EXCLUSIVE: New Housewife Dana Wilkey Uses Gay Slur

Posted on September 24th, 2011 at 8:00 am

The newest cast member of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills sure knows how to stir up controversy, before she even appears on the TV show.

Dana Wilkey, who is Taylor Armstrong's friend, joins the cast this season -- when asked what she'll bring to the show, she quickly snapped, "Hopefully some intelligence."


After that, some might say Dana wasn't using her intelligence when she used a gay slur.

Here's what happened:

While Dana was waiting for her car after Thursday's birthday celebration for Camille, Lisa Vanderpump, Adrienne Maloof and Kim Richards, she was talking her Lamborghini.

Our cameraman told her he thought she was joking about the $200,000 until it rolled up.

Her response: "Why would I lie that's so gay."

Gay organizations like GLSEN, The Gay & Lesbian Straight Education Alliance, say using gay to mean dumb or stupid is offensive and they even started a campaign to bring about awarness called "Think before you speak."


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    1. :) says:

      1. It isn’t her car at all.
      2. It’s her ex’s car –I mean fiance’s.
      3. Everything will become public.
      4. You’d think she would learn from her friend taylor not to lie.

      -“Just calling people out on their B.S.”

    2. Puffer Lip some more says:

      Camera ready and famewhoredominant by nature.  What nightmares await us in a second season edit with Dana and her expected as usual housewife lies.    
      Nice that GLSEN info is here and how offensive the slur gay is. 
      Housewife fans have debated New Jersey cast use of that slur so much that Dana’s use of it pales in comparison and may explain why there are so few comments here. 
      GLSEN could have an article of it’s own.   
      Surely Dana isn’t going to be demonized as anti gay because of this video.  

    3. PinecrestFoody says:

      This article is so gay

    4. Mdterp4219 says:

      Just because u have money does mean u cannot be Stupid! 😛

    5. Barbie says:

      OMG! I have always used the term Gay..this Post is gay..that does not mean i have anything against gay people..I mean Cmon..Really!

    6. Tholland says:

      Dana is as painful to watch as the other women on HWOBH. What value does she bring to this show? Why was she asked to be on? Celeb u tard.

    7. Hellacardo says:

      Her friend is Taylor, not Camille. A site called “Rumor Fix” should really get their facts straight, don’t you think?

    8. Vernon_swenson says:

      Saying stuff is “gay” is gay.

    9. Keek says:

      This Dana is a no class want to be, why doesn’t she just leave all the price tags on everything she buys so everyone who cares can just look instead of listening to her obnoxious voice telling everyone what she paid/whored for what she has.  What kind of idiot would want to marry THAT?

    10. NoBS says:

      Dana is stupid goes to show why she is Taylor’s friend…..Class is not something either of them have.

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