see it is so sad

      • tuny

        yeah…. people are blind…and people always choose to see things from the wrong and easy point!!

      • Mom that parties w/out my kids

        Tongue or no tongue, that chick needs to start acting like a MOTHER instead of an enabler. It looks like 2 drunken tarts on the town that could’ve possibly been doing body shots off of each other moments before; not a mother daughter duo….

      • Guest

        Regardless, they’re BOTH too old for that to be cute. It’s definitely blurring some lines…

        • scarlit

          not to mention blowing some.

    • Simplyamazing

      Mom should go down on her

    • katrina

      you cant believe everything you see. people need to grow up and get a life. its so easy to take a photo and immediatley think this person is doing sonmething they’re not doing. dont judge unless you were there. bl@#dy media is rediculous. i thing people need to put lindsays shoes on have photos taken everywhere you go and see what your photos look like and what you get accused of before judging her.

    • Poonis324

      At my mother’s birthday we usually just get Swiss Chalet and a birthday cake and sit at the dinner table…

    • Sgvi

      100% looks like the kid has his tweetface on … which of course means he hasn’t even noticed he is sitting next to his sister (or that he’s next to that guy)

    • Pranito

      They are not kissing… That is the lip of Lindsay, not the tongue…

    • Karankumar1512

      WTF! such journalists should be hanged! She’s clearly supporting her mom who’s very drunk. Where are they ‘making out’ ?

    • sadaf

      hi lindsay u  beautiful girl

    • sadaf 4 u

      lindsay i love u alot

    • Delperusoy09

      69 comments mmm 

    • Mim

      They aren’t even kissing. Lindsay is smiling and her mom is kissing her cheek/chin get over it people when are you guys gonna let her be. And you wonder why she has so many issues. SMDH..

    • Spy007

      poor kid is covering his boner!!!

    • Diane

      These two would do ANYTHING to get publicity.

    • ludducci

      You see this kind of stuff in Europe and other places all of the time. Americans need a life. They aren’t even kissing.

    • Rlgatenby72

      the kid sitting next to them looks so unbelievably uncomfortable….

    • Apearson1990

      They both look like crack whores, just sayin!

    • katrina

      they arent even kissing. and so what if they were to why chould it be broad cast you look at porn sites and they have mother and daughter doin worse. ok its filthy and disgusting if they were to but porn sites arent broad cast by the media. people need to get over it. and let her live her life. media only take photos so it seems to be what they arent. how would you all like it if someone took photos up of you guys?????? noone would like it. put your foot in a celebritys shoe. they have talent and then folowed by talent is the media what a joke

    • Luxe

      For all the sick people out there! I see a mom and her daughter just loving each other nothing wrong with that. Maybe tipsy they both enjoy drinking even sharing drugs, not the first not the last, but as much as that can be dysfunctional behavior between them that does not make them immoral to the point of what is being imply here. Some eople have a sick minds, do sick things and then think the whole world is doing the same. Get a life people! 

    • Anairy10

      They r nt kissing look at the freaking pic!!!!!

    • Juan

      You can see is just a show from them, there are a lot of parents that kiss their children in the mouth. Even do Lindsay is a crazy b.e.a.c.h.

    • Juan

      You can see is just a show from them, there are a lot of parents that kiss their children in the mouth. Even do Lindsay is a crazy b.e.a.c.h.

    • Matt Cruz

      I checked it in photoshop.. No tounge. I think she was leaning in to tell her something and caught the lower right side of linday’s chin. Probably plastic anyways.

    • Bboymes

      ya there definetly makein out thats how junkies do

    • Yukiyu

      uhuuu i like to be in that party 🙂

    • Laurab94803

      Nice crank sore on LiLo’s legs.

    • lope

      nasty biatch!

    • Kgordon530

      Thanks for posting these pictures now I have to go poke my eyes out!

    • Juniper

      It’s obvious they’re not making out! There are NO tongues involved in those pictures. Look closely! Honestly, it just looks like they are both drunk and having a, “I love you Moooom!” and a “I love you tooo” moment. And lets face it, when people are drunk, they tend to say “I love you” a lot.

    • No

      its bad that I couldnt tell who was who in the pic. The drugs really aged lindsay and the mom is pathetic because she is trying to look like lindsay

    • Pat McGroyn

      I can clearly see her twat

    • Jillberlinda

      r u kidding me…oh my god…
      LiLo ur so Stupid,Crazy and Psychopat

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    • cocaine’s a hell of a drug!!

    • guest

      you should have a third option, hot. 

    • guest

      those pictures are out of order.

      • guest

        so that the appear to be more than they are.

    • That’s so friggin’ hot!

    • Krizia50

      thats tottaly normal for God sake,is her mother!!!!!!

    • lurking wierdo

      I’d do things to them a hill billy wouldn’t do to a farm animal.

    • dsfdsf

      If you zoom into the picture, you’ll see that lindsay’s mum is kissing her chin, and lindsay is smiling. It’s not a pash at all.

    • tuny


    • Inexplicably


    • guest 2

      definitely not kissing.. they are obviously talking really close.. i can only imagine that the music is really loud DUH!

    • Paco_grt48

      oh lindsay noooooooooooo

    • Taylordane4216

      well..I guess u COULD think of it as a loving mother and daughter just havin fun….ok, i’m totally lying, that was creepy…super creeepy, like, should be illigal creepy…seriously tho..:P

    • Anthony

      I was Dina Lohan earlier that night in Patterson, NJ at the Tony Darrow “Sopranos Raost”.  She was a VERY beautiful and classy lady  and was NOT drunk and NOT under the unfluence of any drugs.  She is a HOT and a CLASSY lady.  ALL you MF’rs are jealous.  Mind your own business.   Tony Chicago

      • Anonymous

        Yawn. Publicity stunt.

    • Save me

      kissing chin? are you blind mate? this is sick, do the have religion or what?

    • Jgoertler

      Is that really her TONGUE OUT? That’s what it appears to be anyway. That family, at least mom, dad, Linds, & Ali need HELP.

    • Emily Voices


    • hot

    • Yuoll

      looks disgusting..nice role model there -whatever they are doing there looks wrong in everyway! maybe thats todays generation,,,,getting smashed with mom so mom looks like a true loser!!! 

    • Jennpinkster

      i think i just vomitted in my mouth

    • Guest

      Is anyone else reminded of Mean Girls by this pic? “You know who’s a good kisser? Seth Mosakowski!” “He’s your cousin!!”

    • Anonymous

      Lindsay, time to call your sponsor.

    • klt

      A more reasonable explanation: There was a mother/daughter birthday kiss/endearing/funny moment.  Mom got her ring caught in Lindsay’s hair. They are trying to get un-tangled.  Why does everything have to be perverted?

    • Annoymous

      Both are so “hot”!  I do both of them at the same time!

    • IntenseTony

      Leave Linday alone already…she is fucking hot and there  is no tongue going on here anyway.

    • Nincs


    • Chronicking

      actauly to support Kate’s theory Mom Dina does appear to have running mascara most liking produced by tears, but what the hell do I know im not a Rocket Scientist or anything

    • Threegdesigns

      wonderfull sight

    • Jhans

      just hot!

    • guest poster

      it would make a great movie

    • Twc

      i think you are doing great just keep doing good